What Type of Person am I? This 100% Accurate Quiz Reveals It

What type of person am I? If you have such questions, taking the Who Am I Quiz on this page is the best bet. Answer 20 questions to reveal your personality.

What Type of Person am I

A Party Night That Reveals What Type of Person You Are!

This is not an average personality type quiz. It takes place at a party. You encounter various events and incidents throughout the test. So, it is more of observation psychology than a self-report one. You must react to the events of the imaginary party to expose who you are.

How Does the Test Work?

The Who Am I quiz on this page has twenty questions. Each answer displays one aspect of your character. By the end of the test, your responses would give our algorithms enough data to decide what type of person you are.

Want to Know What Kind of a Person Are You?

Psychologists and anthropologists have categorized human behavior and characteristics in different ways. The most common ones are MBTI and Big Five-based groups. However, such categorizations often fall short of answering what type of person you are—since they overgeneralize your personality compared to others.

We believe that people who ask, “what type of person am I?” are looking for a more specific answer. That is why the quiz you are about to take has distinct and clear results. Below you see all the six possible ends.

The Optimist/Positive

One of the rarest personality types these days is the optimist one. So, if your test result says you are a positive person, congratulations! You are officially a gem. It is much easier to find pessimist people nowadays. And that is why you should be proud of yourself—if you are not one.

If life was a party, optimists would be the DJs. They see the bright side in everything and anything. That helps them to spread the finest type of vibe on every occasion.

However, like any other persona, being an optimist person has its ups and downs. Below you see a table of advantages and disadvantages of being such a person.




Upside Downside
Always hopeful


Spreading good vibes

Not afraid of failure

Less stress

Hidden depression




The Trendy/Show-Off

Trendy people like to be under the spotlight. They enjoy the attention. That is while they are not afraid of being bold. Such personas use fashion as a tool to display who they are and what they like. But their characteristics are deeper than that. Having a will to be the center of attention helps such people make risky but well-paying decisions.

Honestly, trendy ones are among the rarest personalities to ask, “what type of person am I?” That is because they prefer questions like, “Who I want to be?” or “who I should be?”

The following table shows some of the pros and cons of having such a persona. However, you better take the Who Am I quiz for a detailed analysis.




Upside Downside

Being goal-oriented

Being bold

Not afraid of risks

Not having many friends




The Depressed/Sad

QuizExpo has an excellent test for those who as Am I Depressed? However, another way to find out the answer is by taking the questionary on this page. Unhappy personality is the most common type you could find among the young. But the question is, “are you one of them?”

The thing about the What Type of Person am I quiz is that it is observation-oriented. So, your personal opinions about your feelings do not affect the outcome.

That is an essential feature when it comes to discovering the depressed ones. Such personas might be good at hiding their feelings unintentionally. So, their self-report might not be a proper source for personality analysis.

Most people believe that there is nothing positive about depression—and they are not wrong. However, some suggest that you can see the bright side in everything, even in unhappiness. See the following table for a better understanding.





Upside Downside
Seeking deeper meanings

Thinking about the point of living


Lack of energy





Note: QuizExpo suggests taking an Anxiety Test if your current results say you are depressed. Studies show that people with such mental disorders are more likely to go through high levels of stress or GAD.

The Energetic/Lively

Similar to optimist personalities, lively ones want to see the bright side. However, they use it as fuel or energy to live. We are talking about those who never seem to be tired. Energetic personas are usually among the most popular people in the eyes of others. That is because they help everyone around them feel more enthusiastic and active.

The harsh truth about energetic personas is that they are prone to be manipulated and used. Some other personality types consume such people’s energy to the point that they become lethargic.

The following table shows the pros and cons of being a lively person.





Upside Downside

Positive vibes




Manipulated by others

Possible anxiety disorder

Feeling lonely


The Know-It-All/Genius

It is quite rare for a genius kind of persona to ask, “what type of person am I?” That is because they know it all. Smartypants are not popular among other characters. And that is primarily because such people seem to be talking down to everybody.

But that is not necessarily true. One of the best things about this type of personality is the wisdom they bring to the group. These people are clever and knowledgeable. So, you might want to hear them out more often—if you would like to have some reliable pieces of advice once in a while.

Everyone needs a clever friend. But genius ones usually feel alone. So, there is also that. Here are the upsides and downsides of being a know-it-all type of person.





Upside Downside





Not social

Constantly feeling lonely



The Serious/Tough

This is probably the most neutral result you could get from a What Type of Person Am I quiz. Serious personas do not like to joke around when it comes to important topics. That is why they make excellent leaders and managers. Some believe that the mature you get, the more serious you become. However, that might not be an accurate assumption. You could be a funny and humorous person while being more mature than anybody around you.

One of the main cons of having a serious-minded persona is the pressure you would feel to hide your weaknesses. However, the following table explains the ups and downs of being such a person in detail.




Upside Downside


Good leader

Fewer emotion explosions






What Type of Person Am I Attracted to?

Your persona reveals so many things about who you are. For instance, it shows what kind of characters would like to date you—or be attracted to you. While predicting such stuff is only a wild guess, we created a graph that could show the best match for your personality.

Note that you have to take the What Type of Person Am I quiz in advance. Otherwise, the following information will not help you much.

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