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100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You?

Normie Test

Find out how basic or cool you are with this Normie Test. We dare you to take this 20-questions quiz that calls out normies with 98.74% accuracy. (No cap).

Who Is a Normie?

In the online social culture, you are considered a normie if you adhere to standard media and confirm beliefs projected onto the mainstream, and you go out of your way to be or look trendy.

Term Definition
Normie Someone who goes out of their way to seem trendy.
Local A basic person who lives in your area.
Cheugy An individual with an outdated and lame taste.


What Is a Normie Test?

It’s a series of 20 questions about preferences, style, sense of humor, personality, and social media to expose normies. It basically identifies how rare you are based on your responses.

The test’s premise is similar to that of our trending Basicness Quiz. But it covers a broader spectrum, including normiehood, localness, cheugyhood, and even Sub-5 and Incel culture.

Other Normie Tests Are Normie AF

The problem with other quizzes is that they’re exhaustingly boring. All they offer is a bunch of stupid yes-no questions that any Chad or Stacy could come up with while mindlessly scrolling Instagram feed in the toilet.

The most famous test claims to have had over a million participants so far. Yet, it asks you things like, “ArE yOu DEprEsseD?” (They’ve obviously put a normie in charge of the questions).

What bothers us the most about other Normie Tests is their lack of humor. It’s like you’re taking an MBTI questionnaire made by an ex-navy seal who writes self-improvement books in his spare time and tweets motivational quotes every morning.

We’re the Cool Ones, Though

Not to brag, but we’re not trying to feed you the same overly boring stuff. Our Normie Test is actually fun and accurate. The questions will leave a smile on your face—and if they don’t, we’ll fire our editor-in-chief or quit making online quizzes altogether.

Our questionnaire is designed to identify if you’re cool, normie, or cheugy. And here’s what to know about each.

Are you cool, too?

Scientifically speaking, cool people are individuals who enjoy self-referential humor. But according to the internet definition, they’re just self-aware losers who hate everything about life—except for memes. And they’re the ones who get to call others normies.

What if you’re a local?

Locals are actually normies who reside in your area. They don’t have a unique taste in arts or style and have committed the crime of liking mainstream stuff at least once in their lifetime.

Are you sure you’re not a cheugy?

Our Normie Test is able to call out cheugy people: those who love the opposite of what’s trending and have outdated or old-fashioned aesthetics.

3 Must-Have Features of a Genuine Normie Test

You want to create an unpredictable, funny, and educational quiz. Your Normie Test should appeal to cool people and set smart traps for the locals and cheugy ones.

#1. Randomness

If a Normie Test starts with, “Do you want to be in society?” it’s garbage. You don’t even need to see the rest of the questions. A true quiz is super-random and full of traps. It has to make you feel welcomed but viciously wait for your wrong answers to put you on the normie list.

#2. Humor

What’s the whole point of taking a Normie Test if it’s going to sound like your PE teacher giving a 3-hour lecture on the importance of exercise? The cool ones should make a genuine quiz and make you laugh—or at least cry—about your personality.

#3. Culture

Aren’t you tired of the Normie Tests that the boomers and depressed millennials make? A genuine quiz should be made by 4chan experts who’re cultured by the profound knowledge of UrbanDictionary. (Like the ones we’re working with).

How to Tell If You’re a Normie?

You are a normie if you retweet deep quotes, can’t stop talking about your love for pizza, usually post pictures of your Starbucks coffee on IG, and use #mood or tweet about mainstream Netflix shows. So, being a normie is similar to being a basic bit**. Although, it’s not quite the same.

Normiehood vs. Basicness

Although the two terms are used interchangeably, they’re different. When you call someone basic, you mean they love commercially feminine or masculine stuff. But with normie, you want to point out that the person belongs to a larger group of people you don’t relate to.

For instance, you can call people who like K-Pop and anime normies as long as you don’t share the same interests with them.

Let’s Get Deep: The Paradox of Superiority

Megan Collins, a cultural analyst at Cultique, says, “A cultural curve is a curve that on the left you have things like residual, which are passe or no longer cool. Then, in the middle, you have dominant, which are ideas or artifacts in a culture that are mainstream or popular. Finally, on the right, you have emergent things. These are up-and-coming ideas and trends.

She adds, “We can use this curve to map everything in culture. Typically, we look at larger scale paradigm shifts, but we can also use it for smaller trends. So, you can think of emerging as cool, dominant as basic/normie, and residual as cheugy.”

Philosophically speaking, one person’s normie is another non-normie or cool. So, you need to beware of the paradox of superiority before taking the Normie Test. In theory, people seek validation by relating to certain groups or ideologies. So, they might start name-calling or creating labels to distinguish their group from others.

When you call someone a normie, you’re actually trying to distance yourself from their beliefs while getting closer to another belief system—which you think is superior. But it’s a two-way relationship and the labels you use also help the opposing group distinguish themselves from you. So, in other words, you’re going to be the normie in their lives.

Why Do People Take a Normie Test?

“The real reason why many of us are inclined to use the word normie to describe people that don’t fit into a particular worldview or circle is that it gives us a sense of comfort.” People google Normie Tests because they want to ensure they belong to the right group.

So, the whole idea is based on an in-group/out-group dynamic that rewards individuals who fit in a particular category and punish the rest for being different.

Disclaimer: Chill Out

We want you to know that the Normie Test on this page is made for entertainment purposes. We, as QuizExpo, are against any discrimination and favoritism. Please, take the results lightly and feel free to contact us if you find anything about the quiz to be offensive or inappropriate.

Now, enjoy the test.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    You know that John Xina and the Wock are some of the coolest internet personalities of our time, right?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 1
    • I don’t know who they are

    • I don’t think so

    • Yeah, sure

    • That’s a lame question

  • 2
    Your friend’s every other sentence starts with “finna.” What is your reaction as a reliable, true friend?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 2
    • I ask them what it means

    • I pretend that it’s not bothering me

    • I give them a lesson to never do that again

    • I don’t get the question

  • 3
    Few things on the internet can stack up to Kahoot’s humor. Do you agree?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 3
    • I don’t know what that is

    • Meh, not really

    • Yes, I totally agree

    • Kahoot is lame AF

  • 4
    Do you know what TCU stands for? Hint: it’s similar to MCU. (Or, is it?)
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 4
    • Texas Christian University

    • Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe

    • The Celibate Unity

    • Who even cares?

  • 5
    What’s a motivational quote that you want to hear first thing in the morning?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 5
    • When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go.

    • Nothing is impossible.

    • Jo Momma loved the D.

    • I hate motivational quotes.

  • 6
    Dr. Phil is much cooler than Drake. What do you say?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 6
    • Who are they?

    • Um, I don’t think so.

    • Hell yeah.

    • Another lame question.

  • 7
    How’d you feel if your favorite singer’s song topped the Billboard charts?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 7
    • Nothing specific

    • I’d feel happy and excited

    • I’d feel bad because it would ruin the artist

    • I’d never listened to that artist again.

  • 8
    Fill in the blank. Dark humor is _________ of our time.
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 8
    • The problem

    • The overrated humor type

    • The most important invention

    • The lamest part

  • 9
    How do you feel about people who wake up early in the morning and head to work with no complaints?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 9
    • I admire them

    • I’m one of them

    • I don’t think such people exist

    • I despise them

  • 10
    How to remember your best friend’s birthday?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 10
    • Facebook

    • Reminders on my phone

    • I know them by heart

    • IDC about their birthdays

  • 11
    Which one describes you at a genuinely cool and fun party?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 11
    • Enjoying my time

    • Trying to make new friends

    • Doing crazy sh**

    • Minding my own business

  • 12
    Imagine you get high with a random person in an abandoned building. (I know). Which one sounds like a cool topic to talk about with them?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 12
    • Our personal lives

    • Our plans for the future

    • Aliens’ daily life

    • I wouldn’t talk to a stranger

  • 13
    Let’s get real, though. Why does Taylor Swift have so many boyfriends?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 13
    • Who is she?

    • I’d rather mind my own business.

    • She loves the D. (And D stands for Drama).

    • No one can handle her.

  • 14
    Give us your honest opinion by filling in the blank. Boomers are absolutely ____________.
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 14
    • Adorable

    • Underrated

    • Overrated

    • Freaky

  • 15
    A pothead old man handed you a time machine, and it actually works. What’s the first thing you do with it?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 15
    • Visit my late loved ones

    • Go to the future

    • Use it to go back in time and by Tesla stocks

    • Meh, I don’t know.

  • 16
    The internet has been too cruel to Chads and Stacies. Don’t you agree?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 16
    • Who are they?

    • Yeah, I agree

    • Fu** NO

    • Who even cares?

  • 17
    Your bestie tweeted, “OMG, Euphoria is the greatest show ever. #Zendaya.” How do you react?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 17
    • I don’t get the question

    • I like their tweet

    • I block them

    • I reply and roast them

  • 18
    What’s your honest opinion about BTS or K-Pop in general?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 18
    • I don’t know anything about them

    • I like them

    • I think they’re overrated

    • I don’t like people who like them

  • 19
    Do you know your aesthetic?
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 19
    • No, what’s that?

    • Yes, of course, I do.

    • Not mine, but I know my crush’s aesthetic.

    • Aesthetics are the lamest sh** ever.

  • 20
    Final question; which one’s an interesting topic for debate? (
    100% Honest Normie Test: How Normie Are You? 20
    • How can one become a better person in life?

    • What’s the best side-hustle in your 20s?

    • If baguettes could move, how would they move?

    • I don’t like debates. So, none of them.

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