Quiz: Which Squishmallow Are You? Including 2024 New Ones

Get to know which Squishmallow you are with a cute personality quiz. Are you Jenny the Cow, Joelle the Bigfoot, or others? Just Answer 20 questions to find out.

Which Squishmallow Are You

This Quiz Discovers the Fluffy Squishmallow in You!

With over 1,000 plush toys, the Squishmallows are a joint family of cuddly characters. But being overly cute is not their only quirk. Each comes with a unique personality that makes fans wonder which ‘Mallow they are.

That’s where the Squishmallow quiz rolls in. It identifies which toy you are after analyzing your personality.

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How to Know Which Squishmallow You Are

Read your favorite Squishmallow’s bio to see if it matches you. That’s the easiest way to hunt your ‘Mallow self.

Here are three of the most relatable squishy toys.

#1. Dawna

A true foodie, Dawna is a polite, kind, and shy character. Her dream is to study how foods are made so she can invent healthy alternatives for delicious—but rather unhealthy—snacks. (Same here, Dawna).

#2. Chanel

The sweetest of all ‘Mallows, Chanel is a generous philanthropist. She does a lot of charity work in her free time, teaching other plush toys how to bake appetizing cakes.

#3. Ally

Fashionista is the word you’re looking for to describe Ally. She’s a sassy Squishmallow who’s in love with shopping and vacationing. Her adorable passion for coffee is also worth mentioning.

Find Your Plush Toy Self with an MBTI Test

Did you know that Squishmallows have MBTI types? Yep, that’s what happens when you give plush toys adorable personalities.

Now for the good part, the quiz has a database of these personality types. So, the results are actually generated after a thorough comparison between your and Squishmallows’ MBTI.

If you already know your MBTI type, use the following table to find your fluffy soulmate.

Squishmallow Character MBTI
Karina the Cat ENFJ
Carmelita the S’more ESFP
Corrina the Cat INFP
Ashlyn the Cheetah Fairy INFJ
Angie the Shiba Inu ESTP
Chanel the Cinnamon Roll ESFJ


See Which Squish Squad You Belong in

Kellytoy, the company behind Squishmallows, releases them in groups—or as they call it, squads. So, that brings up another question, “Which Squishmallow Squad are you in?”

With the current test, you will meet your personality twin and learn which team you’re a member of. Put simply, the quiz determines your squad, too.

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Discover if You’re a Rare Squishmallow

The new rarity scale verifies which ‘Mallows are scarce to make #SquishHunt even more fun. But what about you? How rare of a Squishmallow would you be? Would you get a “Special Edition” badge on your hangtag or what? Take the quiz to find out.

Get a Personality Analysis Based on Your ‘Mallow Type

The Squishmallow quiz does more than find your perfect match: It reveals what type of person you are.

Despite their innocent looks, the plus toys reveal a lot about your true self. So, prepare for a comprehensive analysis at the end.

Ready to Meet Your Cuddly Version? Hit the Start Button

Still overthinking, “Which Squishmallow am I?” Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and take the quiz. That’s all you need to meet your fluffy self in the ‘Mallow land.

The following questions reminisce the same energy and mood that squish toys advocates. It’s a positivity-driven, cuteness-overloading personality test to help you discover your Squishmallow doppelganger.

Let’s go.



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