Why Do I Have no Friends? This Quiz Has 100% Honest Answer

Are you asking yourself, “Why do I have no friends?” This personality quiz can tell what is causing you to be alone and have no one to call your buddy.

Why Do I Have no Friends

The Reason You Have No Friends

You may have no friends because you’re too shy, insecure, or unconfident to interact with people. Other reasons might be having a busy lifestyle or high standards for making friends. But it’s definitely NOT because you’re unlikeable or weird.

Actual Personality Traits That Might Cause Having No Friends

Specific attributes can indeed lead to losing companions or never having to have them in the first place. If you have one or all of the following traits, you may struggle to make new friends or keep them in your life.

Passiveness in relationships

Initiation is critical in building relationships. If you’re always the one waiting for others’ first move, you’re likely to wonder why you have no friends forever. There’s no rule that friendships should find you and not the other way. Most of the time, the relationships you intentionally seek and discover are reliable.

What to do instead: Don’t wait for your best friend to show up and change your lonely life. Go out there and look for your soulmate bestie.

Fake emotions

Individuals who base their friendships on ingenuine interactions are prone to feel alone no matter how many so-called ‘social friends’ they have. It’s one thing to please everyone and gather so many people around you; it’s another to actually express your true self and find like-minded persons who want to be your companion.

What to do instead: Instead of making it a social game to gain more “followers,” seek true connections regardless of their quantity—because it’s quality that matters.

Narcissism and manipulation

Being a toxic person reduces your chances of ever finding true friends. Overconfidence and abusiveness are the two biggest obstacles to connecting with others on a deeper level.

What to do instead: If you’ve realized that you have toxic traits, use your time alone to work on yourself and change for the better. That’s the only way you can go out and seek genuine connections.

“I’m a Good Person, but I Have No Friends.” Why Is That?

So, you are a nice individual who’s not shy, introverted, or manipulating. But you still have no buddy (pun intended). The thing is that human interactions and relationships are more complicated than that. Just because you’re a good person doesn’t guarantee you’ll have lost besties. You should always consider other factors such as your lifestyle, the place you live, the socioeconomic situation, and everything else.

But generally, these are the common reasons many people can’t make any friends.

#1. You don’t love yourself.

Friendships require mutual love and care. But if you lack self-love, you’re going to struggle with showing affection for others. You may think that it works the other way, and you start loving yourself after making good friends and hanging out with them. But that’s not true. Being prepared for a relationship starts within you.

#2. You believe people don’t deserve a friend like you.

It’s not easy to accept the fact that there’s a portion of selfishness in your loneliness. Many of those who ask, “Why do I have no friends?” secretly feel like others don’t deserve them. You may think that you’re too special or have an extremely hard-to-understand personality. And that could lead you to think that only an extraordinary companionship fits your life. But that’s an illusion. Yes, you are a unique person, but that’s what you can say about every other living creature. We’re all special in our way, and there’s no need to make it a big deal to the extent that it holds you back from making friends.

#3. You don’t know what type of friendship you currently need.

Aristotle believed that there are different types of companionships in life—and we need all. Some friends from a bond in his money only because they need each other. He called it a utility friendship based on helping each other out with something in life. Think your high school friend you only talked to because you needed them to pass an exam. Then there’s pleasure-oriented companionship that doesn’t concern anything but having fun. (e.g., friends with benefits).

But in the Aristotelian view, the perfect relationship is the one that happens between two individuals with the same virtue. It’s a deeper level of bonding with someone that includes every aspect of the other two types of friendships but is not limited to them.

So, maybe you should stop asking, “Why do I have no friends?” and instead, ask yourself, “What kind of friendship do I want?”


Friendship Type The Basis
Utility Mutual benefit
Pleasure Mutual joy
Perfect Mutual virtue


Take a Quiz for the Real Answer

An excellent way to find the correct answer, though, is to take a ‘Why Do I Have No Friends Quiz.’ Yes, that’s a thing. And it can reveal the real reason you’re alone—or feel so.

You’re lucky, though, because we have the internet’s most reliable and unbelievably accurate friendship quiz to help with your confusion. It’s a set of twenty relatable questions about your experiences, feelings, and views on true companionship. You get to find out the real ‘why’ behind having no friends and receive some expert pieces of advice on how to fix or change things.

Should Everyone Have Friends?

Famous philosophers like Epicurus believe that friends are essential to ultimate happiness in life. Many psychologists today suggest that humans are social creatures, and we might go through mental illnesses when left alone or isolated. But you also need to know that there’s no pressure on you to make friends and follow social norms—although it might look so. If you feel like you’re better off without BFFs and all that, then do your thing and explore your solo journey. But make sure to try it and see how it feels to have companions before making such a decision.

The Effects of Having No Friends

Having no friends can affect your mental health negatively. But it depends on your views on life and relationships. If you don’t like having friends and feel peaceful while alone, then it’s unlikely that you’d struggle with the effects of having no friends.

But some of the downsides of unwelcomed loneliness are:

– Depression and isolation

– Anxiety and stress

– Limited social interactions and possibly poor social skills

– Struggle to form romantic relationships

– Insecurity and lack of confidence

How to Use the Quiz Results to Your Advantage

The ‘Why Do I Have No Friends Quiz’ is designed to help you evaluate your relationships. It allows you to review your views and experiences in a novel way. You can use the results to your advantage by discovering your weak points in forming friendships and working on them. Making friends is a skill and maintaining them is a whole other story. By understanding your weaknesses, you get the chance to change for the better and build strong connections with others that improve the quality of your life in return.

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