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What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz

What Game Should I Play

Do you ask, “What game should I play?” This game quiz analyzes your playstyle, budget, and favorite genre to suggest a list of trending titles you should try.

A Gamer Quiz to Decide What to Play Right Now

It’s a thing; sometimes, you cannot pick a game to play despite their tone. (Maybe we should call it gamer block or something). However, with a genuine quiz, you can break the cycle and find out what game could make you feel good right now.

QuizExpo is home to dozens of gaming quizzes. But this one is special. With the help of pro gamers in the team, we created the most accurate test that offers a customized list of hottest titles based on your preferences.

How the Test Works

The quiz is a series of questions about the most important factors of choosing the right title. It’s designed for players who ask things like, “What game should I play?” And it works based on the participants’ likes and dislikes.

Here are the main criteria of the questionnaire:

Budget analysis

Money is always a concern. So, when someone asks, “What video game should I play?” it’s crucial to know the budget before suggesting any titles. That’s why the quiz figures out your financial status in advance. We have several questions about the amount of money you spend on new games. Plus, we’d like to know your opinion about the price tags and the overall gaming expenses.

Free time estimation

Not everyone has the privilege to spend the whole day playing fun games. Some of you might have 9-to-5 jobs or other things to do. So, we do consider your schedule when you ask, “What should I play?” The lists in the results are tailored and customized according to your free time and playstyle so you can truly enjoy them. Most other online quizzes ask irrelevant questions and throw a bunch of random games at you in the end. But we never do that.

Favorite genre determination

It’s like asking, “What anime should I watch?” The options are endless! The gaming industry is thriving, and you can find thousands of new titles on all platforms each year. So, we do our best to determine your favorite genre and narrow down the options. It’s the best way to finetune the results and leave you with an actual playable list of games.

Understanding your gaming device

It’s crucial to know what platform you use for gaming. Unlike other tests that don’t even care, we ask specific questions to know what type of gamer you are.

  • PC: According to PlayToday, 38% of Americans are PC gamers. That’s why we created a giant list of the best PC games to play right now.
  • Console: As pointed out on Statista, “North America accounted for over 106 million console gaming users.” So, we made sure that you get a list of solid games to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and all other consoles.
  • Mobile: With the rise of mobile games, even people who don’t own a PC or console ask, “What game should I play?” So, we added the hottest titles of Android and iOS to our quiz to help mobile gamers.
  • Other: If you’re not on any of the mentioned devices, we still got you covered. You’d be surprised to see that we have an amazing list for non-gamers who want to play something to kill some time or enjoy their vacation.

3 Ways for Deciding What Games You Should Play

Yes, it’s irritating when you cannot decide what game you should try. But there are a couple of smart ways to deal with boredom and confusion. See below.

#1. Go with the gaming trends.

Instead of asking, “What game should I play?” look for the titles with which players are currently vibing. There’s a significant chance you’d like at least one of the trending games and hop on it. Think of it this way; there’s got to be a reason why so many gamers are playing a specific title.

Trending video games Rank
Call of Duty: Vanguard 1
Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War 2
Madden NFL 22 3
Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond 4
Battlefield 2042 5


#2. Play editorial choices.

Another smart method is letting the industries gurus suggest games to play. Every month, top gaming websites and magazines reveal their editorial picks. So, you can use their lists to create your own wish list and try new games. IGN, for example, reviews all the hot games on consoles, PC, and mobile and rates them on a scale of 0 to 10. Simply skim through their reviews and select the top-ranked ones to play—you’ll not regret it.

#3. Get a gaming subscription and try something completely new.

One of the reasons gamers ask, “What should I play?” is having an outdated library of games. However, new gaming subscriptions like Game Pass Ultimate or PlayStation Collection offer you a huge list of free games for a low monthly price. You can get one of them for yourself and try random fun games without worrying about the money you spend on them—because you’ll download them for free.

Or Take an Online Quiz Like the One Here

If none of the above methods worked, you could still take our quiz. It’s designed explicitly for bored gamers who ask things like, “What game should I play?” The questions are simple and entertaining, and the results are as precise and customized as possible. Just give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Get a List of Suggested Games, Not Just One!

The problem with other online quizzes is that they ask you a bunch of questions and then suggest one freaking random game. But that’s not what we do here. After analyzing all the factors about you, we create a custom list of the best games that we think you should play right now. It increases your chance to find a genuine title that you’d like to try and help us keep the participants satisfied.


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Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Which one sounds like a video game genre that you’d never enjoy?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 1
    • Multiplayer shooters

    • Mini-games

    • Single-player campaigns

    • Indi games

  • Question 2

    Which of these games are you familiar with?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 2
    • Clash of Clans

    • Halo

    • The Last of Us

    • Dota and Warcraft

  • Question 3

    When do you usually want to play video games?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 3
    • During the breaks at work

    • When I’m home after work/school

    • When the gang is online

    • All-day long

  • Question 4

    How many hours a day do you spend gaming?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 4
    • Less than an hour

    • 2-3 hours

    • 4-5 hours

    • 6 hours or more

  • Question 5

    Which one describes your work schedule better?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 5
    • I work a 9-to-5 job

    • I’m a freelancer

    • I have my own business

    • I don’t work (or none of the above)

  • Question 6

    How much do you want to spend on buying new games?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 6
    • I like free games

    • Less than $50

    • Less than $20

    • Up to $70

  • Question 7

    What’s the highest amount of money you’ve to spend on one single game?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 7
    • I don’t pay for games

    • About $70

    • About $50

    • About $90

  • Question 8

    What’s your main device for playing video games?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 8
    • My cell phone

    • My PC

    • My Xbox or Nintendo

    • My PlayStation

  • Question 9

    Think about the latest video game you played. What was its genre?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 9
    • Strategic

    • Online multiplayer

    • Sports

    • Third-person shooter (or none of the above)

  • Question 10

    How do you want to feel when playing a new video game?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 10
    • Calm and relaxed

    • I want to feel like a professional gamer

    • I would like to feel excited and surprised

    • I’d like to feel like I’m hanging out with friends IRL.

  • Question 11

    Which one describes your playstyle better?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 11
    • I just play for fun

    • I like to have specific strategies

    • I like to try new things while playing

    • I play like a pro gamer

  • Question 12

    Do you enjoy multiplayer games or solo campaign-based games?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 12
    • None. I prefer arcade games

    • I like both

    • I like solo campaigns

    • I prefer multiplayer games

  • Question 13

    What’s your favorite controller or gamepad?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 13
    • Touchpads

    • Mouse and keyboard

    • Xbox controller

    • PlayStation controller

  • Question 14

    How long ago did you purchase a new video game?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 14
    • A long time ago.

    • It was on the last year’s Black Friday.

    • It was a couple of months ago

    • It was a week or two ago

  • Question 15

    Why are you looking for a new game to play?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 15
    • I want to get into gaming.

    • I need a hobby in my free time

    • I’m tired of playing the same games

    • I’ve played every game possible and need something new.

  • Question 16

    How do you feel about the classic and nostalgic games?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 16
    • I love them

    • Some of them are cool

    • I’d like to try them

    • I don’t like them

  • Question 17

    How many gamer friends do you have? (Yes, it matters).

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 17
    • None

    • 1 or 2

    • 3 or 4

    • Five or more

  • Question 18

    Which one describes a video game that’s worthy of buying?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 18
    • Fun and easy-to-play

    • Elite and non-mainstream

    • Something cheap but high-end

    • A game that everyone else is playing right now

  • Question 19

    Do you follow all the news about the video game industry?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 19
    • Not at all

    • Only if something important happens

    • I’ve been into gaming news only recently

    • Yes, I’ve always followed the news like a pro

  • Question 20

    Final question; how old are you?

    What Game Should I Play? 2022 Updated Quiz 20
    • 30 or older

    • 25-29

    • 18-24

    • 17 or younger

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