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Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You?

Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You

This marbit quiz reveals which Lucky Charms marshmallow you are based on your personality and preferences.

Which Marbit Are You?

With its twenty personality questions, the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Quiz identifies which sugary characters of this beloved cereal brand you resemble in real life.

The marshmallows in Lucky Charms are known as marbits, fictional characters with magical powers made from a blend of sugar and various flavors. Their shapes and colors distinguish them from one another, giving them unique personalities and traits.

With the quiz on this page, you get to see which of these lovely magical beings is similar to you—and why. By answering the following questions, our test discovers the ideal marshmallow match for you and explains how that particular shape resonates with your persona.

Marbit Power Color
Heart Giving life Pink
Star Flying Orange
Horseshoe Speed Purple
Clover Luck Green
Moon Invisibility Blue
Rainbow Teleport Colorful
Balloon Floating Red
Unicorn Coloring White


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List of Iconic Lucky Charms Marshmallows

The OG marbits are Pink Heart, Yellow Star, Green Clover, and Blue Moon, but the Purple Horseshoe is also considered one of the nostalgic characters of Lucky Charms.

Heart Charm

As the marbit who gives life to inanimate objects, Heart is a passionate, genuine, and compassionate charm. People who match with this red marshmallow often have romantic and empathic personas that lift others’ spirits no matter what.

Star Charm

Charismatic, outgoing, and flamboyant, Star is an orange marbit with the magical power of flight. Participants who give off the same vibe as this charm are often ambitious, fun-loving, and sociable people who know how to make the most of any situation.

Clover Charm

Clover, the green marbit, exudes positive energy and good luck. This charm embodies growth and optimism, which resonates with grateful individuals who lead a fulfilling life free from negativity.

Blue Moon Charm

Resembling imaginative and bittersweet characters, Moon is the marbit of shyness and introversion. People with Moon energy are calm, mindful, and emotionally stable characters who need lots of me-time to recharge their social battery and get back in society.

For more on this personality type, try our Moon Sun or Star Quiz.

Horseshoe Charm

The purple Horseshoe symbolizes adventurous and daring souls. Participants who get this marbit on their results are blessed beings with fast-paced lives that revolve around novelty and new experiences.

Ready to Meet Your Marbit Self?

Hey, do you still wonder which Lucky Charms marshmallow matches your personality? Well, now’s your chance to find out! We’ve got this awesome personality quiz that’ll help you discover your perfect match in just a few minutes. Who knows, you might just meet your soulmate marbit, and find out what makes you two so alike. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s take the quiz and see what kind of delicious marshmallow you are in a cereal bowl. 🥣🧡



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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How do you feel right after waking up?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 1
    • Relaxed, Peaceful, Content

    • Energized, Motivated, Focused

    • Refreshed, Rejuvenated, Ready

    • Ambitious, Determined, Confident

    • Dreamy, Thoughtful, Reflective

    • Optimistic, Excited, Curious

    • Playful, Eager, Enthusiastic

    • Magical, Enchanted, Mystical

  • 2
    What kind of breakfast is your favorite?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 2
    • Pancakes with syrup

    • Omelette with mushrooms

    • Classic bacon and eggs

    • French toast

    • Waffles with whipped cream

    • Cinnamon rolls

    • Cereal with milk

    • Rainbow crepes

  • 3
    What’s your controversial opinion about cereals?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 3
    • Cereals are best eaten dry as a snack, not with milk

    • All cereals are basically the same

    • Cereal is not a healthy breakfast

    • Cereal can be a great dessert

    • Cereal is better as a topping for yogurt

    • Cereal milk is the best part of eating cereal

    • Cereals with marshmallows are the best kind of cereal

    • Cereal should only be eaten with a specific type of spoon

  • 4
    What makes a marshmallow great?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 4
    • Softness

    • Sweetness

    • Fluffiness

    • Versatility

    • Colorful

    • Airy

    • Fun

    • Magical

  • 5
    What cereal is your go-to choice?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 5
    • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    • Honey Nut Cheerios

    • Frosted Flakes

    • Fruity Pebbles

    • Lucky Charms

    • Special K Red Berries

    • Cap'n Crunch

    • Trix

  • 6
    How do you feel when you don’t start the day with a delicious breakfast?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 6
    • Disappointed

    • Unmotivated

    • Unprepared

    • Unhappy

    • Unfocused

    • Unenergized

    • Uninspired

    • Unmagical

  • 7
    What kind of people drains your energy?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 7
    • Negative, Critical, Judgmental

    • Selfish, Arrogant, Demanding

    • Needy, Clingy, Insecure

    • Gossipy, Dramatic, Attention-seeking

    • Dishonest, Manipulative, Disloyal

    • Pessimistic, Cynical, Closed-minded

    • Boring, Unadventurous, Uninspiring

    • Unimaginative, Narrow-minded, Uncreative

  • 8
    What archetype do you have in your friends’ group?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 8
    • The Listener/Peacemaker

    • The Leader/Motivator

    • The Cheerleader/Supporter

    • The Planner/Organizer

    • The Creative/Artist

    • The Adventurer/Explorer

    • The Comedian/Entertainer

    • The Dreamer/Visionary

  • 9
    Describe your ideal meal in three words.
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 9
    • Comforting, Home-cooked, Hearty

    • Exotic, Flavorful, Spicy

    • Fresh, Healthy, Colorful

    • Decadent, Indulgent, Rich

    • Artisanal, Gourmet, Elegant

    • Bold, Adventurous, Creative

    • Fun, Playful, Interactive

    • Whimsical, Enchanting, Magical

  • 10
    How’d you describe your best friend?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 10
    • Kind

    • Loyal

    • Supportive

    • Fun

    • Creative

    • Adventurous

    • Red Balloons: Hilarious

    • Enchanting

  • 11
    What do you do to cheer yourself up?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 11
    • Watch a comforting movie or TV show

    • Listen to upbeat music and dance

    • Go for a walk or hike in nature

    • Treat me to a favorite food or drink

    • Engage in a creative activity like painting or writing

    • Call a friend or family member for a chat

    • Do a fun activity like bowling or mini-golf

    • Meditate or do yoga to calm my mind and body

  • 12
    Which physical feature is a huge turn-on?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 12
    • Kind eyes

    • Confident smile

    • Strong arms

    • Curvy hips

    • Defined jawline

    • Toned abs

    • Broad shoulders

    • Soft hair

  • 13
    Cereal aside, what’s a breakfast must-have?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 13
    • Coffee or tea

    • Fresh fruit

    • Eggs

    • Toast or bagel

    • Yogurt

    • Smoothie

    • Bacon or sausage

    • Avocado

  • 14
    What makes Lucky Charms special?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 14
    • The colorful marshmallows

    • The nostalgia factor

    • The fun of finding the marshmallows in the cereal

    • The variety of marshmallow shapes

    • The way the marshmallows soften in the milk

    • The unique flavors of the marshmallows

    • The way the cereal turns the milk into a sweet treat

    • The magic and whimsy of the brand

  • 15
    What would it be if your life was a mental illness?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 15
    • Anxiety

    • ADHD

    • Depression

    • OCD

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Borderline personality disorder

    • Schizophrenia

    • Dissociative identity disorder

  • 16
    Of the following options, which one could be your favorite color?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 16
    • Pink

    • Blue

    • Green

    • Purple

    • Yellow

    • Orange

    • Red

    • Rainbow

  • 17
    What kind of Netflix shows are you into?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 17
    • Romantic

    • Action and adventure

    • Documentaries

    • Reality TV

    • Dramas

    • Science fiction and fantasy

    • Comedies

    • Animations and cartoons

  • 18
    What’s your toxic trait?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 18
    • Overthinking and worrying

    • Being too competitive

    • Being too critical of myself and others

    • Being overly controlling

    • Being too impulsive

    • Being too self-absorbed

    • Being too sarcastic or dismissive

    • Being too idealistic or unrealistic

  • 19
    On a scale of 1 to 8, how romantic are you?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 19
    • 8

    • 6

    • 4

    • 2

    • 1

    • 3

    • 5

    • 7

  • 20
    Final question: How do you deal with heartbreaks?
    Quiz: Which Lucky Charms Marshmallow Are You? 20
    • Talk it out

    • Keep busy

    • Reflect

    • Distract

    • Feel emotions

    • Self-improvement

    • Stay positive

    • Aks for friends’ help

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