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Self-love Language Quiz

Self-Love Language Quiz, Explained

The Self-Love Language Quiz is a self-assessment process that identifies how you care for yourself. The idea of self-love language is inspired by Gary Chapman’s work, The 5 Love Languages.

According to Chapman’s theory, people show their affection for each other through five different means: Words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and giving or receiving gifts.

The quiz on this page explores your methods of self-care and analyzes your self-acceptance level to expose your internal language of love.

Your Love Language Sign
Words of Affirmation You like verbal self-encouragement
Acts of Service You prefer actions over words
Receiving Gifts You treat yourself to the fun stuff
Physical Care You care for your body to feel better
Quality Time You meditate through your favorite activities


What Is Your Language of Self-Love

Your self-love language is the set of external actions or inner monologues that empowers you. Depending on your attachment style, your self-love language might be any of these:

·       Physical Care

Physical self-love language is when you take care of your body to feel better about yourself. Things like getting a massage or treating yourself to sexual intimacy can all fall into this category.

·       Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation is a verbal self-love language. It revolves around positive self-talk and encouraging thoughts and is one of the most used self-empowerment techniques. People with this love language might benefit from journaling, mirror talks, and meditation.

·       Receiving Gifts

While it may sound unusual, receiving gifts is a self-love language. The only catch is that you are both the giver and the receiver. With this self-care technique, you often treat yourself to something that would surely make you feel better, whether it’s a nice meal, a dress, or an activity.

·       Quality Time

The quality time self-love language is an act of self-care based on situational factors. A person with this language would create a situation that helps them feel relaxed, happy, excited, or loved—which would eventually boost their love for themselves. Watching your favorite show, reading books, playing games, or even sleeping are all considered love languages for a quality time appreciator.

·       Acts of Service

Not all self-lovers want words; some prefer actions. Acts of service is the language of love for those who want to show, not tell. These people do themselves a favor, one that increases their self-esteem and makes them feel happier. Things like organizing your room or even going to the gym are all considered acts of service that display your self-love.

How to Practice Your Self-Love Language

Niro Feliciano, a psychotherapist, believes that “Unless we make time for joy, we’re not going to make room for it in our lives.” She suggests that you should schedule self-joy appointments and plan your self-love sessions ahead of time.

It’s also important to note that boundaries are a type of love language. Saying no to activities that demoralize you and creating enough space in your life for quality me-time are necessary steps in the path of self-love.

Self-Love Language Ideas

The following table shows what you can do to practice your self-love language and master it for boosted self-esteem and better mood:

Love Language Ideas

Physical Care

·       Get a message

·       Dye your hair

·       Get a new haircut


Receiving Gifts

·       Buy yourself a new dress

·       Treat yourself to a snack

·       Take yourself on a date


Acts of Service

·       Clean your room

·       Cook yourself a meal

·       Organize your closet


Quality Time

·       Watch your favorite show

·       Play a video game

·       Hang out with friends


Words of Affirmation

·       Journal

·       Read motivational books

·       Try positive self-talk in front of the mirror


Want to Know Your Self-Love Language? Take This Test

Do you want to know what your self-love language is? Answer the following questions about your behaviors and beliefs to find accurate answers. Our quiz identifies which of the five self-care methods you use to empower yourself and cheer yourself up.

You can also try our other trending quiz called “Your Love’s Color.” It can identify what color your self-love is—in case you’re curious to know.

Now, let’s start the process and expose your self-love language with a relatable test. 💖💐

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