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Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly

Hate Values Quiz

The Hate Values Quiz determines your prejudices against others and why you have them.

Hate Values Quiz Explained

Comprised of 15 ideological questions, the Hate Values Quiz is a prejudice test. It reveals what biases you have and why you value them. Basically, it identifies the type of hatred that you’re proud to have. It was going viral on TikTok.

It may sound strange, but some of us value our hate for specific concepts. An anti-war person, for example, values hating war. An animal lover might value hating hunters. And a Christian may value hating abortion. Anyone has a kind of hatred that they value.

What are your hate values? Take this bias, sexism, homophobia, and racism test to find out.

Discover What You Value Hating

Your hate values are negative emotions towards specific people, concepts, or ideas that you believe are rooted in good causes. For example, you may hate anti-LGBTQ+ politicians because you find them toxic. Your emotion is negative, but your reason is positive; it’s your valuable hate.

Another example is the world’s collective hatred for the German Nazis. We all know that hating humans is terrible. But we never shy away from hating Nazis because of what they did. That’s a collective valuable hate.

Common Concepts People Love to Hate

Most societies hate specific concepts based on common sense knowledge. Sex offenders, for instance, are hated in almost all forms of modern societies. In other words, hating such criminals is valued in those communities. Other valued hatreds often target xenophobia, antisemitism, sexism, pedophilia, and racism.

  • Xenophobia. Hating xenophobes is valued in many societies because they often promote violence against specific groups of people.
  • Antisemitism. Antisemitic ideologies have been devaluated since the German Nazis’ rise because they promote hate crimes toward Jews.
  • Sexism. Modern societies value hating sexism as it causes discrimination against people based on their gender.
  • Pedophilia. Hatred for child abusers has been one of the oldest valued disgusts in human history for obvious reasons.
  • Racism. It took many years for humans to fix this, but racism is currently a hated concept—though it’s still lurking in our lives.

Can Hatred be a Valuable Emotion

All human emotions are valuable because they send a message. Hatred, for example, exposes anger, insecurity, trauma, or even PTSD. And it can be a precious feeling when controlled and put to good use. Hatred for injustice, for example, can turn you into a justice advocate; hatred for pollution, on the other hand, could make you an environmentally friendly person; and hatred for hatred, above all, could make you a peace and love supporter.

Hate is a double-edged sword. It can hurt, or it can heal. What determines its effect on your life is your intention. Will you use your hatred to discriminate against others and make their lives harder? Or will you use it as fuel to push you to do better?

Find Your Hate Values with 15 Controversial Questions

Do you still want to know what your hate values are? If yes, take this privilege and prejudice quiz to find an accurate answer. The following questions determine if your heart is filled with toxic despise or if it is full of valuable disgust.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one are you concerned about?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 1
    • Mental health

    • Hate crimes

    • Transphobia

    • Inequality

    • Environment

    • Illegal immigrants

  • 2
    Which group of people are bad for society?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 2
    • Bullies

    • Biased cops

    • Anti-LGBTQ+ politicians

    • Sex offenders

    • Illegal hunters and animal abusers

    • People with “weird” genders

  • 3
    Which one has the most negative effect on the youth?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 3
    • Anxiety and depression

    • Discriminations

    • Sexuality and gender biases

    • Toxic masculinity/femininity

    • Environmental threats

    • TikTok and stupid trends

  • 4
    What is your wish for the future of the world?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 4
    • Love

    • Peace

    • Freedom

    • Equality

    • Kindness

    • None of these wishes are realistic

  • 5
    Why do you think the US has failed to control gun violence?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 5
    • No politician cares about people’s mental health

    • Police enforcement encourages gun violence

    • Politicians encourage crime hate

    • Men are raised to love guns and violence

    • People are fooled into believing that they need guns

    • The US has NOT failed to control the gun violence

  • 6
    What do you think of racism?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 6
    • I believe it’s the cruelest type of ideology

    • I hate racism with every cell in my body

    • I think it’s the root cause of many other issues like homophobia

    • I believe inequality is causing racism

    • I am against hatred of any type

    • I think the woke culture has exaggerated the racism issues

  • 7
    What do you think of victim-blaming culture in our society?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 7
    • It’s the reason many people commit suicide

    • It’s unacceptable and stupid

    • It has hurt the LGBTQ+ community more than any other group

    • Society often blames the victims when they’re women

    • People who blame the victims are equally guilty of the crime

    • It’s just another woke culture nonsense. IDC.

  • 8
    Which statement about freedom of speech do you agree with?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 8
    • Many toxic people are abusing this right

    • It’s just a political term with no actual meaning

    • Freedom of speech is a myth

    • Freedom of speech is a thing until a woman raises her voice

    • Freedom of speech should be a tool to give voice to the voiceless

    • People should be able to say whatever they want. That’s true freedom of speech

  • 9
    Which one’s a bigger issue in modern societies?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 9
    • Depression and loneliness

    • Poverty

    • Sexual harassment

    • Unequal payments

    • Global warming

    • Dealing with more than two genders

  • 10
    What do you think of Roe V. Wade’s overturn?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 10
    • I don’t agree with the overturn

    • I hate any sort of conservatism

    • I think it was some sort of a legal hate crime

    • It was an anti-woman law

    • I’m not sure what it means

    • I agree with the supreme court’s decision

  • 11
    What’s your opinion about veganism?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 11
    • I support it (I’m not a vegan, though)

    • I don’t relate to it, but I’m not against it either

    • I have many vegan friends, and I like the idea

    • It’s your life, your food, your decision

    • I love the idea. I’m a vegan myself

    • I think it’s the most stupid diet ever

  • 12
    What do you think of the legalization of same-sex marriage?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 12
    • I support it

    • I find it a necessary protective law

    • It came too late. But I’m happy that we have it now.

    • I think it was a positive move toward equality in our society

    • I am happy for all my LGBTQ+ friends

    • I disagree with the legalization of same-sex marriage

  • 13
    Do you believe that sexual harassment is a serious workplace issue?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 13
    • Yes, it’s even worse in schools

    • Yes, especially for black women and immigrants

    • Yes, especially for the LGBTQ+ community

    • Yes, especially for women

    • Yes, I’ve been a victim of it

    • No, I think it’s an exaggerated issue

  • 14
    Feel in the blank. Modern-day teens are __________.
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 14
    • Severely depressed

    • Stronger

    • Less homophobe

    • Less sexist

    • More environmentally conscious

    • Extremely sensitive and snowflake-ish

  • 15
    Final question: what do you think of the woke culture?
    Hate Values Quiz. Find Your Standpoint 100% Honestly 15
    • I think it has helped many to step out of the dark

    • I believe it has had a positive effect on newer generations

    • I think it has not done a good job of voicing the LGBTQ+ issues

    • I think it has significantly reduced sexual harassment and toxic masculinity/femininity

    • I don’t know much about the woke culture

    • I hate woke culture because it’s just a nonsense movement

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