Bittersweet Quiz. Reveal Your Sensitiveness 100% Honestly

Are you bittersweet or sanguine? Take the Bittersweet Quiz to assess your soul’s sensitiveness with just 15 simple personality questions.

Bittersweet Quiz

What Is the Bittersweet Quiz?

Inspired by the titular book of Susan Cain, the Bittersweet Quiz is a personality test that reveals how artistic you are. It is made up of fifteen emotional questions that determine how sensitive your soul might be.

With the current test, you find out if your soul is bittersweet, meaning it sees the beauty in imperfection.

State of Mind Characteristics
Bittersweet Inspired by longing and nostalgia.
Sanguine Energized by cheerfulness and hope.
Balanced Bounces between bittersweetness and sanguinity

What Does It Mean to Be Bittersweet?

Bittersweetness is the state of appreciating life through longing, grief, and nostalgia. The term was popularized by Susan Cain, the author of Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole.

How to Know if You’re Bittersweet or Sanguine?

If you’re an old soul energized by the beauty in nostalgia, you are bittersweet. But if you’re a young soul motivated by hope, you are sanguine.

Some describe bittersweetness as an artistic melancholy, the shock-receiving capacity vital to create. But it’s also described as the place where light and dark meet—a tranquil state of mind that greets both the positive and negative.

But there’s also an in-between stage, where the bittersweetness and sanguinity are equal. Such a balanced state belongs to people who equally enjoy the beauty in sorrow and the joy in optimism.


Ready to See How Sensitive Your Soul Is?

Everyone has a unique way of taking in the joy of life. While some find happiness in laughter and dance, others look for it in peace of mind, quietness, and even sadness. But the question is, what’s your way?

Are you bittersweet, one who absorbs the painful joy in poignancy, or are you sanguine, one who appreciates the sheer excitement in loving the moment?

Take the Bittersweet Quiz to find out how sensitive you are and how you welcome bliss in your life.


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