Quiz: What Diet Is Best For Me? 100% Accurate Diet Finder

Do you want to know what diet is best for you? Take this nutrition quiz to find a plan that matches your goals whether it’s weight loss/gain or changing eating habits.

What Diet Is Best For Me

Features of a Diet That Is Best for You

A diet is best for you if it’s easy-to-follow, nutrition-rich, safe, and healthy. It should also emphasize eating vegetables and fruits while cutting back on saturated fats and red meat. Plus, it needs to be accessible and include foods that you can easily find and afford.

WW (Weight Watchers) Best diet for fast weight loss
Mayo Clinic Best diet for healthy weight loss
Mediterranean Best diet for preventing heart diseases
DASH Best diet for preventing high blood pressure
Flexitarian Best diet for a balanced meat-veggie consumption
MIND Best diet for preventing brain diseases


Find Your Ideal Diet with a Scientific Quiz

The diet finder on this page uses the latest findings on eating habits and nutrition. And it’s one of the most reliable ways of choosing a plan that suits your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

People look for diets with different goals in mind. Some need to lose weight because they feel they might be fat. Others might want to gain a couple of extra pounds because they’re underweight. And many others may only need to change their lifestyle for the better with healthier food intake.

Our quiz offers the best-customized options for all demographics and goals..

Based on the Panelists’ 2022 Ratings

US News recently published the Best Diets Overall in 2022. It lists 40 well-known plans categorized based on seven factors: safety, health, short-term and long-term weight loss, nutritional completeness, easiness, and benefits for heart diseases and diabetes.

The list is based on 27 experts’ ratings and is currently the most reliable source for choosing an efficient dietary plan.

Our editorial team uses the same ratings, scores, and standards to create a scientific diet quiz. The goal is to help you figure out which of the top plans is best for you.

Unlike other alternatives, we do not use unscientific metrics such as Metabolic Type. Instead, we focus on essential factors such as dietary goals, health conditions, daily routines, and even financial status to develop the most suitable options.

Analyzing 4 Key Factors to Determine the Best Diet for You

You want your eating habits to match your daily life as well as your goals. So, we ask you 20 questions in four different categories to fulfill your needs.

#1. Purpose or goal.

Why do you want to know which diet is best for you? Is it because you need to lose or gain weight? Do you want to sustain your current weight and just eat healthier? Or is it something else? Knowing the answers to such questions helps us find the most excellent plan for you—which will eventually help you achieve your goals.

#2. Health condition.

Knowing your health condition is crucial to determine the proper eating habits. For example, a person with an eating disorder might not be able to follow the same dietary plan as a healthy athlete.

So, some test questions focus on your current healthiness to help finetune the results.

#3. Lifestyle.

You should review your lifestyle to find an answer to things like, “What diet is best for me?” But don’t worry because the quiz does it for you. We ask simple questions that reveal your standard of living and offer diets that match it.

#4. Budget.

Based on a study by Harvard, eating healthy costs $550 more per year compared to a casual diet. Although it’s not a significant gap, it’s wise to define a budget before choosing specific plans. It’s because some dietary plans come with additional fees, such as monthly subscriptions to a particular app or even a gym.

Your Personality and Habits Affect the Results

While not a diet-personality quiz, our test takes your characteristics into account. We want to ensure that your results are reliable and helpful while matching your current lifestyle. So, we inspect some of your habits and behaviors before suggesting any plans to follow.

What Are the 5 Top Diets?

According to the US News’ recent ranking, Mediterranean Diet is #1 among other forty well-known plans, followed by DASH, Flexitarian, MIND, and May Clinic diets.

Here’s what to know about each.


The emphasis of this plan is on low red meat, sugar, and saturated fat consumption. It’s considered the best diet for most people because it has a healthy balance of various nutrition as well as undeniable benefits for the heart and brain.


It stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. And its primary goal is to prevent high blood pressure in people at risk. But it tops the diet charts because it’s also the best plan for avoiding obesity, stroke, and cardiac problems.


A term coined by Dawn Jackson Blatner, Flexitarian is a combination of two words: Flexible and Vegetarian. Its goal is to bring back meat protein to the eating habits of vegetarians while keeping it at a minimum. So, a Flexitarian would primarily consume non-meat proteins, fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy, and seasonings. But they’ll also enjoy a meal or two of meat every now and then.


A combination of two popular diets, MIND stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. It emphasizes eating foods that decrease the chance of brain or memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s. But it’s considered one of the best diets of 2022 because of its flexibility and easiness.

Mayo Clinic

You can shed 6 to 10 pounds with this modern diet. Mayo Clinic’s plan includes high-energy, low-calory foods that’ll allow you to have multiple meals/snacks per day without worrying about weight gain. It is designed to suit busy lifestyles and is also one of the healthiest plans to improve your eating habits.


Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Test

QuizExpo is not associated with any names or organizations mentioned in the diet finder quiz. The test was created independently, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Please consult a doctor or nutritionist before following any of the test’s diets.


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