Quiz: What Will I look Like When I’m Older? 100% Fun

Do you overthink, “What will I look like when I’m older?” Just keep calm and take this age & appearance quiz that generates your future face.

What Will I look Like When I’m Older

What Will You Look Like When You Are Older?

If you have a healthy and nutritious diet, get enough sleep, nurture your skin, are physically active, and care for your mental health, you will look younger than your age. But if you struggle with excessive stress, eating disorders, insomnia, or addiction, chances are you’ll look older.

What’s the Older Me Quiz?

Containing 20 genetics, health, and lifestyle questions, the Older Me Quiz identifies how you will look as you get older. This includes predictions about whether you’ll age well, remain attractive, or be at risk of premature aging.

For a similar experience, use our Age Calculator. It guesses your chronological age based on your look—and several other factors.

How to Predict Your Future Look?

To guess your potential appearance, you must consider 14 aspects: sleep, diet, nutrition, physical activity, general health, mental illnesses, physical impairment, culture, life events, social support, family well-being, financial status, cognitive state, and diseases.

Generally, you will look healthy and young if the above conditions don’t affect your life negatively.

What Factors Affect Your Look?

A 2018 study, “Factors Contributing to Ageing,” revealed what speeds up senescence.


Your genes determine a considerable part of the aging process. A 2008 study (Genetic Control of Aging and Life Span) showed that genes like insulin play a significant role in your appearance as you grow older.

For more, take the hormone type quiz.


Sleep, diet, physical activities, mental wellness, and even financial status affect your look. Simply, a better lifestyle equals a younger look in the future.

Suggested: Take a quiz to discover what diet is best for you.

Mental Health

Chronic anxiety, depression, and comparable mental conditions contribute to faster aging. So, a person with an unhealthy mental state is likely to look older than their actual age.

Take a mental age test to see how you’re doing in that regard.

Physical Health

An inactive lifestyle accelerates getting old. People with little to no physical activity are prone to premature aging as well as health issues such as heart disease.


Social standards affect how you will look as you get older. What was considered “mature” or “elderly” is now viewed as “middle-aged.” In other words, the way society defines age changes so does your opinion about yourself.

A fun quiz to demonstrate that is “What Era is My Face from?” See how people of different periods would react to your face.

How to Look Better When You’re Older?

Schedule yearly checkups; cut back on alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine; get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day; reduce fast food and processed food consumption; exercise for at least 30 minutes per day (5 days a week); eat healthy foods, and drink at least 12 cups of water per day.

Will You Look Younger Than Your Parents When You’re Older?

Scientists discovered that the human race is aging slower. Today, 60 years old looks 56, 40 looks 37.5, and 20 looks 19. So, yes, you will look younger than your parents at the same age.

But that’s only true if you have a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.

Will Society Look Older?

The Administration for Community Living predicts that the US will have 21.6% more older adults by 2040. With social amenities and healthcare advancement, life expectancy will likely increase, attributing to society looking older.

Why Do People Wonder How They Will Look Like?

Ageism is a serious issue in today’s world. And many are worried about looking old—or not attractive enough—as they age because of that. Overthinking how one’s will look is trending because people are afraid of becoming victims of ageism (though it might be an unconscious fear).

Take the maturity test to see how social standards affect your views.

How Accurate Are “Older Me” Picture Generators?

Thanks to TikTok trends, the use of picture generators has increased. But how accurate are they in predicting your future look?

All the picture generator apps rely on Artificial Intelligence which creates your future look based on presented data. Because AI predicts your face based on limited information, it’s never accurate in generating a realistic image.

Use them for fun but don’t let their predictions give you anxiety. What they show is not how you’ll look like.

Ready to Meet Future You? Take the Quiz Now

The big question remains, “How will I look like when I’m older?” If that’s still bothering you, don’t hesitate to take the quiz. We have created an accurate self-report test that predicts your appearance in the next 10-20 years.

And, hey, don’t forget that health matters more than looks.

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