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Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest

What Is Your Party Personality

Take this fun quiz to see what your party personality is. Are you a party animal, an AUX freak, or a texting drunk?

What Does “Party Personality” Mean?

Your party personality is the rarely-seen aspect of your character that becomes evident at a party. Drinking, music, and peer pressure catalyze your party personality’s exposure.

What’s the Party Personality Quiz?

A test that analyzes your behavior at a party is called a party personality quiz. The goal of such a test is to determine what type of person you are in gatherings—specifically, the gatherings that include alcohol and other naughty stuff.

For a broader analysis, take “What Type of Person Am I?”

What Are the 16 Party Personalities?

Identify your party personality using your MBTI type.  The 16 personality types each have their unique stereotypical “party persona.”  Find yours with the following descriptions.

INFP: Forced to Party

That one introverted person who’s never enjoying the party.

ESFJ: Uninvited Guest

The dude who gets into a party with a bunch of self-invited friends.

ISFJ: Deep Talk Starter

An annoying, compulsive chatter who philosophizes everything after the second shot.

ENTJ: Outrageous Flirt

The camouflaged simp who’s really pushing for a hookup.

ISFP: AUX Maniac

A wannabe DJ who’s guarding the AUX with their life.

ESTP: Stunt

That one crazy dude who’s guaranteed to break a bone or two.

INTJ: Bathroom Seeker

The introverted friend asks for the bathroom and disappears.

ENTP: Argumentative Drunk

That easygoing guy who’s now argumentative about everything, thanks to tequila. (They often insist you tell them what political party you are.)

ISTJ: Control Freak

An OCD-positive friend who’s now helicopter-parenting everyone at the party.

ESFP: Selfie Monster

The fake party animal who’s only at the party for their Instagram feed.

INTP: Socially Awkward

That creepy, shivering person in the corner dying of social anxiety for no apparent reason.


The “I only smoke when I’m drunk” guy who’s actively giving away groundbreaking ideas to random party guests.

ENFJ: Lethal Hugger

An intoxicated stranger with a deadly love language—hugging to death.

INFJ: Phone Addict

The “No, thanks. I’m cool” person who can’t get enough of their phone at a party.

ESTJ: Responsible Invitee

That supportive friend who’s now playing the party host’s mom or dad—forcing everyone to behave themselves.

ISTP: Texting Drunk

A crying or sobbing guest who’s trying to get back with their ex now that they’re drunk AF.

What Kind of Person Are You at a Party?

You now know all the 16 party personalities. But which one are you? It’d be only fair to let us be the judge because you’re clearly biased. The following questions, combined with our party animosity detectors, reveal the type of person you are at a party—accurately! Are you brave enough to take the quiz and share the results? (We doubt that.)

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    What’s the first thing you do at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 1
    • I look for a cozy spot.

    • I share the address with a loved one (safety thing)

    • I look for the best spot to smoke.

    • I look for the drinks.

    • I play some music and start vibing.

    • I go talk to people and take a bunch of selfies.

    • I target the hottest people in the room.

    • I go crazy and fire up everyone at the party.

  • 2
    What’s your favorite activity at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 2
    • Nothing. I dislike most things about parties.

    • Eating delicious food.

    • Talking with strangers.

    • Drinking and listening to music.

    • Dancing and playing my favorite songs for others.

    • Posting random party images on my Snapchat.

    • Hooking up.

    • All of them. I love everything about parties.

  • 3
    What kind of parties are you into?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 3
    • Quiet and intimate.

    • Small and family-only.

    • Small and friends-only.

    • Nostalgic and good-memory-evoking.

    • Loud and spontaneous.

    • Luxurious and stylish.

    • Wild and naughty.

    • Crazy and illegal.

  • 4
    What makes someone good at partying?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 4
    • I don’t know.

    • Knowing how to balance life and fun.

    • Knowing how to roll a joint.

    • Having an above-average alcohol tolerance.

    • Having good music taste.

    • Knowing a lot of people and being sociable.

    • Being charming and flirtatious.

    • Making others laugh and enjoy their time.

  • 5
    How would you feel about a party with no music?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 5
    • I’d love it.

    • I’d be fine. It’s not a big deal.

    • It depends on my mood.

    • I wouldn’t like it.

    • That’s not a party. That’s active torture.

    • I don’t know. It sounds like a lame party.

    • IDC about the music. I’m only there to get laid.

    • I can’t perform well at a party without music.

  • 6
    Where do you spend most of your time at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 6
    • Bathroom.

    • Living room (near the exit)

    • In a corner (near a window)

    • In the kitchen.

    • On the dance floor.

    • I’m everywhere.

    • In the bedroom.

    • On the roof or somewhere crazy like that.

  • 7
    When are you leaving the party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 7
    • As early as possible.

    • Before midnight.

    • Around 2-3 A.M.

    • Early in the morning (the next day)

    • I leave when there's no music

    • It depends on who’s picking me up.

    • It depends on who’s going with me to my place.

    • I don’t leave until I have no other choice.

  • 8
    What’s the best after-party activity?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 8
    • Sleeping.

    • Reading or other relaxing stuff.

    • Hanging out with your homies.

    • Eating.

    • Listening to chill music for a while.

    • Taking some pictures to freeze the day in time.

    • Bringing some hotties to your place.

    • Party 2.0 (Starting the second round of the party).

  • 9
    What’s your mood like before and after a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 9
    • My mood rarely changes. I’m indifferent.

    • I’m often anxious before and after the party.

    • I’m chill before and after the party.

    • I start as a happy person and leave as a broken one.

    • I’m cheerful before and after the party.

    • I usually regret my partying afterward.

    • I’m turned on before and after the party.

    • I’m super-hyped the whole time.

  • 10
    How do you feel about meeting new people at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 10
    • I hate it.

    • I usually avoid that.

    • I love it.

    • I might like it.

    • I never have enough time for that.

    • I actively try to make new friends at parties.

    • I’m only interested in meeting hookup-worthy people.

    • I don’t need that. Everyone already knows me.

  • 11
    Someone’s puking in the corner. What’s your reaction?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 11
    • I mind my own business.

    • I help them to the bathroom.

    • I try to talk to them and make them feel better.

    • I offer them some more drinks.

    • I ask them to dance with me to feel better.

    • I record them because it’s fun.

    • I let everyone know that some loser is puking.

    • I force them to play Beer Pong with us.

  • 12
    Someone wants to hook up with you. What do you say?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 12
    • No, thanks.

    • Ugh, that’s disgusting.

    • I’d rather save that for another day.

    • I can’t. I love somebody else.

    • Fine. But we need to dance first (like foreplay)

    • It depends on my mood. I might say yes.

    • Sure. I was born ready for this moment.

    • Nah, I’m tired of hooking up with randoms.

  • 13
    What kind of party person is your least favorite?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 13
    • Nosy.

    • Irresponsible.

    • Introverted.

    • Alcohol-free.

    • Anti-dance.

    • Anti-cameras.

    • Anti-flirting.

    • All of them.

  • 14
    The host wants everyone to leave the party early. Now what?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 14
    • Sure. Thank God!

    • It’s fine. We have to respect the host.

    • That’s a bummer. But we still have the streets.

    • I’m not leaving.

    • That’s so lame. I’m never talking to “the host” again.

    • That’s awful. I’ll vent about it on my Snapchat.

    • It’s fine. The hot ones can come to my place.

    • Okay. I’m heading to the closest club.

  • 15
    On average, how many drinks do you have at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 15
    • One or two

    • None

    • Three to four. I’m a smoker.

    • Five, six, or more

    • It depends. I don’t need drinks.

    • It depends on what kind of drinks are being served.

    • It depends on who’s drinking with me.

    • I usually chug a few bottles.

  • 16
    Which one describes your drunk personality?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 16
    • Calm

    • Responsible

    • Thoughtful

    • Sad

    • Happy

    • Nasty

    • Aroused

    • Unpredictable

  • 17
    How often are you invited to a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 17
    • Rarely

    • Occasionally

    • Too many times.

    • IDK. It’s pretty random.

    • I don’t need an invitation.

    • I don’t accept invitations unless it’s a real-deal party.

    • No one invites me to parties anymore.

    • Every day.

  • 18
    What do you think of the “party animals?”
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 18
    • I hate them.

    • I’m scared of them.

    • I kind of get them.

    • I used to be one of them.

    • I am THE animal party.

    • I think they’re funny.

    • I don’t relate to them.

    • I relate to them.

  • 19
    How long should a party last?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 19
    • 2-3 hours

    • 4-5 hours

    • 6-7 hours

    • 8-9 hours

    • 10-11 hours

    • 12 hours

    • One night

    • Two days or more

  • 20
    Final question: Which one is a must-have at a party?
    Quiz: What Is Your Party Personality? 100% Honest 20
    • AirPods

    • IDs

    • Lighters

    • Ice

    • Speakers

    • Cameras

    • Rubbers

    • You don’t need any of that.

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