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Do you ask “how old am I” or “what is my age” a lot? The online age calculator tool you found on this page will help you calculate your exact age very fast. Some believe that “age is only a number.” But that won’t stop numbers from being confusing and complicated.

Think about these questions:

How old am I the day after my 31st birthday?

Is it your 17th birthday that makes you a legal adult, or is it the 18th?

How to accurately calculate the age of those who born on February 29?

Does my birthday change if I change my time zone?

How to know how many months, days, and minutes I’ve lived?

So, there are some occasions where you need to know the exact age of yours. And that’s when an online dob calculator comes in handy.

When Do You Need to Use an Age Calculator?

Some think that online dob determinators are only entertaining tools. While that’s one aspect, there are other occasions where such a device does more than fun. Here are some examples:

1. When You’re in a Hurry to Become an Adult

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 1

Let’s say next Friday is your 17th birthday. And according to the popular belief, you’re starting the 18th year of your life. So, are you officially a grownup now? Unfortunately, not.

It matters to know when exactly you are mature. That’s because most countries have age-related laws that restrict teens and juveniles. So, you can use a reliable online age calculator before assuming yourself mature. If you enter the date of birth according to your ID, the tool lets you know if you’re 18 or not.

2. When You’re Bored

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 2

Age calculators offer fun statistics about the time of your life. Several numbers make you go “wow” for sure. For instance, knowing how many seconds you’ve been alive is interesting. Each year on earth equals 525600 minutes—simple math. But what about leap years? An accurate online how old am I calculator provides you with all that information in a blink of an eye.

3. When You’re Curious

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 3

Your granny believes she’s 82 years old. But she doesn’t remember the exact date of birth of hers. Aren’t you curious to know her birthday?

Your father knows that his father passed away at the age of 62. However, he has forgotten his father’s date of death. And now, he doesn’t feel good about it.

There are two ways to help them feed your curiosity and help them: 1) do the math (aka the hard mode) and 2) using an online birthday calculator—or the one-touch method.

By entering age and current date in a calculator, you get the result as the birth date for that particular person.

Some tools also do the opposite. You enter the age and date of birth, and it calculates the time of death based on that.

4. When You Need to Prove a Point

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 4

One of the most popular age-related debates is those that include guessing others’ age by their DoB. Some say, the next day of your birthday, you are one year older than the candles you blew out. And some believe the vice versa. It only takes entering the DoB in an age calculator to see who’s right.

Is There any Exact Age Calculator? No! (Here’s Why)

Short answer: you can’t have a specific number as someone’s age. That’s because age determination includes time—which is a relevant factor.

Science Says Yes and No

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 5

If you the exact time and date of birth, you can determine the person’s actual age in your time zone. That’s the simplest way to assess the precise oldness.

But when there is no birth-related information available, scientists use other determination methods. Some of the most accurate ones are bio-inspired features, bone, and T-cell DNA analysis.

However, there’s no 100% precise way to tell how old you are. Moreover, there are two aspects of determination that affect the results—biological and chronological age.

Your chronological age might be more accurate than the biological one. The latter shows how your body has aged or resisted aging against the odds. So, it’s never a perfect number.

The Issue of the Time of Birth

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 6

Different Time Zones make it hard to come up with a perfect age number. Imagine a baby born in Australia on a Monday morning (07:00 AM). 10 years later, they move to America the day before the baby’s 10th birthday. Consider the fact that when she was born, it was still Saturday in America. That’s because Australia’s Time Zone is 14:45 minutes ahead. Now, when exactly is the kid’s 10th birthday?

This is another reason why the date of birth determination methods is not 100% accurate.

Questions That an Age Calculator Answers

– How Many Months Old Am I?

The formula is simple (your current age / 12 = months you’ve lived). However, letting an online age calculation tool do the math makes it even simpler.

– How Many Days Old Am I?

Since Leap Years contain 366 days, it’s not possible to assess the days you’ve lived with a straightforward formula. It’s one of the problems that only an online age calculator can solve.

– How Many Minutes Old Am I?

A computer or tool uses a rather complicated formula to figure out how many minutes old are you. If, however, you like to calculate it yourself, you need a formula that includes Leap Years as well.

That’s because every leap year adds 1440 min. to the overall result.

– How Old Is My Baby?

Entering the birth date in an age determination tool is enough to know how old your baby is.

[IDEA]: What’s the Most Creative Way to Use an Age Calculator?


Use the Numbers to Create Birthday Gifts

Don’t be too generic when sending birthday gifts or messages. “Happy 21st birthday” sounds boring. What about “happy 7,665th day of your life!” Using an online age calculator gives you some impressive numbers to show your creativity, especially when giving gifts or congratulating messages. Here are some more ideas for your postcard messages:

  • “You’ve been with us for 11,037,600 minutes, and we definitely need much more! happy birthday, son.”
  • “HBD, my love! You’re 12,775 days old now. You came into my life on your life’s 9,125th day. So, we’ve been together for 3,650 days. Are you ready for another three- or six-thousands day?”
  • “Hey, girl, happy birthday. You might think 17 makes you a grownup. But here’s a quick reminder: You’re only 204 months old. Lol.”

Write Your Bio in a Unique Way

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old bio descriptions on social media? Things like “32 and married,” “I’m a 45-year-old guy,” and “02/09/1995.” What if you could show the fun side of your personality, even such small details? “I’ve been on the planet Earth for 8,409,600 min.” or “People have been calling me Steve for the past 11,680 days.”

Note: the only downside is that you might want to update your bio description more frequently. But you can also use the above-mentioned type of bio for your life’s milestones—that won’t change.

Impress Your Partner (or Crush)

These are examples of how you could use such a simple piece of information to impress others, show affection, or flirt with them.

  • “It’s the 406th day that I’m in love with you, And it’s great.”
  • “Hey, did you know that you’ve been on this planet for like 8,935,200 minutes, and we only spent an hour together? Text me back. There’s a lot more about you that I need to know!”

Create Memorials of the Late Ones

Write a letter to honor your late family members and friends. Create a frame with one of their favorite quotes. Or, simply use one of their pictures with a handwritten note on how you feel about them. And to make it look perfect, add their exact date of birth along with the day they passed away. You can write it as the expected date or change it to months/days/minutes to make it enjoyable. For instance, “in honor of Jasmine, who shined on our lives for 24,455 awesome days. We miss you.”

Memorials are sensitive. You want them to be perfect as you remember the person who’s gone. So, make sure you get the numbers right. (use a precise tool).

Write Posts on Your Social Media

Your followers have no idea how many months or days you are old. But letting them know is a fun way to interact with them. You can create an Instagram Story, asking your followers what the numbers mean. You can also give them some hints using the multiple-choice option on Instagram. Here’s an example:

How old Am i - Age calculator

Generate Facts About Famous People and Share

If you have a platform to share exciting stuff with others, here’s an idea: Use an online age calculator tool and gather basic info about famous people. Then, create diagrams, social media or blog posts, and publish. You don’t have to be a blogger or own a 1-million-follower page to do that. Just find people who share the same interests with you and interact with them via these facts.

Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Create a diagram of the success rate among sportspersons by their age in minutes. Or illustrate how many minutes it took them to achieve their accomplishments.
  • Write an article about how many days famous people have lived. Combine it with a diagram of the average lifespan of famous people—in days.

Play with Numbers and Extract Statistics

How old were you when you graduated the university? How many years did it take you to buy your first car? When did you marry? When did you get your first promotion?

If you have the dates of your life’s milestones, use an online calculator in your own favor. First, let it calculate how many months, days, or minutes it took you to achieve them. Then, generate statistics and diagrams to see how successful you’ve been throughout these years. Or, how far from your goals are you.

FAQs About Online Date of Birth Calculator

1. Can I Count on It for Legal Issues?

If you enter the date of birth according to your ID, the calculated age is reliable. The law assesses your age almost with the same formula that a DoB determining tool works. If there is any legal conflict about your age, it’s best to talk to a lawyer or seek online consultants. In that case, relying on numbers you see on age determiners is not advised.

2. How Can I Determine My Pet’s Age?

If you know the DoB (or date of birth) of your pet, you can let an age calculator determine it. However, if you don’t have the DoB, you’d need professional help. There are different methods to estimate the age of animals. And most of them depend on what species your pet is. It’s always easier to estimate mammals’ age—compared to fishes.

3. How Do I Discover Someone’s Date of Birth?

Just enter their age and the current date in an online age calculator, and let it discover the date of birth for you.

4. The Age Calculator Said I’m 18. Am I Legally an Adult Now?

Yes. If you entered the asked information correctly, your official age is 18—or whatever you see on the calculator.

5. How Old Am I the Day After My 17th Birthday?

You’re 17. It’s not true that you are one year older than the birthday number the day after your birthday. So, you are not considered as an 18-year-old person until your 18th birthday.

However, using an online age calculator can help with that. If you want to make sure, enter your DoB and get the exact results in such tools.

6. At What Age Am I an Adult in the US?

According to the U.S. Justice Department, an adult is a person who’s 18 or older. However, there are still some laws that prevent you from doing certain activities. For instance, you cannot drink beverages until you’re 21. However, the age of consent in some states is as low as 16.

How Do You Categorize People by Age Determination?

Scientists, sociologists, and even archeologists employ different methods and techniques to categorize people by their age. Here the most common ones.

Method #1: Based on Lifespan

This is what we usually use in our daily life to refer to others and classify them based on their lifespan. This method includes 8 terms—explained in the table below.

Category Age
Infant (infancy) First 28 days of life
preadolescent Between early childhood and adolescence (9-14)
Childhood Between infancy and adulthood (1-18)
Adolescence The Period from puberty to legal adolescence
Early Adulthood 21-39
Middle Adulthood 40-59
Late Adulthood 60+


Method #2: Based on Numeral Data

In some fields of sociology and demography, people are categorized by their ages as numerals.

In this sense, the terms only refer to how old they are, and they’re categorized in decades.

Category Age
Denarian 10-19
Vicenarian 20-29
Tricenarian 30-39
Quadragenarian 40-49
Quinquagenarian 50-59
Sexagenarian 60-69
Septuagenarian 70-79
Octogenarian 80-89
Nonagenarian 90-99
Centenarian 100-109
Supercentenarian 110-older


Method #3: According to Archeology

In archeology, the main category contains 6 stages starting with the period before the person’s birth and ending with adolescence.

Category Age
Fetal Less than 40 weeks in the womb
Perinate Around 40 weeks in the womb
Infant 0-2
Child 3-6
Juvenile 7-12
Adolescent 13-17

What Can Your Age Tell About Your Life in the US?

When you have two vital information about a person (age and where they live), it’s not hard to have wild guesses about their lifestyle. However, here, you can find some attention-grabbing statistics based on the results of the age calculator.

Your Job

16-24: There’s a 48.8% chance that you don’t have a job. According to Statista, only 52.2 out of 100 Americans aged between 16 to 24 are currently working.

25-29: The latest studies show that you’re more likely to have a job than someone aged 45-54. Every 79.4 (almost 80) out of 100 of your peers currently have a paying job.

30-34: You are among the top 2 groups of Americans who have a job in 2020. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people who’re 30- to 34-year-old are employed.

35-44: Only 2 out of 10 Americans in this group are unemployed. People at this age are the most likely ones to be employed compared to all other groups.

45-54: This is the stage where many people get ready for retirement. However, according to the statistics, 79 out of 100 US citizens between 45 and 54 are still working.

54+: It’s highly unlikely that someone older than 54 is employed in 2020. Only 39 out of 100 citizens in this group currently have a job.

Your Salary

16-24: According to BLS, your average weekly income in 2020 is $603.

25-34: Your average weekly revenue is $902.

35-44: People of your age make $1,114 per week.

45-54: The typical weekly salary of you and your peers is $1,133.

55-64: Americans at your age make $1,093 each week.

Your Sex Life and Marital Status

18-24: only 28 out of 100 single Americans at this age have intercourse and sexual activity. That’s while 79 out of 100 married Americans have sex at this stage of their life.

25-29: According to Statista, married citizens of the US who are 25 to 29 years old have the most intercourse. The study suggests that only 26.2% of single adults at the same age have sex.

30-39: The second sexually active group is 30- to 39-year-old. The rate of sex between married ones is 90.2%. However, only 10 out of 100 single adults at this stage experience intercourse.

40-49: Almost 8 out of 10 Americans who are wedded still have sex at this point. However, the rate for single ones is only 1 out of 10 might have sexual activity.

50-59: While nearly 68% of married citizens still have sexual activity at this age, the rate for singles is as low as 5%.

60-69: 4 out of 100 single Americans at this age have sex. But the number is much higher for married individuals (around 53%).

Things You Can and Cannot Do

Age You Can Do You Cannot Do
0-16 – Consent to have sex

– Work full-time if you dropped out of school

– Drive a car

– Drink beverages

17-21 – Register to vote

– Get a driving license

– Adopt a child (over 21)

– Drink Alcohol

– Cannot vote before 18

– Cannot rent a car before 21

Age Calculator and Date of Birth Determination Key Takeaways

  • You are officially a grownup if the age calculator says you’re 18.
  • There’s no 100% accurate method to estimate your age. An online age calculator relies on your date of birth to answer, “how old are you?”
  • While it’s easy to calculate how months old you are, it takes a complicated formula to estimate how many days and minutes old you are. That’s, however, something an online age calculator handles easily.
  • The Time Zone of the place you born can make age calculation harder. That’s because some areas are ahead of the others in terms of time.
  • The age calculator gives you the exact age of yours. You can rely on it on legal occasions as well. However, that’s true when you enter the DoB correctly and according to your ID.
  • An online age calculator provides you with a date of birth and death as well as lifespan estimation. The only information you need is the age of the person and the current date.
  • You only become one year old on the anniversary of your birthday. So, you’re 21 before the 22nd birthday.
  • Age calculation can lead to legal conflicts. That’s so because there are so many restricting laws based on the stage of development.
  • In the US, you cannot drink beverages until you’re 21. However, you can consent to have sex by the age of 16.

[Fun-Fact]: Inaccurate Date of Birth Calculation Leads to Legal Conflicts

Estimating your age doesn’t seem to be a very challenging matter. However, if you look at history, there are many cases in which age determination is the key. It has also led to so many conflicts in the past years, forcing lawmakers to apply new preventing rules. Here are some of the most interesting real-world stories that illustrate the importance of age calculation.

Case #1: I Am 55 Years Old in Philippine, But 54 in the UK

In 1997, a Filipino woman wanted to prove that she’s 55 in the UK. and 54 in the Philippines. Her husband died the day before her birthday (June 26). He passed away the day before the 55th birthday of her wife.

According to law, “pension was subject to a 7% reduction” because she was younger than 55 years old. However, she claimed that when she was born in the Philippines, it was June 27 in the UK. That’s because the Time Zone is earlier in that country.

The court denied her claim, saying the date of birth is not arguable.

Case #2: I Died the Day Before My 25th Birthday

In World War 1, a soldier died the day before his 25th birthday. His father had mentioned in his will that he must be at least 25 years old to have a share of his fortune. The soldier’s family needed that money. So, they ask the court to revise the case. However, Sargant J claimed that a person becomes one year older the day preceding their birthday anniversary. So, the soldier’s family was able to have the fortune—and the soldier was accepted to be 25 years old at the time of death.

However, according to modern law, you only become one year older on the anniversary of your birth date. That is, you’re 17 the day before the 18th birthday of yours.

Case #3: I Was in the Future When You Applied the Rule

2 UK soldiers were arrested in Honk Kong. And a new law was ruled out January 1, the day they were arrested. The new rule applied to their crime, and they had to face the punishments. However, they claimed that by the time they convicted the crime in Honk Kong, the rule wasn’t applied. They did the crime at around 2 AM in Honk Kong, and the law was used several hours later at about 7 AM in the UK.

The case was dismissed as the judge said, “the law is applicable by January 1—no matter it’s January 1 in Honk Kong or in the UK.”

Case #4: I Lived for 21 Years, but I’m Still 5 Years Old

There’s a famous story that a young pirate was allowed to leave the ship only if he’s 21 years old. However, his birthday was on February 29, which happens only once every four years. So, by the time he was 21 years old, he was assumed only 5.

The case is not a significant conflict these days as the person becomes one year older on March 1.

What Do Other Cultures Think About Your Age?

Cultures have various views on age and aging. While adolescence might be praised in one culture, others might not find it an important feature. However, if you just used the age calculator, it’d be fun to know what other cultures think of you based on your lifespan.

About Kids

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 7

Mayan believed that kids are one of the most vital parts of families. And since families mattered the most, they cared about the children a lot. However, they also needed the kids to be responsible and skillful. So, starting at a very early age (around 4 or 5), Mayans asked for the children’s help and gave them responsibilities.

In modern days, however, things are much different. While most cultures still value concepts of respect, obeyance, and common sense, the way they treat kids is other. In Spain, for example, kids should engage in social activities. It’s common for them to go to bed at 10 PM and spend most of their time in family gatherings.

However, in most Asian countries, children should focus on education. Koreans, for instance, start teaching their kids as early as 2 months old! That’s while they have the longest physical relationship with their children—compared to other cultures.

Jewish parents believe that they should prepare the kids to leave them. And in the Netherlands, it’s okay to let kids avoid learning before they go to school.

About Adults

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 8

Adults in most cultures are the primary workforce. They are responsible for creating families and raising children. The authority of this group is more than others in most cultures around the world. That’s because adults form parents. And parents have more responsibilities as well as power.

The study on over 3,000 college students in over 26 cultures revealed that adults are perceived as attractive, knowledgeable, and reliable. While it shows that most cultures see adolescence as the peak of life, it also revealed that aging leads to the opposite. The rate of attractiveness, authority, and reliability decreases as you get older in most cultures.

About Elderly

Age Calculator - How Old Am I? 100% Exact And Fast 9

In most cultures, elderly people receive respect only because of their age. According to a study (Psychology Aging 2004), 3 countries pay the most respect to older adults: Uganda, Mainland China, and Iran. There’s also an interrelation between age and wisdom in most cultures. We believe elderly individuals are wise and trustworthy. According to the same study, older citizens of Russia, Estonia, and Italy are the most intelligent people—in others’ eyes.

But there are some downsides to being an elderly as well. Almost in every culture, aging is against attractiveness. The study shows that in countries like Uganda and Iran that elderly individuals receive the most respect, people find them unattractive.

The study also assesses family authority to see how others react to older members. The controlling power of the elderly family members seems to be much lesser during recent years. The only countries that still somewhat obey them are Mainland China and Malaysia.

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