Quiz: What Should I Wear Today? Get 2024 Trending Ideas

Are you frustrated picking the right dress? Do you ask yourself, “What should I wear today?” Take this fashionista-level quiz to choose the best outfit for your day.

What Should I Wear Today

Quiz: Pick the Best Outfit for Your Day

You would love to open your garderobe, grab the first outfit, and wear it without worrying about how it looks on you. But that’s a far-fetched dream, and dressing up for the day is much more complicated than that. That’s why you need an understanding quiz that can suggest you daily outfits like a fashion expert.

By answering the twenty questions on this page, you allow us to develop the best-customized outfit ideas for your day. Fun fact, try it every day, and you will get a different set of suggestions.

Unlike most random outfit generators, we consider the primary aspects of choosing a dress. The test delivers accurate results only after inspecting the following factors.

How to Know What You Should Wear? (Based on 5 Factors)

To know what you should wear for the day, you need to know the occasion, body shape, mood, skin tone, and color.

#1. Determine Your Mood.

Before asking, “What should I wear today?” try thinking about how you feel. Dressing for your mood is the easiest way to pick the right outfit. What if I’m depressed and not in the mood at all, you might ask? Go with a pitch-black outfit and dark makeup. No matter what your predominant emotions are, there’s an outfit that matches your mood.

#2. Understand the Occasion.

Where are you dressing up for? Are you looking for your dream prom dress, or is it just a casual, friendly party? Picking the best outfit for your day is only possible when you know the occasion. Here’s what the experts at Henry A. Davidson say about situational dressing: “Instead of getting dressed on autopilot every day, do a little bit of planning. Look at the next day’s calendar the night before.”

#3. Consider Your Body Type.

Before thinking about “What should I wear?” you need to know what your body type is. Choosing a random outfit without considering your curves and lines might not lead to a perfect outcome. If you don’t know your body shape yet, take an online quiz or measure the crucial parts (i.e., waits, chest, thighs, and hip).

Here are some tips on what you should wear according to your shape.

  • Rectangular: You should wear dresses that define your waist. Wrap details are an excellent option for you.
  • Apple: V-shaped neck details and shift dresses make you look gorgeous.
  • Hourglass: A body-hugging outfit is your best bet.
  • Inverted triangle: Ruffles on the lower part of a dress balance your posture.
  • Pear: Off-shoulder makes your upper body look wider to equalize your proportion.

#4. Find Your Skin Tone.

You have to know what your skin tone is to select the best outfit for the day. As a rule of thumb, you should go with colors that match your tone. So, if you’re, say, warm-toned, you should wear colors like red, orange, yellow, and their varieties. If the opposite is true and you have a cool skin tone, colors like green, blue, and purple, and their variations are better options. However, if your skin is neutral, you should choose beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white.

#5. Wear Colors That Look Good on You.

Aside from “What should I wear today?” one of the common dressing questions is, “What color looks good on me?” It’s pretty crucial to know the shades that make your best features shine and catch eyes. The rule is to keep your outfit’s colors the same tone as your skin.

If you find it challenging to pick the right hues, consider wearing dresses with universal colors. These are shades that are known as the perfect balance of cool and warm tones. And they match almost every undertone and skin type.

Get Fresh Outfit Ideas in No Time

If you’re tired of scrolling down Pinterest for ideas, take the Outfit Quiz on this page. It offers updated, expert-level, practical combinations you can wear today.

How Does the Test Suggest the Dresses You Should Wear?

We know that your big question is, “What should I wear today?” To come up with relatable and accurate results for you, we consider the following elements:

Your personality. It’s impossible to suggest an outfit to a person without knowing their likes, dislikes, and characteristics. That’s why the Outfit Quiz includes a couple of personality questions to increase the accuracy of results.

Your aesthetic. Do you know what your aesthetic is? If yes, choosing the best dress for the day is much easier for you. But don’t worry if you don’t know it. The quiz identifies your aesthetic type with a couple of key questions.

Your garderobe. The most important part of suggesting dresses is knowing the person’s current dresses and outfits. Anyone can tell you wear H&M or Gucci to look good. But the question is, can you afford them? Do you have any designer pieces? Do you even like them? That’s why the Outfit Quiz looks into your garderobe before making any suggestions.

Never Think About What You Should Wear Again

If you don’t want to worry about your daily outfits, create a weekly clothing schedule. Spend a couple of hours during the weekends to write down every situation, invitation, even, and plan. Then create an outfit for each and write them down in your schedule.

This way, you already know what you should wear the whole week. Plus, it would get your creative juice going having to think about different combinations and styles for your weekly dresses.

Though, another alternative is to check this page regularly and take the test to get new ideas.

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