Quiz: Are You Star, Moon, Or Sun? 99% Accurate Symbol Finder

The Sun Moon Star Quiz reveals which astrological symbol you are based on your personality. Are you a star, moon, or sun?

Are You Star, Moon, Or Sun

The Sun Moon Star Quiz Explained

Having 20 emotional questions, the Sun Moon Star Quiz is an astrological personality test. It reveals what type of person you are based on the similarities between you and the primary symbols in the sky: Sun, moon, and star.

According to some ancient beliefs, people are of three temperaments: Positive, negative, and melancholic, represented by sun, star, and moon symbols. The current test helps you find out which sign better describes your personality.

Symbol Feature Relationship
Sun Optimism Giver
Moon Pessimism Receiver
Star Peace Supporter


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How to Know if You’re the Sun, the Moon, or a Star

Analyzing one’s energy—or the vibe they give off—could determine if they are sun, moon, or star. These symbols imply three types of energies, with the sun being on the positive side, the moon on the negative side, and the star shifting between the two.

If you have an optimistic attitude toward life, you’re likely the sun. And if you can easily lift people with your energy or wisdom, you’re the star. But if you lack energy and are moody, you’re probably the moon.

In a relationship, the moon is on the receiver side, the sun on the giver side, and the star on the supportive end.

The Moon’s Personality Is Melancholic

In literature, the moon is a sign of ever-changing balances. It represents feminine energy, and to many, it is a symbol of mystery. But personality-wise, the moon has been associated with moodiness and melancholy. People with the moon sign have a bittersweet personality. They enjoy sadness and tragedy almost in an artistic way.

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The Sun Personality Is Cheerful

Representing new starts and generosity, the sun is a symbol of positive energy. And people with this personality type are upbeat, grateful, and kindhearted.

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The Star Personality Is Hopeful

In ancient times, stars used to show the path to travelers. As they have always been there when mortals needed them the most, they signify wisdom and hope. People with the star personality are content, righteous, and encouraging, supporting their loved ones in all aspects of life.

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Take the Test to Find Your Symbol

Do you want to know if you are a star, moon, or sun? If yes, take this quiz. The following questions reveal your astrological sign based on your personality.

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