How Awesome Is Your Best Friend? 100% Honest Quiz Reveals

Find out how awesome your best friend is with this fun BFF quiz. Is your bestie super cool or straight-up awful? Here’s the true answer.

How Awesome Is Your Best Friend

Best Friend Quiz Explained

The Best Friend Quiz reveals how awesome and reliable your bestie is based on your friendship standards. Generally, your BFF is as awesome as the love and support they give you. But the test identifies the exact amount of awesomeness in their blood.

Type of Friend Feature
Awesome Supportive and reliable
Okay Funny and cool
Awful Mean and irresponsible


But hey, it’s not all about your BFF. The Best Friend Awesomeness Quiz also exposes how good of a friend you are. It basically reveals the type of bestay you are by analyzing how you treat your buddies.

Signs Your Best Friend Is Awesome

You can tell your best friend is awesome if they care about you, listen to you, and support you. A good friend is one whom you can rely on, open up to, and ask for help when needed.

Usually, a friend’s influence on your life is an ideal way of seeing how awesome they are. Besties bring out the best in you. They help you become the ideal version of yourself while loving you for who you are—not the person you could be.

Here are some features of an awesome pal:

  • Supportiveness
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Empathy

What Makes a Friend Awesome or Awful

The intention behind a friendship can be the difference between an awesome or awful friend. A bond built around personal gains leads to having bad companions. But one built around love and respect often leads to the best friendships ever.

Compatibility is another factor in the quality of companionship. Befriending people with extremely different traits and beliefs will likely end up in a horrible friendship, whereas hanging out with like-minded people could result in long-lasting bonds.

Good Friendship Feels Like True Love

You don’t have to be in love with your best friend, but you need to adore them for who they are. If you can’t seem to relate to your friend’s personality and if you can’t love them for who they are, you’re not in a good relationship. True companionship low-key feels like love—except it has no sexual aspects—platonic love if you will.

See How Awesome Your BFF Is with a Friendship Quiz

Do you still ask yourself, “How awesome is my best friend?” We’ve analyzed some of the most common signs of awesomeness among real-world best friends to come up with an accurate BFF Awesomeness Analyzer. Answer the following friendship questions to see if your closest buddy is actually a good friend.

By the way, no hard feelings, please. At the end of the test, you may get a brutally honest answer that reveals why you have no awesome friends. So, yeah, there’s also that.

Now, let’s reveal how awesome your pal is. 👀

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