Quiz: What Type of Friend Are You? Let’s Be 100% Honest

This BFF style test reveals what type of friend you are based on your personality and how you treat your besties!

What Type of Friend Are You

This Quiz Exposes Your Type as a Friend

Have you ever wondered what type of friend you are? The friend typology test on this page identifies which cliched role you play in your group.

Life might not be a Friends-like sitcom show, but we all share stereotypical traits that might put us in a specific typology. Your protectiveness, for example, could make you an older-sibling type of friend who’s always watching out for the rest of the group. Your overprotectiveness, on the other hand, might indicate that you’re a jealous friend.

We’ve accumulated a list of the most common buddy archetypes that people resemble in real life. And all you need to do is answer twenty questions to match one of them.

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What Are Some Stereotypical Types?

We’ve all had that one quiet friend who’s a total freak when no one’s around. Or the one who can’t stop talking about their crush and also the one who’s just starving all the time. But hey, what are the most orthodox types? Here’s the list you’re looking for:

The Older-Sibling One

This is the archetype of the voice of reason in the group. The older-sibling persons are protective, supportive, and kindhearted, always making sure that everyone is safe and happy.

The Jealous One

Having the highest jealousy score of the group, the jealous persons don’t want to share their besties with others. They are overprotective and stubborn and often value loyalty above all else.

The Always-Hungry One

A relatable archetype, the always-hungry friend, is that one pal who prefers hanging out at coffee shops and restaurants over any other plan. Also known as the foodie pal, this friend type is liked for their sweet and sociable nature, which makes them quite approachable.

The Fashionista One

Don’t you know at least one person in your group who’s like, “What should I wear?” all the time? Yep, that’s the fashionista friend. This archetype is in love with shopping, social media, and, of course, all things fashion.

What Type of Friend Is the Best?

According to Aristotle, friendships are of three types: Utility-Based, Pleasure-Based, and Virtue-Based. While all these companionships are pivotal to a happy life, he claims, virtue-oriented friendships are the best because such comradeships revolve around mutual respect, admiration, and shared values. The bond that’s rooted in personality likenesses is much stronger than the one spurted out of external factors such as pleasure or benefit.

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How to Know What Type of Buddy You Are

You need to analyze three aspects of your personality: Traits, Reactions, and Decisions. Basically, the way you treat others, react to their emotions/requests, and the kind of buddies you choose will ultimately determine the type of friend you are.

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Now, let’s identify the type of bestay you are based on your personality.

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