Quiz: What Vibe Do I Give Off? 100% Honest Answer

Do you wonder, what vibe do I give off? This personality quiz identifies your energy type in no time. Find out if you give off good, bad, creepy, chill, or other vibes.

What Vibe Do I Give Off

Wait a Minute; What’s Vibe?

It’s the abbreviated form of vibration. ‘vibe’ refers to a person’s energy or aura in everyday use. People can sense your vibe through body language, words, or appearance. Vibes can be both positive and negative, depending on how they affect the receiver.

  • To vibe with

If someone vibes with someone or something, they click. For example, vibing with a specific type of music means you love that genre so much. (The same can be said about people or places you like, too).

  • Being a vibe

It’s likable when something, someone, or somewhere is a vibe. If people think you are a vibe, it means they believe you are attractive, cool, and friendly.

  • Vibe check

The term ‘vibe check’ is used when you want to assess something or someone’s likability. If the subject passes the test, it’s desirable, lovely, or cool.

This Quiz Exposes the Answer to What Vibe Do I Give Off!

How do others perceive your energy when you’re around? Do you make them feel uncomfortable? Or is it more like you lift their mood? It’s challenging to answer such questions. But the quiz on this page can help with that.

By answering all the 20 questions, you have the chance to analyze your vibe and aura. Plus, you’ll receive additional info about your personality and mood. Here’s a list of things you learn by participating in the test:

Understand your vibe type.

You may give off positive, negative, or neutral vibes. The cool thing about the test is that it identifies your energy type accurately. Do you want to know how your mood affects others around you? If yes, taking the quiz is your best bet.

Examples of negative vibes:

– Creepy.

– Aggressive.

– Depressive.

Examples of positive vibes:

– Friendly.

– Saccharine.

– Cool.

Examples of neutral vibes:

– Chill.

– Serious.

Find out the reason behind it.

Don’t you want to know why people have a particular vibe around you? The quiz reveals the reason behind your match. It specifically comes in handy when the test believes you give off negative energy. Knowing the reason can help you change your behavior or ask a couple of friends to agree with the results.

Get to know how your vibe affects others.

Knowing what vibe you give off is another when you know how others interpret it. The quiz gives a brief (but informative) breakdown of how your aura changes people’s opinions about you. Knowing that about yourself might not be easy. But it helps you improve your social interactions.

Discover your vibe’s color.

It’s like finding out what color your soul is. The results let you know what shade your vibe is based on the psychology of colors. It has never been done before, and you cannot find such information on any other online quizzes. (So, feel free to let us know how you think about your vibe color in the comments).

Things to Know Before Taking the Vibe Quiz

Our editors worked hard to create the most accurate Vibe Check Test on the internet. But they also wanted you to know these things before reading the results.

What you give off is what you take back.

One easy way to discover your vibe is by analyzing the energy you sense. Most people believe that those who constantly receive negative vibrations from others are the ones who pass negative energy—and vice versa.

There are other ways to find out what vibe you give off.

You can ask your friend about your energy. Or you can use tarot cards to discover what vibe you pass on. It’s a standard way to identify your aura type. But it’s not as accurate as a genuine personality test—like the one on this page.

What if the Test Said You Give Off a Negative Vibe?

It’s fine. Vibes are not stationary. It might be because of your current mood or something. But you can do something about it. Below we have six tactics to pass on positive energy if that’s what you want.

Actionable techniques to boost your good vibe:

#1. Complain less.

Being a Debbie Downer hurts everyone’s mood. And if you’re the one who’s constantly whining about everything, you’re also the one who’s giving off negative vibes. So, try being a bit optimistic. You don’t need to lie or fake any emotions. It’s just that you can see the bright side more often.

#2. Think positively.

One of the reasons you give off negative vibes is you think about unwanted stuff. People can sense it when someone has such thoughts. So, if you want to pass on positivity, start from your imagination. Seeing the best in everything is a skill that you can achieve by practicing.

#3. Smile and make eye contact.

If you want to know what mood you give off, just look at your pictures. Do you usually smile at the camera or frown? Generally, smiling people (not the creepy ones) pass on likable energy. It’s easy for others to trust you when you laugh and have open body language.

#4. Don’t make everything about yourself.

Selfishness is the number one reason people give off negative vibes. If you want to stop it, take an interest in others. Ask about their feelings and listen to them. The worst thing you can do is give hour-long speeches about yourself and never care about others’ lives or emotions.

#5. Be empathetic and considerate.

People want to know that you’re aware of social situations. Being an unempathetic person means you cannot tell what’s wrong or what needs to be done on such occasions. Ensure you ask others about their thoughts and opinions and don’t ignore them. It’s also a good idea to look for clues or directly ask others about their thoughts so you can adjust your behavior accordingly.

#6. Be authentic.

You cannot give off positive vibes by pretending to be cool or nice. It’s pretty easy to distinguish between fake and natural energy. So, be authentic and find the most suitable way to express your emotions instead of hiding them.


The ‘What Vibe You Give Off Quiz’ is not meant to label you. It’s only a fun way to see how others might interpret your energy. So, please take the results lightly. And enjoy.

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