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Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based

Communication Style Quiz

Are you a functional, analytical, personal, or intuitive communicator? This 20-question communication style quiz reveals it based on your personality.

Communication Style Quiz Starter Kit

The test is designed to identify what type of interaction method do you mostly use. While humans can have multiple styles of speech, studies show that most of us have primary and secondary one.

Here, you find out what your main dialog pattern is and why.

· What Does Communication Mean?

According to the Transactional Model, “communication happens through the transaction of message between the speaker and listener.”

· What Are Its Different Styles?

Researchers have found that human interactions have four distinctive types, analytical, personal, intuitive, and functional. The said types are also known as the “Communication Styles.”

· How Do You Identify Someone’s Interaction Style?

The best way to identify someone’s speaking and listening type is by evaluating the eight elements of speech, friendliness, animation, attention, argumentativeness, drama, openness, emotional state, and dominance. (More on this below).

· Why Do I Need to Take the Quiz?

Understanding your exchange patterns helps you become a better communicator. Each style has its pros and cons. And knowing them enables you to get your message across conveniently.

Explaining the 4 Communication Types

Unlike some relationship-oriented categories like Love Languages, speech and listening forms affect all sorts of discussions—not just the romantic ones. Here is what each of the four primary styles means and how they would influence your daily dialogs.


One with an Analytical Communication Style is data- and information-oriented. Such a person would find it difficult to trust or back people who do not present enough statistics/facts.

Upside: Analytical form of speech comes in handy in professional settings.

Downside: People with this type of dialog often seem cold, distant, and even emotionless.


Valuing emotional language more than the spoken one means you have a Personal Interaction Type. If that is the case, you are a good listener who finds it helpful to build relationships—rather than avoiding them.

Upside: Personal communicators are reliable problem-solvers. And they naturally tend to soothe over conflicts.

Downside: Such people might seem overly emotional for a professional setting.


If you have an Intuitive Communication Style, you aim for the big picture. Your speech might lack details. And you find it overwhelming when others focus on smaller aspects of the topic rather than the main idea.

Upside: Intuitive communicators waste no time. The style is desirable to leaders and professionals.

Downside: Not a good option for teaching a subject. Intuitive speeches might miss important details.


A Functional communicator focuses on the details rather than the big picture.

Upside: Good explainers and teachers.

Downside: Hard to keep the listener(s) engaged.

Style: Analytical Role: Scientist
Style: Personal Role: Manager
Style: Intuitive Role: Leader
Style: Functional Role: Teacher


Researchers Found the Communication Styles’ Key Factors

Recent data shows that eight elements identify your interaction style. Friendliness, animation, attention, argumentativeness, drama, openness, emotional state, and dominance are the key determiners of your style.

But analysis of the said findings proved that dominance, emotional state, openness, and expressiveness play a more significant role in defining one’s speech pattern.

So, a more dominant, open, expressive, and relaxed speaker is the ideal one.

How to Improve Your Style to Avoid Miscommunication

The Communication Style Quiz helps investigate your daily dialogs. However, that is not enough to become a better negotiator. So, here are the four tactics you need to become a sharp speaker.

Active listening instead of passive hearing.

You need to hear to be heard. However, actively listening to someone is different from waiting for them to finish, so you can continue talking. You should avoid passive listening to improve your Communication Style.

Paying attention to nonverbal signals.

Not all the messages get across through words. A professional communicator analyzes the other party’s body language and gestures as well as their arguments.

Keeping it a two-way interaction.

A forced dialog never works out. Let the other party comment on your expressions, and let them have enough time to express themselves properly.

Avoiding biased thinking and perceiving.

The Communication Style Quiz does check if you are a biased speaker/listener. But it is not difficult to figure that out. If you feel like you are always right and others do not understand you, the chances are significant that you are a subjective negotiator. However, only the objective speakers can create healthy dialogs. So, you might want to let your assumptions go before engaging in a conversation.

Things to Know Before Taking the Communication Style Quiz

Miscommunication is always right around the corner when two people are talking. And some might use their interaction type as an excuse for their misbehavior, rudeness, and even lack of negotiation skills. So, here are several things to have in mind before taking the test.

Dominance in speech is about responsibility.

Not allowing anyone to speak when you are talking is not a sign of dominance. When it comes to human affairs, dominance refers to being able to manage and run a speech. This includes allowing others to speak up, managing your time, and respecting your listeners.

Openness is increased when you let out some personal info.

Robotic dialogs are one of the main reasons for miscommunication. Instead of making yourself a talking doll, engage in more personal dialogs. Giving away some of your own experiences and feelings makes it easier for your listeners to engage in the conversation.

Now, let’s find out what your Communication Style is with a fun and engaging quiz.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What makes a speech exciting and interesting?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 1
    • Stories

    • Details

    • Ideas

    • Facts

  • 2
    How do you feel when someone avoids giving any personal info in their speech?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 2
    • They might be insecure

    • I feel disengaged

    • I feel fine

    • They sound professional

  • 3
    All emotions should be locked down during a professional conversation.
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 3
    • Disagree

    • Slightly disagree

    • Slightly agree

    • Agree

  • 4
    “We managed to beat our competitors.” What is missing in the previous sentence?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 4
    • Excitement

    • Specifics

    • Point

    • Statistics

  • 5
    What is your priority to analyze people by their speech?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 5
    • Body language

    • Word choice

    • Thoughts and beliefs

    • Education level

  • 6
    Do you consider yourself an emotional person?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 6
    • Yes

    • Kind of

    • Not really

    • No

  • 7
    Which one is the basis of human communication?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 7
    • Emotions

    • Instincts

    • Thoughts

    • Needs

  • 8
    The meeting was postponed because the speaker was too nervous about speaking. How do you feel about that?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 8
    • It happens

    • I want to know more

    • It’s disappointing

    • It’s ridiculous

  • 9
    Your listener has their palms closed, and they avoid eye contact. What is your conclusion?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 9
    • I said something overwhelming

    • They are worried about something

    • They don’t like me

    • I have no idea

  • 10
    On a scale of 0 to 10, how irritating is it for you to be interrupted by your listener?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 10
    • 0-2

    • 3-5

    • 6-8

    • 9-10

  • 11
    Which of the following statements about communication do you agree with the most?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 11
    • Healthy communication is a love language

    • Details make communication easier

    • Communication should never waste your time

    • 80% of the daily exchanges are useless information

  • 12
    Which one sounds like your favorite topic for a casual chat?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 12
    • Daily life stuff

    • Gossip

    • Politics

    • News

  • 13
    How often do you use emojis when texting?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 13
    • Always

    • Sometimes

    • Rarely

    • Never

  • 14
    Which one describes the physical attributes of your speech?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 14
    • Excited and loud

    • Focused and animated

    • Brief with small gestures

    • Short and to the point (no movements)

  • 15
    What do you think about talkative people?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 15
    • I like them

    • I get along with them

    • I don’t like them

    • I hate them

  • 16
    Fill in the blank. It’s always difficult for me to communicate with ________.
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 16
    • Adults

    • Elderly people

    • Kids

    • Most people

  • 17
    The most reliable speech is the one that is based on __________.
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 17
    • Honest opinions

    • Good intentions

    • Solutions

    • Brutal truth

  • 18
    If you could have one of the following attributes, which one would you choose?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 18
    • Empathy

    • Discipline

    • Open-mindedness

    • Focus

  • 19
    Which of the following communicative tasks sounds difficult to you?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 19
    • Analytical speech

    • Summarizing an idea

    • Explaining an idea

    • Teaching

  • 20
    Final question, which one sounds like your ideal listener?
    Communication Style Quiz. 100% Accurate & Research Based 20
    • Engaging

    • Enthusiastic

    • Focused

    • Educated


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  9. LaToya Hardy Reeves

    August 30, 2023 at 7:42 pm

    I really found myself in each section. I see why communication is a big deal. Without it there will be no knowledge. This is a factor and a trade everyone needs in life . Especially while working in all job fields.


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    September 5, 2023 at 10:53 am

    I find this to be one of the most interesting test I’ve ever taken
    I love it


  13. I am a focused listener because I pay close attention to the conversations and surroundings around me


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