Archetype Quiz: 100% Accurate Psychological Test

The Archetype Quiz reveals which of the 12 Jungian psychic structures you have. Are you the Innocent, Sage, Explorer, Hero, Outlaw, Lover, or else? Analyze your personality to find out.

Archetype Quiz

What Are Jungian & Feminine Archetypes?

In psychology, Archetypes are elements of collective unconsciousness shared among all humans.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst believed that the psyche (one’s total personality) contains pre-personal or transpersonal elements, which he called Archetypes. He observed, “It’s the influence of the said elements that causes similarity between myths and religions.”

Jung’s student, Erich Neumann, compares collective unconsciousness with physical organs. They are formed before birth, function without a conscious decision, and are vital.

The Archetype Quiz Explained

It is a set of questions about your personality. The goal is to expose your ego, persona, and shadow, as well as Anima/Animus, to discover your true Jungian Archetype.

The premise of the questionary is similar to Enneagram Test. And it analyzes your character to deliver accurate psychological results.

Get to know your psychic structure.

You will match one of the twelve primary structures: Hero, Ruler, Explorer, Artist, Lover, Caregiver, Everyman, Sage, Outlaw, Magician, Jester, or Innocent.

As Jung explains, “From the unconscious there emanate determining influences… which, independently of tradition, guarantee in every single individual a similarity and even sameness of experience.”

So, by taking the Archetype Quiz, you discover what type of person you are and how you perceive the surrounding world.

Find out your core values.

The Jungian Archetype chart revolves around four core values: Spiritual Journey, Leave a Mark, Connect to Others, and Provide Structure. Each of them also corresponds to three particular concepts. For example, Spiritual Journey links to “Freedom,” “Knowledge,” and “Safety.”

The test results include a detailed analysis of your essential beliefs, explaining how they affect your life in general.

Receive a free personality analysis.

Connecting to a specific psychic structure reveals lots of information about your character. That is why the Archetype Quiz offers a comprehensive personality breakdown to the participants.

3 Concepts to Know Before Taking the Archetype Test

Jung’s psychic structure concept is a somewhat confusing matter. Jordan Peterson, a well-known professor of psychology, states, “When Jung talked about Archetypes, it was never clear what he meant. And I think the reason for that was because it is a very complicated idea.”

So, you need to understand the following terms to have a better understanding of your test results.

#1: Consciousness

Your field of awareness and psychic contents you know form your consciousness. Language, mathematics, soft and hard skills, etc., all fall under this category.

#2: Personal unconsciousness

In general, psychic content that you are NOT aware of is unconsciousness. However, the term personal indicates the unique hidden information in your mind, unlike any other human.

#3: Collective unconsciousness

In Jungian Psychology, Archetypes or psychic structures that are common to all form the collective unconsciousness. They influence our thoughts, behaviors, and the way we look at the world. And that is why humans have shared experiences regardless of their age, race, nationality, or gender.

Which of the 12 Archetypes Are You?

Taking the test is the most convenient and accurate way of discovering your psychic structure. However, you can identify your personality type using the following table, too.

Archetype Personality Type
Hero Ambitious and goal-oriented
Ruler Determine and orderly
Explorer Wonders and experiments
Artist Creative and inspiring
Lover Enthusiastic and attractive
Caregiver Giving and caring
Everyman Empathetic and relatable
Sage Wise and knowledgeable
Outlaw Daring and aspiring
Magician Healer and problem-solver
Jester Comedian and entertainer
Innocent Loyal rule follower


Here Is Why You Need an Archetype Quiz

Jordan Peterson says, “any coherent ordering principle [such as the Jungian Archetypes] is better than none.” Understanding your personality helps you intellectually mature. It also enables you to improve your characteristics, becoming a better person in general.


Your personality has bright sides, as well as dark cores. It is by understanding them that you can thrive in relationships, careers, and life in general. The Archetype Quiz is one way to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of your character.


The test results give you a comprehensible analysis of your true self. You can then use that information to help yourself advance your personality. As Oprah Winfrey says, “We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

How Can the Jungian Archetype Test Help Your Business?

Determining brand identities and personas is one of the benefits of Jung’s 12 psyche types. You can use the test to figure out what kind of personality should your business or brand have. All it takes is answering the questions as if it is your brand that is responding.


QuizExpo is not associated with any of the names and organizations mentioned in the Archetype Quiz. The questionary is created independently using Carl Jung’s theories on collective unconsciousness.


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