Quiz: Which Little Plushie Are You? A Nostalgia Test in 2024

Dive into pure nostalgia with this Little Plushie Quiz and meet the squishy toy that matches your personality.

Which Little Plushie Are You

Who Is Your Little Plushie Twin?

Have you ever wanted to be squished like a plushie toy? (I certainly have.) But what about figuring out your actual inner plushie toy? Did you even know you have one?

With this brand-new (yet nostalgic) quiz, I help you uncover the squishy character hiding away in you. Yes, I let you know which little huggable lovely doll matches your personality.

I can hear some of you asking what makes me qualified for that. Well, I am obsessed with plushies. I have one next to my bed, one on my desk, two in the bathroom, and a dozen in a locked closet. That’s not all, though. I know the exact bios and personality details of all—including those that I have come up with. So, yeah. I’m an unofficial toy expert myself.

Discover Your Doppelganger in Popular Plushie Brands

My all-time favorite toys are Squishmallows, those soft, pink-anger-inducing creatures. However, I’ve also grown into obsessing over other brands like Jellycat and Barnie Babies. That is to say, my plushie roster for this quiz includes an extensive list of toys from world-known manufacturers. See below to find out more.


Known for plushies like Bashful Bunnies, Jellycat is one of the oldest companies in the plushie toys sector. I particularly love how innocent and cute their products look. But the company has a pervasive line of adorable dolls you can’t get enough of.


Here at QuizExpo, we all adore Squishmallows. So much so that we have a dedicated quiz for the brand. Yep, you can find out which Squishmallow you are right now by answering some relatable questions.

Pokemon Plushies

Who doesn’t want to squish a soft Pokemon in their arms? I don’t believe anyone would say no to that. Pokemon Plushies are a must for this quiz, and I’ve tried to include the loveliest ones.

Beanie Babies

Known for their iconic plushie, Princess the Bear, Beanie Babies is a nostalgic toymaker. Matching one of their characters in this test would only mean that you’re a sophisticated cutie—if you know what I mean.

What Reveals the Plushie in You

While creating this quiz, I sought lighthearted criteria that could expose your inner plushie. And after a thorough “technical” analysis, I came up with the following three factors: softness, appearance, and love language.

Softness (Obviously)

Being a soft-hearted or stone-hearted person is a good indicator of your plushie type. It’s like asking yourself, “Am I as fluffy as Pikachu in my heart? Or am I more like a grumpy cat plushie?” If you don’t know the answer, just take the quiz. I’ll tell you!

Love Language

How you show affection can expose the cute little toy character in you. Are you as passive as Pusheen or as protective as a Teddy Bear? That’s what reveals your true doll-ish persona.


I’ll try to decipher your aesthetic and style. This is to ensure your plushie shares some physical features with you as well.

Take This Plushie Quiz to Meet Your Toy-ish Self

Ready to see which plush toy looks like you? Take my oxytocin-boosting quiz and find your squishable softie counterpart in minutes. (I promise it’s going to be fun.) 🧸💖

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