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Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun

Which TF2 Character Are You

Find out your TF2 character look-alike with this RED vs. BLU personality quiz. Are you a Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Scout, or a completely unexpected class?

The TF2 Character Quiz Explained

As a personality analyzer, the TF2 Quiz matches your traits with one of the game’s mercenaries.

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter game by Valve Corporation. It was first launched in 2007 but has since remained one of the most popular multiplayer games on PC.

Using the test on this page, you get to meet your counterpart from the franchise and see which class matches you perfectly.

As an OG TF2 fan, I’ve amassed an extensive list of Mercs that you might resonate with. The best part? They’re sorted based on MBTI so that your results are guaranteed to be accurate.

Here’s a sneak peek of your possible doppelgangers:

Character MBTI
Scout ESTP
Sniper ISTJ
Engineer ISTP
Soldier ENFP
Heavy ISFP
Medic ENTP


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Which RED or BLU Merc Are You?

Remember RED & BLU unions, right? You ought to fit in one of these groups as the TF2 Quiz works similarly to the game: You’re either a part of Reliable Excavation & Demolition or a member of Builders League United.

For those looking to find their kin manually—like an old-school gamer—here’s a quick list of personality descriptions. These are Mercs with the highest pick rates that you’re likelier to match.

Mr. Ludwig (Medic)

Ludwig is an unconventional, slightly sadistic, and undeniably immoral doctor in the game. He has the role of a support, which contrasts with his lack of compassion for the living. However, due to his gameplay effectiveness, most teams want him in the lobby.

Tavish DeGroot (Demoman)

Casually known as Demo, Tavish is the explosion expert in Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Personality-wise, he is reckless, impulsive, and rather short-tempered. But he’s also a loyal companion willing to sacrifice his life for his loved ones.

The Pyro

Reminiscing Bloodhound from Apex Legends, The Pyro is an obsessive, nonconforming, and enigmatic Mercenary. Not much is known about their backstory or even personal life, but The Pyro’s chaotic vibes have always matched TF2’s gameplay style.

It goes without saying that many players, myself included, often choose The Pyro as their initial main character. So, there is a heightened sense of acceptance and validation towards the Pyro, largely due to the nostalgia surrounding this class.

Dell Conagher

Perhaps the least eccentric character in the game, Dell Conagher, is an Engineer with a knack for innovative gadgets. His personality can be described as practical, humble, and hardworking, making him one of the few normies in Valve’s universe.

Team Fortress 2 Comic Characters Included!

The good news for fans is that I’ve dug up the TF comics to collect ideal characters for this quiz. Honestly, I was mostly interested in finding female Mercs since the main game has none. But the outcome is solid anyway—I’m sure there’s at least one matching Merc for each player.

So, yeah, by the end of this Team Fortress 2 Test, you might get the attractive Zhanna, the cute Miss Pauling, or even the annoying Olivia Mann.

Find Your TF2 Match Today

I can hear you screaming: WHO’S MY TEAM FORTRESS 2 CHARACTER?! But hey, chill. You just need to press the start button, answer 20 Valve-universe-inspired questions, and meet your in-game counterpart.

Also, if you’re into FPS multiplayer, why don’t you try my “Valorant Character Quiz” next? It’s a fun way to pick your main for that game as well.

With that being said, let’s get back to business and expose your TF2 character. 🔥💣


QuizExpo does not own the images used in this quiz and intends no copyright infringement. Valve Corporation owns all the said pictures.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one’s your favorite play style?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 1
    • Tactical

    • Defensive

    • Impulsive

    • Aggressive

    • Stealthy

  • 2
    What type of weapons are you a fan of?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 2
    • Realistic

    • Big ones

    • I’m more of an explosive person

    • Exotic and weird ones

    • Deadliest ones

  • 3
    What game modes do you excel in?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 3
    • Control Point

    • Robot Destruction

    • Capture the Flag

    • Payload Race

    • Mannpower

  • 4
    How many years have you played TF2 for?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 4
    • Less than a year

    • About two years

    • Three to four years

    • I’ve been playing it since its launch

    • I don’t even remember

  • 5
    Which one better describes your team leadership style?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 5
    • Cooperative

    • Strict

    • Spontaneous

    • Aggressive

    • Quiet (thoughtful)

  • 6
    Are you a chatty Team Fortress 2 player?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 6
    • Yes, I enjoy talking with my teammates

    • Not really, but it depends on the lobby that I’m in

    • I use chat options to taunt my opponents

    • I just harass my team when they’re a bunch of noobs

    • No, I’ve never chatted with anyone

  • 7
    What class is your jam in most FPS games?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 7
    • Defense

    • Stealth

    • Tank

    • Support

    • Attack

  • 8
    What’s your opinion about Call of Duty?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 8
    • I like it

    • Meh, it’s overrated

    • I used to like it, but not anymore

    • Worst game ever

    • Have never played it

  • 9
    What type of TF2 character would you date?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 9
    • Cute

    • Confident

    • Funny

    • Famous

    • Strange

  • 10
    Are you a fan of Team Fortress 2 comics? Why?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 10
    • Yes, the lore is quite in-depth and fun

    • Kind of; I like the comic characters

    • Not really, I don’t like reading

    • Nope, I don’t have time for that

    • Comics? WTF are you talking about?

  • 11
    Which strategy would you say works best in TF2?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 11
    • Tactical counterattack

    • Tactical defense

    • Team fight

    • All-out attack (chaos)

    • Stealth attacks

  • 12
    What games do you usually play?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 12
    • TPS or sports games

    • Life simulators

    • FPS

    • Horror

    • I don’t play any games other than TF2

  • 13
    What would you say to a TF2 hater?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 13
    • You don’t have to love it

    • I respect your stupid opinion, I guess

    • This game is not made for kids like you

    • STFU already

    • I’d just stare into their eyes

  • 14
    Why are you still playing a 15-year-old game?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 14
    • Well, a bit of nostalgia never killed nobody

    • I wanted to try out something different

    • ‘cause modern video games suck

    • I enjoy demolishing these noobs

    • I don’t have any other games

  • 15
    What could make Team Fortress 2 better?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 15
    • More classes or better graphics

    • More in-game lore

    • More weapons

    • Microtransactions

    • Nothing. It’s already perfect

  • 16
    How often do you rage-quit TF2?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 16
    • I’ve never done that

    • Rarely

    • Once in a while

    • Every day

    • I’m the reason others rage quit

  • 17
    What kind of teammates drive you crazy?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 17
    • Rude

    • Pushy

    • Coward

    • Nice

    • Talkative

  • 18
    What do you think of TF2 cheaters?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 18
    • They don’t deserve to enjoy this game

    • They’re a bunch of loser incels

    • I hate all of them

    • I’m one of them

    • I kind of like them in my lobbies

  • 19
    Pick a game that you’d swap with Team Fortress 2 if you had to.
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 19
    • PUBG

    • Fortnite

    • Warzone 2

    • Paladins

    • I’d rather die

  • 20
    Final question: Which word better describes your controller (or mouse/keyboard)?
    Quiz: Which TF2 Character Are You? 100% Fun 20
    • Functional

    • Sexy

    • Dead

    • Expensive

    • Zombie

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