Quiz: Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Are You?

Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid character are you? See if you are Greg, Rowley, Angie, or another student with this nostalgic personality quiz.

Which Diary of a Wimpy Kid Character Are You

This Test Reveals Your Character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Quiz uncovers if you are Greg, Rowley, Angie, or another character from the titular franchise.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a book series by Jeff Kinney that’s been adapted into movies and animation. There are 17 books in the franchise, with over 30 main and recurring characters.

For Gen-Zers like me, Greg’s journey to middle school is the definition of nostalgia. I remember reciting the books’ jokes in school—almost as the first wave of memes.

Now that the Christmas special, Cabin Fever, is on its way to Disney+, it’s the best time for us diehard fans to see which wimpy kid from the Westmore Middle School we are.

Find Your Matching Character with MBTI

To fine-tune the results, I’ve compiled a list of all kids’ MBTI. So, by taking my test, you will find the Diary of a Wimpy Kid match that shares the most personality traits with you. But if you’re too eager to meet your doppelganger, why don’t you use the following table?

Character MBTI
Gregory “Greg” Heffley INTP
Rowley Jefferson ESFJ
Angie Steadman INFP
Rodrick Heffley ISTP
Fregley ENFP
Patty Farrell ESTJ


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters That You Might Be

The relatable story and personas of this franchise make it challenging to find your counterpart. But here’s an idea: Read the main characters’ descriptions to see if you vibe with them. If you do, you already know which “wimpy” kid you are.

Greg Heffley

In the book series, Greg is a narcissistic sociopath.  He lies, manipulates, cheats, and betrays. However, in the movies, he’s just a middle school kid looking to become popular. Greg’s personality development starts later in the story when he voluntarily touches the haunted cheese just to save his friend, Rowley.

Rowley Jefferson

Rowley, a cherished character both in the book and movie adaptations, is portrayed as an innocent, naïve, and genuinely caring boy. He consistently supports his best friend, Greg, and strives to uplift his spirits in any situation. However, his immaturity also makes him vulnerable to betrayal and deception.

Angie Steadman

Despite being a non-canon character, Angie is a popular girl from Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. She is brave, non-confirming, intelligent, and kindhearted, trying to help the unpopular newcomers face their insecurities.

Which Wimpy Kid Are You?

Hey, you, still want to know which student from Diary of a Wimpy Kid you are? Take this quick and accurate personality quiz to meet your doodle doppelganger. I can reveal if you are Greg, Rowley, Angie, Rodrick, or any of the other fun characters. All you need to do is respond to 15 entertaining questions.

If you’re looking for a more general analysis, I’d say take our other quiz called “What Kind of Kid Were You?” That one exposes all the dark secrets from your childhood—with a twist.

With that being said, here’s your character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.



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