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Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz

Am I a Simp

Do you ask yourself, Am I a simp? This quiz analyzes how you treat women to discover if you are a simp. Answer 20 questions to reveal your true personality.

Are You a Simp? Signs You Are a Simp

If you become submissive to a woman, ruin your self-esteem or do too much to gain her attention, idolize her appearance, and pretend to be nice only to have sex with her, you are a simp—also known as a white knight.

A Quiz That Hurts: Who’s the Real Simp?

The simp calculator on this page is a genuine questionnaire that identifies simping in your relationships. It can accurately distinguish niceness from fake submissiveness used to get laid.

It can help guys who ask themselves, “Am I a loser?” to get a solid, reliable answer.

Find out if you’re a Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pu***.

The test’s premise is to help expose real simps: Guys who idolize women and become submissive to them with hopes of sleeping with them. It’s not the same as a hopeless romantic or one whose love language is the idolization of a partner. The quiz looks for a specific type of male who does extra cringy and nasty things just to sleep with a female target.

Analyze your behavior around women.

How you treat ladies is key to deciphering your simpness level. Of course, you can give dishonest answers in hopes of dodging the true answer. But lying is also one of the fundamental features of being a simp—so, there’s no escape.

Simp Behavior NOT Simp Behavior
Trying to impress a girl with Being a considerate and polite guy
Pretending to be a nice guy Complimenting girls when you mean it
Being submissive to a girl no matter what Respecting women in general
Idolizing a girl because of her look Having a crush on a girl because of her look
Buying a girl’s fart on Only Fans Asking a girl on a date


Get genuine expert-level answers.

Most simp quizzes are toxic themselves. They make any nice guy look like a loser. However, we have created a 100% accurate, honest, and non-toxic test. It can discover the simp nation citizens without misjudging your genuinely nice behavior to females.

Things That the ‘Am I a Simp Quiz’ Considers

To finetune the results, the questionnaire looks into three main areas: Your intents, behaviors, and memories.

Your intentions

A simp’s goal is to get laid, no matter what. So, that’s what we’re looking to find out about you. Of course, there are not going to be any direct questions. So, you never know which one of your responses will reveal your dirty or authentic intention.

Your traits

It’s easy to hide simpism in your speech. But can you cover up your actions? We don’t think so. We do our best to see the tiniest details in how you behave around women to answer the big question, “Are you a simp?”

Your experiences

Sometimes, you don’t even know if you’re a white knight. That might be why you’re self-questioning, “Am I simp?” right now. So, we ask you questions about your memories to help uncover your actual personality.

Types of Simps that the Quiz Reveals

Yes, there are different types of simps out there. Some use the nice guy strategy to get laid. Others try to seem like a submissive baby boy in hopes of some more attention. But the cool thing is that our quiz can expose your type—if you belong to a specific simp nation.

Fake nice

The most common simp type is the fake nice guy. He would try to seem like the kindest and gentlest man ever. But deep inside, he’s waiting for the intercourse to happen so he can reveal his true nasty face.


With the rise of influencers, TikTokers, and even female anime characters, a new group of simps has emerged: the idolizers. They are the ones who create a goddess-like idea of a girl in their head without actually getting to know her. Being sexy is enough for an idolizer to see you as the most precious human being on earth. And the sad part is that they often simp over fictional or super-famous people who’re unreachable—and out of their league.

Sigma male

We have already created a sigma male test to expose the personality type. But you should know that acting like a lone wolf is sometimes a simping method. Some guys are so afraid of being rejected or called a simp that they transform their anger into talking sh** to women and treating them poorly. But guess what? That doesn’t hide the fact that deep inside, they’re dying to get laid.

The pimp simp

You might be looking for an ‘Am I a simp or pimp quiz.’ In that case, you’re on the right page. We do expose the pimps, too. This category belongs to guys who simp over others in hopes of getting their friends laid. (It’s a complicated situation).

And more

There are even more types of simping techniques and types. So, if you want to ensure you don’t belong to any of the categories, all you have to do is take the test. Would you dare to risk your manhood and honor to see the results? Or would you rather call yourself “an alpha” and run away from being examined?

The Toxic Culture of Anti-Simping on Social Media

Yes, we literarily created a test to answer questions like, “Am I simp?” But that doesn’t stop us from talking about the toxic culture around the topic. It’s not good to ruin your self-esteem to sleep with some girl. But the way the internet is using the word ‘SIMP’ is way more controversial than that.

Nowadays, some guys are afraid to treat women nicely because they don’t want white knights. Even TikToks call men simp because of NOT WANTING TWO BIT***.

So, we want you to know that that’s not the case with our quiz. Here, you’re rewarded for being a genuinely kind, considerate, and polite man.

Are You a Simp for Being Nice to a Woman?

No. Treating a woman with love and respect does not make you a simp. It’s also a myth that girls don’t like nice guys because their behavior is considered simping. One of the signs of being an actual simp is treating women poorly after getting laid with them and gaining what you wanted.

Disclaimer: Read Before the Test

The quiz on this page is designed to answer questions like ‘Am I a Simp?’ playfully and genuinely. Please, take the results lightly, and do not use them to humiliate or emotionally abuse other guys. You can always contact us if you find any of the questions or results offensive or inappropriate—and we’ll take care of your reports ASAP.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

How many questions does this quiz have?

20 questions

How long does it take to complete this quiz?

8 minutes

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Which one does NOT make you a simp? (Give your honest opinion)

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 1
    • Being respectful to girls

    • Asking for hot girls’ number

    • Being submissive to your girl

    • Trash talking and bullying girls

  • Question 2

    Of the following options, which one sounds like something you’d do to get laid?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 2
    • Get a girlfriend/boyfriend

    • Ask for it

    • Buy expensive gifts

    • Leave no other choices for my partner

  • Question 3

    What do you think about being an alpha male?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 3
    • I think it’s a toxic idea.

    • I don’t like to be one.

    • I think all girls love alpha males

    • I AM an alpha male

  • Question 4

    What can make a girl a goddess?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 4
    • Nothing. No one is a god or goddess

    • Poor parenting

    • Being overly hot and desirable

    • A god like me

  • Question 5

    Why do you think some women can make millions of dollars on Only Fans?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 5
    • Because society has oversexualized them

    • Because of hard work or something

    • Because they deserve it

    • Because simps pay them

  • Question 6

    Have you ever idolized a person and mentally worshiped her because of how pretty she is?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 6
    • No, I’d never do that

    • Yes, but I was a kid

    • Yes, I still do that with my crush

    • No, I’m the one who should be idolized

  • Question 7

    Do you think being a yes-man and accepting everything your girlfriend says is a love language?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 7
    • No, it’s a toxic trait

    • I don’t really know

    • Yes, it’s my love language.

    • Yes, I want my partner to say yes to everything I say

  • Question 8

    What would you do if a girl insulted you but asked to sleep with you the next day?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 8
    • I’d say no. WTF?

    • I might accept her offer.

    • I’d be more than happy to sleep with her

    • I’d say yes. Then teach her a good lesson!

  • Question 9

    “My girl is my queen, and I’m okay with being her slave.” How do you feel about that sentence?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 9
    • That sounds ridiculous

    • It sounds kinky

    • Yes, I like the idea

    • No, I’m the KING

  • Question 10

    Is it okay to cross the lines and get off your way just to get a hot girl’s number?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 10
    • No, you just need to ask for it

    • Sometimes, yes

    • Yes, that’s how real boys get laid

    • I’d get any girl’s number because they can’t resist me.

  • Question 11

    What’s a fascinating thing about women that you usually think about?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 11
    • Their personality

    • Their style

    • Their body

    • Nothing about them is fascinating

  • Question 12

    What do you think about the oversexualized image of girls in cinema and video games?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 12
    • I think it’s toxic and inappropriate

    • I think it’s a part of the business

    • I like it. That’s why movies/games are so fun

    • I think it’s women’s fault

  • Question 13

    Do you think acting like a nice guy is a fair and accepted technique to get laid?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 13
    • “Acting” nice means you’re a liar. So, no.

    • Well, it’s better than acting like a jerk.

    • Yes, that’s how I get laid.

    • Girls are all over me. So, I don’t need techniques.

  • Question 14

    Which one sounds like your reaction if your girlfriend dumped you?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 14
    • I’d be sad but fine

    • I’d be depressed for a while

    • I’d feel broken and emotionally paralyzed

    • I’d replace her in less than a day

  • Question 15

    You got your crush’s Instagram. What’s your next move?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 15
    • Follow them

    • Send a DM

    • Like all their posts and comment of them

    • Block them, so I look cool

  • Question 16

    What would you do if you texted your crush and they never answered, leaving you on read?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 16
    • I’d never bother them again

    • I’d block them

    • I’d keep messaging them until they noticed me

    • I’d never message a girl. That’s cheap

  • Question 17

    Some say that girls like to ignore boys. What do you think about that?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 17
    • That’s stereotypical BS.

    • Some girls do

    • Yes, that’s a technique every girl utilizes

    • I ignore them too

  • Question 18

    Would you stay in a toxic relationship just because the sex is good?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 18
    • No, that’s like disrespecting myself

    • I might

    • Yes, sure

    • Free sex is better than paid. So, yeah.

  • Question 19

    Does it turn you on thinking about dating a super-model who treats you like a piece of sh**?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 19
    • No, why the F would I get turned on?

    • Well, it’s a bit kinky. But only in fantasies.

    • Yes, that sounds like my fantasies.

    • I’m the one who treats her like that.

  • Question 20

    Final question; what should be a guy’s priority in a romantic relationship with a girl?

    Am I a Simp? 100% Honest & Respectful Quiz 20
    • Respect, communication, and commitment

    • Being there for your girl no matter what

    • Making your girl feel like a princess

    • Being an alpha man and making your girl feel safe

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