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Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions

Which Language Should I Learn

If you are looking for L2 and ask, “Which language should I learn?” This quiz reveals the best options based on your native tongue, personality, and interests.

Features of the Language You Should Learn Next

Suppose you want to become a bi- or multilingual. In that case, you should learn a language that is grammatically similar to your current language(s) and has easy to moderate difficulty with resources available where you live. Frisian, Dutch, and Spanish are the best options for native English speakers as they match the mentioned criteria.

Language Similarity to English
German 60%
French 27%
Russian 24%


Picking the Language to Learn with a Quiz

With all the affecting factors in mind, it’s still challenging to decide what language to learn. That’s why we created an expert-level quiz to do the hard work. It analyzes everything—from your current tongue to your desires and goals—to determine what to learn.

Becoming multilingual is challenging. And some even compare the process to choosing what to major in. But with the help of our linguistic test, you’re likely to select the best language with a 70%+ satisfaction rate.

Here’s what happens when you participate.

Analyze your mother tongue.

Most linguists suggest that learning a language with a similar grammatical structure to your native tongue is easier. The quiz tries to understand the primary grammar rules you already know before suggesting any languages to study.

See what’s best to learn based on your personality.

“What language should I learn based on my personality?” is a popular question among multilinguists. We’ve got you covered, even if it’s not a reliable filtering method. Our quiz does go over some of your characteristics and traits to produce even better results.

Define your purpose of learning.

It’s essential to know why you want to study a new language. Is it a career decision, are you doing it for fun, or are you planning to move abroad? The quiz does its best in understanding your goals and offering solutions accordingly.

Compare your likes and dislikes.

“Learning is most effective when it helps you understand something you already love.” With that in mind, the questionnaire is designed to value your interests and deliver results that you’ll like. Despite the difficulty, it’s often a better option for an anime lover to learn Japanese than French or, say, German. That’s because your enthusiasm is even more critical than the lexical similarities.

Find the perfect language you should start learning.

During the final stage of the quiz, the algorithm overviews your answers, compares them to our database, and delivers a list of customized options. Unlike most other quizzes, we don’t want to limit you to only one suggestion. So, the results often include a couple of languages we think you should learn based on your responses.

The Most Popular Languages by the Number of Learners

One way to decide which language you should learn is by seeing what other learners are doing. Currently, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese are the most popular languages by the number of college and university enrollments. Surprisingly, American Sign Language is also one of the preferred languages, with over 107,000 students in 2016.

Language Popularity Among Learners
Spanish 50.2%
French 12.4%
American Sign Language 7.6%
German 5.7%
Japanese 4.9%


Choosing What Language to Learn Based on the Difficulty Level

For many learners, the primary criterion is the time required to speak and comprehend the new language. has a brilliant map showing how much time it takes to learn foreign languages. And you can use it to plan your linguistic journey and pick a hard- or easy-to-learn language. (See the table below for more info).

Difficulty Language(s) Hours to Learn
Easy Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish 575-600 h
Moderate German, Indonesian, Malaysian, Swahili 750-900 h
Difficult Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean 2200 h


Questions That Matter More than “Which Language Should I Learn?”

It requires at least 500 hours of study and hard work to become fluent in a language. So, you should consider all the factors before jumping into learning a foreign tongue. You are better off without making an impulsive decision. And it’s best to ask yourself the following questions in advance.

–           What is the linguistic category of language(s) you currently speak?

Knowing the language families allows you to pick the easiest ones to learn. The closer a tongue is to your native language’s family, the faster you master it. The primary families are Indo-Iranian, Hellenic, Celtic, Italic, Balto-Slavic, and Germanic.

–           Will you be actively using the new language?

Some studies show that students could become less fluent after not speaking the foreign language for six months. So, before selecting what to learn, ensure you’ll be actively using it, or you’re prone to forgetting it.

–           Are the resources accessible where you live?

Of course, with the help of the internet, you can easily access the right resources for almost any language. But you still want to pick an option with available and accessible schools you could attend in-person.

–           Does the language you pick excite you?

You can’t learn things you don’t love. So, it’s often a better idea to go with sounds, rules, and vocabularies that tickle your enthusiasm for the language.

–           Are you okay with the culture of that specific language?

“To have another language is to have another soul,” said Charlemagne, King of the Franks. So, don’t opt to learn a foreign dialect so long as you don’t like the culture that it comes with.

Ready to Become a Polyglot? Take the Quiz Now

Don’t forget that over 7000 languages are being spoken all around the globe. So, don’t expect a quick answer to things like, “What language should I learn?” The fastest method you already got is participating in our quiz, though.


QuizExpo is not associated with any of the organizations mentioned in the ‘Which Language Should I Learn Quiz.’ No affiliate links are included in the test, and the results are 100% AI-generated.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What's your goal when it comes to learning a new language?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 1
    • To have fun

    • To get to know other cultures

    • To challenge me

    • To add spice to my life

    • To learn a useful skill

  • 2
    How are you planning to use your new language?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 2
    • I don't have any specific plans.

    • I'll travel to places that use this language.

    • I'll move abroad and live in a country that speaks that language.

    • I'll study and research that language.

    • I'll try to make money out of it.

  • 3
    Which statement describes your mother tongue better?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 3
    • It's an international language

    • It's a popular language

    • It's a complicated one

    • People have never heard of it

    • It's more of a dialect than a language

  • 4
    Are you planning to make money off of the new dialect you learn?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 4
    • No, not at all

    • It depends.

    • Probably yes

    • I'd indirectly make money off of it.

    • I'd land a better job and increase my salary with it.

  • 5
    How many languages do you already speak?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 5
    • 2

    • 3

    • 4

    • Five or more

    • Just one

  • 6
    How much time do you think would be ideal for learning a tongue?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 6
    • Six months

    • 9-12 months

    • 1-2 years

    • 3-5 years

    • Less than six months

  • 7
    Are you planning to move to a country that speaks the language(s) you're learning?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 7
    • No, I don't have such plans

    • I haven't thought about that yet

    • Yes, I am

    • Yes, but for research purposes.

    • Only if my job requires me to.

  • 8
    Why do you think it's a good idea to learn a new language?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 8
    • It's like a brain activity

    • It'd help you have an open mind

    • It might lead to better life opportunities

    • It's just fascinating to know about other languages.

    • It's a pretty useful hard skill these days.

  • 9
    How many free hours do you have per day/week to spend attending classes or studying?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 9
    • Less than 4 hours per week

    • 1 hour per day

    • 2 hours per day

    • 3-5 hours a day

    • I can adjust my schedule to it

  • 10
    Do you want to learn a new language academically, or do you prefer self-education?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 10
    • I'd prefer self-education

    • I'd like a combination of both

    • I'd rather learn it academically

    • I'd like to learn it practically by living in a place where it's spoken.

    • I'd like to go with the easier one.

  • 11
    Which one is your preferred method or tool to learn new vocabulary or grammar rules?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 11
    • YouTube or other online platforms

    • Online courses

    • In-person private courses

    • Experimental and novel methods

    • Traditional schools and institutions

  • 12
    Which language skill do you value the most?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 12
    • Speaking

    • Listening

    • Writing

    • Reading

    • I'm not sure

  • 13
    Are you willing to learn new cultures as well as new languages?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 13
    • Not really

    • Maybe

    • Yes, I'd love to

    • Yes, culture is my priority.

    • Only if it makes it easier to learn the language.

  • 14
    What's something about the language learning process that excites you?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 14
    • Making new friends

    • impressing others with your new skills

    • Challenging your current skills

    • Seeing the world through different lenses

    • Making more money with your new skills

  • 15
    How likely are you to make friends who are natives of the language you're studying?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 15
    • Highly likely

    • It depends

    • I already have friends that speak that language.

    • I'm open to the idea of making new friends

    • It's not very likely

  • 16
    Which one describes your job or career?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 16
    • I work at a 9-to-5 job.

    • I'm a freelancer

    • I'm an entrepreneur

    • I'm a researcher/teacher/academic

    • I'm seeking a new job

  • 17
    Which of the following traits is more prominent in your personality?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 17
    • Easygoing

    • Enthusiastic

    • Hardworking

    • Curious

    • Strategic

  • 18
    Select the word that describes your dream foreign language in one word.
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 18
    • Familiar

    • Entertaining

    • Challenging

    • Mysterious

    • Practical

  • 19
    What is the most difficult part of learning languages?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 19
    • Grammar

    • Listening

    • Speaking

    • Reading

    • All of them

  • 20
    Final question; how old are you?
    Quiz: Which Language Should I Learn? 2023 Suggestions 20
    • 35 or older

    • 29-34

    • 22-28

    • 18-21

    • 17 or younger

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