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Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching

Which Care Bear Are You

Hey, don’t you want to know which Care Bear you are? This kindness and love quiz reveals if you are Cheer Bear, Bedtime Bear, Funshine Bear, or else in no time.

Discover Your Care Bear with a Lovely Quiz

The quiz’s premise is to answer questions like, “Which Care Bear am I?” It is inspired by animated movies and TV series of the Care Bear franchise and uses your MBTI type to suggest a perfect match.

Like the Sanrio Character Quiz, your decisions, habits, intentions, and appearance affect the test results. But there will be no right or wrong answers—and you have to select the options you relate to.

Who is your Care-a-Lot soulmate?

With its 39 fluffy creatures, the Care Bear franchise has introduced many colorful personalities. And our test is the only accurate tool to compare your persona to that of the bears.

We have a database of all the characters’ detailed profiles and will create yours. So, your responses allow us to match your characteristics up to the show’s beloved personalities, discovering the most similar one(s).

Where is your homeland in the Kingdom of Caring?

We can locate your hometown in the Kingdom of Caring based on your personality, where every other Care Bear lives. It might sound like a dismissible detail. But your birthplace actually affects the type of person—or bear—you are.

  • Forest of Feelings: The place where most Care Bear Cousins live.
  • Silver Lining: Bad Crowd’s homeland.
  • Joke-a-Lot: Home to creatures who, well, joke a lot.

How much do you care?

You might want to know which Care Bear you are as quickly as possible. But we have more to offer. The quiz can identify how caring and giving you are in real life and in Care-a-Lot.

It’s good to know if you are a good person, especially if you’re self-questioning, like, “Am I a bad person?”

What is your unique ability?

The Care Bears’ Belly Badge allows them to do awesome stuff like altering one’s dreams or mood. But what about you? The quiz analyzes your responses to determine what kind of unique ability you’d have if you lived in the Kingdom of Caring.

What is your personality type?

The Care Bear quiz comes with a free personality breakdown. So, not only will you discover which bear you are, but you’ll also learn why. It might not be the most accurate way to discover the type of person you are, but it works.

The First-Ever MBTI Care Bear Quiz

No other test uses your actual persona to find your Care Bear match. So, we created the world’s first MBTI-based questionnaire to generate reliable comparisons.

Other online alternatives rely on your likes and dislikes for the results. But we don’t do that here. Instead, we determine your personality type in advance and suggest characters with the same traits and values.

Care Bear MBTI Star Sign
Cheer ENFP Leo
Share ESFJ Virgo
Funshine ESFP Sagittarius
Love-a-Lot ESFJ Aquarius
Bedtime INTP Cancer


Here’s how to find your Care Bear character based on your Myer-Briggs Type Indicators.

#1. Cheer Bear.

As the name suggests, Cheer Bear is a joyful character who brings the best in others. Her primary purpose is to make everyone happy and help them enjoy their lives. As an ENFP, her personality can be described as extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting.

#2. Share Bear

Personality-wise, Share Bear is selfless and helpful. She is willing to share anything with others because sharing is indeed caring in her world. As an ESFJ, Share Bear is also outgoing, loyal, organized, and tender-hearted.

#3. Funshine Bear

He is athletic, energetic, and fun-loving. Funshine’s personality can be described as extraverted, observant, feeling, and prospecting. He loves exciting experiences and is always eager to discover new ways of enjoying life, making him a total ESFP.

#4. Bedtime Bear

As an INTP, Bedtime Bear is quiet and analytical. He enjoys his own company—and, of course, spends most of his time sleeping.

But anyone would relate to Bedtime Bed when asked, “Which Care Bear are you?” on a Monday morning.

Other Care Bears and Cousins.

The franchise has 39 characters. So, you might not be able to find your perfect match on your own. That’s why we recommend taking the personality quiz. It includes all the main bears and cousins, too. Plus, it’s unbelievably fast.

You Might Match a Bad Crow Member!

The cool thing about the Care Bear Character Quiz is that it covers antagonists and the protagonists. So, you might match Bluster or any of his crew members.

It adds a fun twist to the results and diversifies the possibilities because, hey, not everyone is a lovely, cute Care Bear.

Meet Your Caring Self in No Time

Okay, you are ready to travel to the Kingdom of Caring and see what your bear-self looks like.

We have twenty fun questions for you that are actually deep and meaningful. Just pick the options that make the most sense to you and wait for us to reveal your Care-a-Lot counterpart in no time.



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How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    What's the most fun thing about being a Care Bear?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 1
    • Having so many lovely friends

    • Feeling cheerful all the time

    • Living in a magical and extraordinary world

    • Being able to help others

    • Having lots of free time to do fun stuff

    • Having peace of mind and being relaxed

    • There's nothing good about being a Care Bear

  • Question 2

    How would you spend your free time if you lived in Care-a-Lot as a Care Bear?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 2
    • Starting a passion project.

    • Hanging out with other cute bears.

    • Reading fiction books and daydreaming.

    • Doing charity or voluntary work.

    • Working out or camping with my friends.

    • Watching movies and relaxing in my home.

    • Playing video games and eating lots of fast-foods

  • Question 3

    You see a kid crying in the playground. How do you react?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 3
    • I immediately hug them.

    • I try to make them laugh.

    • I try to figure out why they're crying.

    • I look for their parents.

    • I play with them and cheer them up.

    • I hold their hand and console them.

    • I mind my own business because it's not my child.

  • Question 4

    Other Care Bears forgot your birthday. How do you feel about that?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 4
    • It's fine; I love them anyway.

    • It makes me sad. But it's not a big deal.

    • It makes me feel like they don't love me.

    • It makes me feel like there's something wrong with me.

    • I would throw a party and invite them anyway.

    • I would feel disappointed but not mad.

    • I'd feel mad and never celebrate their birthdays again.

  • Question 5

    What makes a Care Bear unique?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 5
    • Intentions

    • Actions

    • Imaginations

    • Friendships

    • Energy or vibe

    • Mindset or beliefs

    • Nothing. Care Bears can never be unique.

  • Question 6

    As the leader of the Care Bears, Tenderheart wants to send you on a mission on earth. What kind of place do you want him to send you to?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 6
    • A romantic and movie scene-like place.

    • A place with lots of friendly people.

    • An extraordinary and magical place.

    • A place where people truly need my help.

    • Somewhere like an amusement park.

    • A calm and relaxing place.

    • Nowhere. I don't like missions.

  • Question 7

    Which one could be your favorite activity in the Care-a-Lot universe?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 7
    • Cooking.

    • Dancing.

    • Reading.

    • Babysitting or pet sitting.

    • Playing video games.

    • Sleeping.

    • None of them.

  • Question 8

    Somehow, you should get a tattoo on the back of your neck. Choose a symbol that you think would make a good tattoo.

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 8
    • Heart shape

    • Balloons

    • Clouds

    • Sun

    • Flame

    • Peace sign

    • Skull

  • Question 9

    What is your star sign?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 9
    • December 22–March 20

    • July 23–September 22

    • March 21–May 20

    • September 23–November 21

    • November 22–January 19

    • Gemini or Cancer May 21–July 22

    • I don't want to reveal personal information

  • Question 10

    What do you think about the Bad Crowd members?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 10
    • They are naughty but still lovely.

    • They need better friends.

    • They seem to be mysterious.

    • They need some help

    • They are funny and cool

    • They need to chill

    • I'd love to join their gang.

  • Question 11

    Which sentence could be your motto as a Care Bear?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 11
    • Loving is easy

    • Life is beautiful

    • Dream big

    • Sharing is caring

    • Live the moment

    • Don't worry; be happy

    • Life's cruel, so buckle up.

  • Question 12

    How would you react if someone pulled a mean prank on you?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 12
    • I'd forgive them

    • I'd get along with it

    • I'd ask them to stop

    • I'd smile and try to hide my pain

    • I'd laugh it off and don't make it a big deal

    • I'd feel sad and wouldn't talk to that person for a while

    • I'd plan my revenge and wait for the right moment

  • Question 13

    It's the Dye-Your-Hair Day in the Kingdom of Caring. What color do you dye your hair? (It's just for a day)

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 13
    • Pink

    • Yellow

    • White

    • Blue

    • Red

    • Brown

    • None. I wouldn't want to dye my hair.

  • Question 14

    Which one sounds like a super-challenging task for you?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 14
    • Having 5+ home works due on the same day

    • Doing chores

    • Focusing on one particular task for the whole day

    • Organizing your room

    • Waking up super-early

    • All of them

  • Question 15

    What could be the worst thing about being a Care Bear?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 15
    • Nothing. Living in Care-a-Lot seems to be all fun.

    • Hiding your pain and pretending to be fine

    • Dealing with people who want to give up on their lives

    • Helping others even when you're the one who needs help

    • Being forced to do boring stuff every now and then

    • Not getting enough sleep and waking up early

    • Everything about being a Care Bear sucks

  • Question 16

    It's Bedtime Bear's birthday. What gift do you get him?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 16
    • A cuddly teddy bear.

    • A coffee maker.

    • A bedtime storybook.

    • A puppy.

    • An alarm clock.

    • A cozy pillow.

    • Nothing. I don't like buying gifts.

  • Question 17

    Why do you think some people are sad and can't enjoy their lives?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 17
    • They don't love themselves.

    • They don't appreciate their talents.

    • They don't dream big.

    • They don't help others but expect others to help them.

    • They are lazy and unmotivated.

    • They are in pain and need some help.

    • Who cares?

  • Question 18

    One of the Bad Crowd members wants to be your friend. What do you say?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 18
    • Yes, sure. I'd love to make new friends.

    • Yeah, maybe.

    • I'm not sure what to say.

    • I can't say no.

    • I can't say yes.

    • It depends on their intentions.

    • No, I don't need new friends.

  • Question 19

    What's the key to making the world a better place?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 19
    • Love

    • Friendship

    • Positivity

    • Supportiveness

    • Hard work

    • Meditation and chillaxing

    • There's no way to make the world a better place.

  • Question 20

    Final question; how old were you when you watched the Care Bear series for the first time?

    Quiz: Which Care Bear Are You? 1 of 39 Matching 20
    • 12 or younger

    • 13-14

    • 15-16

    • 17

    • 18

    • 19 or older

    • I've never watched it.

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