Am I Weird? 100% Honest Quiz Reveals How Weird You Are

Do you ask yourself, “am I weird?” This honest psychological quiz reveals if you’re a weirdo or just an overthinker. Are you socially awkward or normal? Let’s find out.

Am I Weird

How to Know if You’re Weird

Commonly, socially inept individuals are called weirdo, odd, or strange. But remember, you’re NOT weird just because someone called you that way. Most people use such insulting labels to hide their own insecurities. Chances are you’re an average person who emotional abusers surround.

Note that calling someone names is verbal abuse. Victims of such cruel behaviors feel outcasted, less intelligent, or unlovable.

Disclaimer: The quiz on this page aims to help you find out why you feel weird. It’s not meant to label or judge you.

Take a Quiz to Find Out if You’re Weird

Being weird does not have a clear definition. It differs from one person/culture to another. By taking the test, you can find out if you look strange by the current standards of most societies. Your social interactions and relationships play a significant role in the results. But the test considers your overall behaviors, thoughts, and ideologies to come up with reliable answers.

3 Reasons You Ask, “Am I Weird?”

If you think about it, no one is weird because humans are all unique in their way. So, when someone wonders if they’re weird, you should look for external pressures or problems. Here’re the most common reasons people want to know if they’re unusual or not.

Someone is bullying or abusing you.

Emotional abuse is the number one reason you may ask things like, “Am I weird?” An abuser uses such terms to humiliate you and separate you from society. That way, they can have more control over you and continue their manipulation.

Please, cut ties with anyone who purposefully calls you weird or verbally abuses you. If that’s not possible, report their behavior to a trustworthy person (e.g., your teacher, doctor, police officer) and ask for help.

You have social anxiety

Another reason why you ask, “Am I weird?” is being affected by anxiety. Social interactions are a challenging part of many individuals’ lives. You may find yourself stumbling over your words or out of breath during casual conversations or interactions. And that might make you feel inept. But note that social anxiety does not make you weird. In the US only, 15 million people are struggling with this disorder. And it’s completely normal to them.

You’re overly insecure and self-conscious

Insecurity is the third common reason for people to ask, “Am I weird?” Being self-conscious and overthinking your behaviors can lead to negative self-judgment and social withdrawal. You need to know that people are preoccupied with their own lives and don’t care what you do with your life. You should not let the fear of their thoughts or opinions weird you out.

Things That Might Make You Look Weird

Every society has some generic rules to separate what’s normal from what’s not. When it comes to being weird, the majority of cultures consider the following acts unusual and inappropriate.

Abnormal eye contacts

Staring into someone’s eyes for too long or avoiding any eye contact can make you seem weird. Social interactions require a standard amount of eye contact and facial clues. So, when your speech lacks them or has them in exaggerated ways, you could be called strange.


Having no filter is another behavior that only a socially weird person has. You cannot expect others to respect your taboo, unfiltered, and inappropriate opinions. In most cases, overly frank individuals are not accepted in society, and its members weird them out.


When interacting with others, relevancy is the key to success. You cannot constantly change the topic or express unrelated opinions, expecting others to understand you. Such behavior makes others feel you’re not relatable and, therefore, weird.

Lack of empathy

You don’t have to be an empath to communicate with others. But a certain level of empathy towards others is required to avoid being socially awkward. You should show that you care about others’ feelings and thoughts to seem relatable and genuine.

Being Weird Is a Gift – Here’s Why

What if you asked, “Am I weird?” and the answer was yes? Alexander Heyne, the author of Master Your Day, believes that being weird is the secret to success. In one of his YouTube videos, he reveals three ways being an outcast can help you have a better life compared to normal people.

You think differently and innovatively

According to Alexander, innovative people have always been called weird. Think Albert Einstein or Galileo Galilei. Society is scared of innovation and tries to repeat itself to guarantee reproduction and survival. But it’s the strange ones who dare to change the old rules and try new things.

You don’t need to fit in.

Let’s assume you’re weird in the eyes of others. What’s the difference? Would matching social standards and expectations make your life better? One of the things many people regret in their adulthood is trying too hard to fit into society. However, being weird is like a pass to skip all the nonsense of human interactions and embrace yourself instead of trying to look like others.

You know how to be yourself.

One of the perks of being weird is being in touch with your true self. You refuse to roleplay to be accepted by others. And that’s a superpower. For many, finding who they are is the biggest struggle in life. But you’ve already passed that bridge successfully.


The Am I Weird Quiz is designed to help you cope with peer pressure or verbal abuse. It’s not meant to label you or judge for who you are. Please, contact us if you find any of the questions or results inappropriate, harmful, or disrespectful.

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