Hormone Type Quiz: Let’s Reveal Your Issues 100% Accurately

This hormone type quiz analyzes your endocrine system to determine your type and imbalanced hormones. It will find any issues you may have with 20 questions.

Hormone Type Quiz

Hormone Type Quiz Explained.

It’s a series of health questions to expose any hormone disparity in your body.

Hormone imbalance occurs when the endocrine fails to produce enough hormones or overproduces certain types.

The current quiz examines the symptoms in your diet, sleep patterns, and daily routine to unveil possible hormonal malfunctions.

Discover Your Metabolic Renewal Hormone Type.

Your metabolic renewal type is the hormonal balance in relation to your menstrual cycle.

For example, during pre-menopause, your metabolic renewal is “Estrogen Fluctuating, Progesterone Deficient.”

The quiz has specific questions about your period that identify your cycle and type accordingly.

Here are the 7 metabolic renewal types:

  • Estrogen and progesterone balanced.
  • Estrogen dominant.
  • Progesterone deficient.
  • Estrogen and progesterone deficient.
  • Estrogen fluctuating, estrogen deficient. (During pre-menopause).
  • Estrogen and progesterone deficient. (During menopause).
  • Estrogen and progesterone deficient. (Post-menopause)


Improve Your Lifestyle Based on Your Type.

The results include clinical advice from doctors and nutritionists.

You may be chronically tired, moody, or irritable for no apparent reason. But with the hormone quiz, you get to know the hidden causes behind your symptoms and care for your health correspondingly.

How to Know Which Hormone Type You Are.

By analyzing the unique symptoms, you can identify which hormone type is imbalanced in your body.


Hormone Type Inadequacy Symptom
Estrogen Heavy periods
Testosterone High or low libido
Thyroid Weight gain
Cortisol Muscle weakness
Insulin Excessive thirst


Use the following guides to spot the signs:

#1. Estrogen.

Estrogen dominance is a common hormonal issue. People with this deficiency experience heavy periods and PMS, headaches, declined libido, inflating, moodiness, chronic tiredness, depression, breast sensitivity, and sudden weight gain.

#2. Testosterone.

High or low levels of testosterone cause irregularity.

Excessive testosterone is associated with acne, aggression, body hair, headaches, heart or liver problems, imbalanced blood pressure, high libido, and increased appetite.

However, low testosterone causes decreased sexual drive, erectile malfunction, loss of body hair, fatigue, and obesity.

#3. Thyroid.

According to Mayoclinic, thyroid hormone imbalance causes fatigue, constipation, hoarseness, dry skin, muscle weakness, puffy face, weight gain, and sensitivity to cold.

#4. Cortisol.

People with imbalanced cortisol hormone type experience high blood sugar (diabetes), muscle weakness in arms and thighs, face and belly weight gain, and purple marks around the stomach.

#5. Insulin.

When insulin is out of balance, you should expect thirst, hunger, frequent urination, tangling sensations on different body parts, chronic tiredness, abnormal infections, and high blood sugar.

This Hormone Type Quiz Is Gender-Inclusive.

Unfortunately, most online quizzes are female-exclusive. However, hormone imbalance is something all genders might experience.

The good news is that our hormone type quiz is gender-inclusive, and you can take it regardless of biological sex.

Ready to Get a FREE Analysis?

Answer 20 simple questions to discover what hormone type you are.

The test is 100% free, and you’ll not hit a paywall at the end. Plus, we do not require your email address to reveal the results.

We also recommend taking the metabolic test next. It examines your metabolism, which might be affecting your current hormone type.


The hormone-type quiz is not a clinical diagnosis. Do not attempt self-prescription based on the results.


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