Quiz: Am I Insecure? 100% Honest & Accurate Answer

Does the question of “Am I insecure” bother you? This non-judgmental, 20-question personality quiz determines if you are self-doubting or not.

Am I Insecure

Who’s Insecure?

The short answer: An insecure person is unconfident and focuses on the negative aspects of their personality. It’s common for an insecure individual to be perfectionist, competitive, codependent, or detached.

Confidence is a spectrum. Overconfident people end up on the arrogance end, and those who lack self-reliance fall on the insecurity end.

A Safe Insecurity Test that Won’t Judge You

If you’re self-questioning, “Am I insecure?” this is the right page to be on. Our quiz is a series of psychological questions that dig deep into your personality, determining if you are self-confident. Here’s what you learn by participating.

Find out if you’re insecure.

The primary goal here is to unveil your vulnerable sides—in a non-judgmental fashion. The test analyzes your responses to see if and how insecure you are. It’s a self-report questionary. So, you need to be as honest as possible to receive accurate results.

See why you feel this way.

Understandably, your big question is, “Am I insecure?” But it’s equally crucial to know why you’re self-doubting. The good thing about the quiz is that it provides reasons and rational explanations. So, you can understand the why behind your results better.

Learn how to deal with it.

We wanted to create a safe and helpful insecurity quiz. So, not only will the results avoid any judgments, but they will also include tips and pieces of expert advice on changing for the better. While gaining back or building confidence requires time and effort, these quick tips can lead to your initial steps.

How Insecure Are You?

The insecurity test considers three primary aspects of your character and life to determine if you’re unconfident. It investigates your anxieties, relationships, and experiences to come with reliable answers. Here’s all you need to know about the different stages of the test.

Inspect your views and thoughts.

Your views on yourself form your insecurities. That’s why the quiz focuses on your inner picture of yourself to identify any confidence-related issues.

Analyzing your relationship with your fears.

We all have fears, but what we do with them forms our confidence profile. Avoiding any situation that might trigger your anxiety will eventually turn you into an insecure person. The test does its best to provoke some of your uncertainties and panic moments to analyze your self-assurance level better. (But don’t worry; the questions won’t bother you).

Looking into your childhood and memories.

Our relationship with our parents and other significant people affects our personalities deeply. Psychologists believe that your attachment style influences your confidence level. Kids with ignorant or strict parents are more likely to become insecure in the future. And that’s why the quiz considers your memories to deliver an accurate result.

How to Answer, “Am I Insecure?” without a Test

The best way to answer such questions is by participating in genuine tests like the one on this page. But if that’s not your thing, try looking for the red flags on your own. Here are the five primary signs that you are insecure and probably lack confidence.

#1. You’re a perfectionist.

Having unrealistic expectations and trying to be perfect is a red flag. Perfectionists are usually insecure because, deep down, they know they are never going to be flawless.

#2. You’re highly competitive.

Being in an imaginary competition with everyone is another sign of insecurity. If your life is all about winning against others no matter what, you might be insecure.

#3. You can’t handle criticism.

Unconfident people see constructive criticism as a personal attack. They can’t handle it because their inner critic is already active and bothers them all the time. So, there’s no room for any external opinion, especially if it’s negative.

#4. You’re either dependent or detached.

If you’re looking for an answer to “Am I insecure?” look into your attachment styles. Do you need someone to validate your worth? Do you avoid everyone because you feel detached? If the answer is yes, you might be an un-self-confident individual.

#5. You’re a people pleaser.

Insecurity makes a person believe that they don’t deserve love and respect. So, they try to gain it by pleasing others. However, it usually takes a toxic form where the insecure person is physically and emotionally abused without even noticing.

What to Do if the Test Called You Insecure

It’s okay to be insecure. In fact, we all have our own insecurities. According to the latest data, 96% of women don’t think they’re beautiful. So, you’re guaranteed that you’re not alone in this. However, it’s never okay to let insecurity become a part of your personality.

So, if the test believes you’re unconfident, it’s best to take action. And here’s where to start.

Talk to a counselor.

If you think that your lack of confidence negatively affects your life, seek professional help. A therapist is the most reliable person to hear your insecurities and help you deal with them. They can guide you through the process and be there for you the whole time.

Focus on things you have.

One of the tricks that your insecurities use to ruin your confidence is reminding you of your imperfection. You may hear your inner critic talking about things you don’t have. And it might make you feel worthless—especially compared to those who do have things you don’t. But you should stop listening to that voice and instead see the bright side of your personality and life. (It’s easier said than done, but you can do it).

Chase your fears.

Your anxieties and stresses hold you back. And the more you’re held back, the more prone you are to being insecure. So, if you want to break the cycle of unconfident behaviors, start going after your fears. Allow yourself to face them. That’s the only way you can get over your doubts.

Have realistic expectations.

Stop being a perfectionist. You’ll never be flawless—no one will. Replace your unrealistic expectations with actual achievable goals.

Don’t tie your worth to people’s opinions.

Living to please others or gain their approval can strengthen the roots of your insecurity. So, instead of chasing validation, remind yourself of your value and worth. It’s not what others say about or thinks of you that grants peace of mind. How satisfied you are with who you are led to pure happiness.

Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Insecurity Quiz

The test you’re about to take is designed to help those who ask, “Am I insecure?” The goal is to let you analyze and evaluate your confidence level without worrying about judgments. So, please, take the results lightly and don’t label yourself because of the results.

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