Quiz: Am I Gen Z or Millennial? Based on 2024 Factors

Are you confused and self-question, “Am I Gen Z or Millennial?” This quiz uses your personality, historical memory, and interests to expose your true GEN.

Am I Gen Z or Millennial

How to Know if You Are Gen-Z or Millennial

If you were born between 1997 and 2012, you are a Gen-Zer and belong to the Centennials. You are most likely the child of Millennial (aka Generation Y) parents who were born between 1981 and 1996. Gen-Zers are creative, open-minded, and sensitive, while Millennials are risk-takers, ambitious, and self-centered.

Alpha 2013-Present
Gen-Z 1997-2012
Gen-Y 1981-1996
Gen-X 1965 – 1980
Baby Boomers 1946-1964
The Silent Generation 1928-1945
     The Greatest Generation 1901-1927


A Personality Quiz to Reveal What Generation You Are

Unlike your race, you don’t necessarily born to a generation because it’s not all about your birth date. Karl Mannheim, a German sociologist, believes that generational location bonds the individuals and makes them similar. “All members of a generation share a similar collective experience.” And that’s the reason they might feel connected or relatable.

So, you may know which gen you belong to by numbers/stats but still, feel disconnected. If that’s the case, your collective experience doesn’t match the people of your gen—and a personality quiz could help you discover your true peers.

See which of the six living American generations you belong to.

Currently, six different generations of Americans are alive: The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Gen-Z, and Generation Alpha.

The quiz helps you determine which one you relate to despite your age. While your birth date is one of the primary factors in the test, it’s not the only one. So, it’s totally possible to be 18 years old and still feel connected to the oldest generation of Americans. (That’s why most participants relate to the results and share them with their friends).

Find out how it affects your personality and decisions.

Your big question is, “Am I Gen Z or Millennial?” And we get it. But don’t you want to know how the answer could have affected your life? Our quiz can analyze your personality, looking for behaviors connected to your generation and collective experiences. This way, you can actually realize how big of a fan of your generation you are.

Discover fun facts about your generation.

Living in the same era causes lots of similarities. And such similarities lead to facts and stats. For example, Millennials are less conservative regarding the young using social media. That’s because they were mostly born during the rise of it. However, Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation lean more towards traditions and dislike excessive reliance on technology.

5 Things That Determine if You Are a Gen-Zer or Millennial

Your characteristics and traits, first-hand memories of iconic historical moments, interests, idols, and gadgets can expose your actual generation.

#1. Personality traits.

Growing up in a specific generational location affects your traits. While older people are more conservative, the young are often liberal.

Generation Personality
Alpha Logical, objective, self-aware
Gen-Z Creative, open-minded, sensitive
Gen-Y Risk-taker, ambitious, self-centered
Gen-X Independent, skeptical, flexible
Baby Boomers Competitive, confident, sociable
The Silent Generation Traditional, patient, responsible


#2. Historical memory.

Gen-X can never forget the tragic events of 9/11. Those born before 1945 might remember the aftermath of the JFK assassination. And Gen-Z will recall the rise of K-pop despite the pandemic. Such memories are key factors when determining one’s generation.

Generation Historical Event
Gen-Z The rise of VR
Gen-Y Covid-19 Pandemic
Gen-X 9/11
Baby Boomers The invention of the internet
The Silent Generation JFK assassination


#3. Likes and dislikes.

When someone asks, “Am I Gen-Z or Millennial?” it’s crucial to analyze their interests. Data shows that specific demographics born in the same decade tend to have similar likes and dislikes. For example, Zorro is a beloved fictional character among the Silent Generation. But since it was created in 1919, the Greatest Generation (1901-1927) liked it as well.

Generation Interests
Alpha We Bare Bears
Gen-Z The Adventure Time
Gen-Y The Simpsons
Gen-X Scooby Doo
Baby Boomers The Flintstones
The Silent Generation Donald Duck


#4. Idols and celebrities.

Your heroes and celebrity crushes can expose you as a Gen-Z or Millennial. While the iGen is all about K-pop and liberal singers like Billie Eilish, Gen-Y, or the Net Generation adored Justin Bibber and Taylor Swift.

Generation Idols
Alpha Ryan Kaji
Gen-Z Billie Eilish
Gen-Y Justin Bibber
Gen-X Michael Jackson
Baby Boomers John Lennon
The Silent Generation Elvis Presley


#5. Iconic tools.

If you used to own the first-gen iPod, don’t even bother to ask, “Am I Gen-Z or Millennial?” because you’re the latter. The gadgets you use correspond to our generation—whether you like it or not. Your grandpa might not own a laptop and feel fine. But you probably can’t even imagine a life without such devices.

Generations Gadgets
Alpha AirPods
Gen-Z Smart Speakers
Gen-Y iPod
Gen-X Walkman
Baby Boomers Record Player
The Silent Generation Radio


Why People Ask, “Am I Gen-Z or Millennial?”

People wonder what generation they are because it certainly affects their social life. Some even believe that it decides the vibe you give off and your career decisions. But you should know that generational categories are as arbitrary as geographical borders. They don’t necessarily mean anything if you stop thinking about them.

9 Solid Signs You’re a Gen-Zer, NOT a Millennial

Certain personality traits and soft skills are not identical among the Centennials and Gen-Y. Sociologists often use these attributes to distinguish between the two groups.

Your attention span is very low.

According to IABUK.com, “Gen Z typically have an attention span of just 8 seconds.” That’s while Millennials pay attention to new information at least for 12 seconds.

You are an excellent multi-tasker.

With the rise of technology, Gen-Zers can handle several tasks, especially when gadgets are involved. For instance, they can text a friend while watching a movie and hold a conversation with their parents at the same time. Millennials are not pretty good at that, though.

You value independence over collaboration.

71% of Generation Z believes that “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” Contrary to that, Gen-Y is more reliant on cooperative processes and teamwork.

You can’t live without a stable Wi-Fi connection.

If you rather have a reliable Wi-Fi than a reliable bathroom, don’t ask, “Am I a Gen-Z or Millennial?” because you’re not the latter. (According to a study, 40% of Gen-Zers chose reliable internet connection over the bathroom).

You are optimistic about your future.

As mentioned on CSMonitor.com, “66% of Gen Z Americans think their generation is motivated to make positive change.” That’s 2% higher than Millennials and 10% higher than the Gen-X.

You prefer convenience over brand.

Gen-Z is much more reliant on online shopping. And several studies prove that they would give up on their favorite brands if they were not available online. On the other hand, Millennials are more loyal to the brands and might give their favorite shops a second chance despite an inconvenient shopping experience.

You don’t believe in traditional education.

It’s easier for the younger generation to ditch the old-school ways of education and be entrepreneurial. That’s while the Net Generation still promotes and values it.

You are less tolerant when it comes to inconvenience.

Some call Millennials the Snowflake Generation. But it’s suggested that American Gen-Zers are less tolerant than older people.

You prefer face-to-face business communication.

Despite being technopaths, iGen favors in-person meetings in a professional environment. The same cannot be said about Gen-Y since they like emails and text messages for work-related stuff.

What If You Are too Old to be a Gen-Z and too Young to be a Millennial?

If you cannot relate to Gen-Z and Gen-Y despite being born simultaneously, you’re likely a Zillennial. It’s a micro-generation that refers to people born between 1993 and 1998. Sociologists differentiate this group since their collective experiences are close to both iGen and Millennials—yet they don’t perfectly match them.

Note: Our quiz can answer questions like, “Are you a Gen-Zer, Millennial, or Zillennial?” So, no worries about that.

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