Fun Retro Games Quiz. Just Real Retrogamers Score 80%

The Retro Games Quiz determines how well you know classic games. It’s a fun trivia test about the famous 80s and 90s video games.

Retro Games Quiz

Retro Games Quiz Explained

The Retro Games Quiz is a 20-question trivia test that tries your retrogaming knowledge. It reveals how well you know the 80s and 90s video games.

Retro games are classic titles of first- to fourth-generation gaming consoles (that is, video games released from 1987 to 1993).

The current test quizzes your knowledge of the topic with three types of questions:

·       Retrogaming history.

The history of old-school games is fascinating. It started as early as 1948 when a computer code was written for a missile launch simulator.

But how well do you know the retrogaming timeline? Take the test to find out.

·       Retrogaming trivia.

Did you know that retro games had no boss fights until 1979? (Peaceful days). Well, that’s just one example of shocking trivia. How many more do YOU know about? The quiz results will tell.

·       Guessing classic games by picture.

Can you guess a retro game by only one frame of gameplay? If yes, let’s see your talent. The quiz has several picture questions to challenge you.

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How Difficult is the Retro Game Trivia?

While an average retrogaming fan would do well on the test, newbies would find it difficult. Why? The questions gradually become more challenging, making it almost impossible to get a perfect score.

Here are three examples of retrogaming trivia questions.

Question Difficulty
What was Mario originally called? Easy
What was the first video game with colors? Medium
Who wrote the first video game code? Hard


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Get Your Retrogaming Knowledge Scored

One thing about the Retro Games Quiz is that it’s brutally honest. It gives you one score for each correct answer, categorizing you into one of these leaderboard-inspired groups.

0-5 points: Newbie retro gamer.

Having five or fewer correct answers means you don’t know much about retro games—you’re a newcomer.

6-10 points: Retired gamer.

While a six to ten score is impressive, it’s not enough to get you a title. It only indicates you’re an old gamer, a retired one.

11-15 points: Passionate retro gamer.

Modern game fans rarely score as high as fifteen. But it’s the sweet spot for average retro gamers—most end up in this category.

16-20 points: True retro gamer.

Only genius expert-level gamers get sixteen points or more. It’s a clear sign of being a certified retrogaming guru.

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How Well Do You Know Old School Games? Let’s See!

Are you ready to assess your knowledge? The retrogaming questions await you. Hit the start button and beat ‘em up. (See what I did there?).


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