Am I Annoying? 100% Honest Quiz To Reveal Your Personality

The Am I Annoying Quiz tells you the truth. Just answer 20 questions to know if people find you irritating. Also, this quiz helps you know why you are annoying.

Am I Annoying

What Is the Am I Annoying Quiz?

The Am I Annoying Test shows how provoking and aggravating your behavior is. It is a set of several personality questions that aim to reveal your characteristics. An Annoyance Level Quiz is based on social norms and common sense. So, it is not a scientific/psychological quiz—as there is no organized way to determine annoying people.

How to Tell if You Are Annoying Without Taking a Test

You do not have to take the annoyance quiz. There are other ways to find out if you are irritating others around you. The most important thing to do so is to pay attention to the signs. (See below).

Sign #1: Body Language of Others Around You

Human beings unconsciously send nonverbal signals to each other. So, you can tell if they do not like you by analyzing their body language. People tend to show these signals when they are annoyed by you:

  • Avoiding eye contact.
  • Lots of sighs.
  • Crossing their arms while you are talking.
  • Pointing their feet away from you.

Of course, someone might unintentionally do such things in a conversation. So, you should not rely only on others’ body language. It is a warning sign when most people around you be like that most of the time.

Sign #2: Others’ Attention Span

You cannot pay attention to someone who is frustrating you. So, if you feel like people deliberately ignore you, it might be a signal. Some of the examples of being overlooked on purpose are as follows.

  • Answering a phone call while you are talking to them.
  • Looking around and responding with something irrelevant to your speech.
  • Continually looking at their watch or asking what time it is.
  • Rubbing their face as if they are tired (while they are not).
  • Avoiding arguments with you even if they have an opposing idea.

Sign #3: Others’ Feedbacks About You

Relying on others’ opinions is the most reasonable way to know if you are annoying or not. Of course, some people might be too polite to tell you the truth. So, it is best to ask your best friends for honest feedback.

Sign #4: Interactions & Communications

Do you feel like people treat you differently? Are you always the one that is “not invited” to the party? These are signals that you might be annoying others. People try to minimize their interactions with those that bother them. So, if they are limiting their connections with you, it is best to rethink your behavior.

Sign #5: Jokes & Memes

We all have that friend who sends you memes, claiming that “this is literally you.” So, think about the jokes your friends make about you. Are they all about who moody, angry, and frustrating you are? Well, there is a truth behind every joke/meme.

Things to Remember Before Taking the Am I Annoying Quiz

It is not always about you.

Sometimes, it is just others being impolite. The fact that no one pays attention to you or wants to hang out with you does not necessarily mean you are irritating. It could be that you are with the wrong group.

Do not mix up social anxiety for being annoying.

Social anxiety makes it harder for you to interact with others. Such a condition can result in having fewer friends or fewer group activities. So, do not blame yourself for being annoying if you few friends. Instead, try to brush up on your social skills and engage with your community.

Do not ignore the signals.

Being, like, “this is who I am” or “I act how I want to” is not a good idea. If you want to be a social person, you need to accept some norms. That doesn’t mean you should give up on your personality. So, instead of ignoring social signals, consider them as comments on your behavior. And do your best to take care of them.

Do not let toxic people make you feel this way.

Labeling is a toxic behavior. You need to be more cautious if there are people around you who label you as annoying or irritating. Most of the time, toxic people intentionally make you feel bad about yourself. That is because it is easier to manipulate an insecure person. So, do not believe everything others say about you.

Characteristics Chart of an Annoying Person

The Trait/Behavior How to Fix It
Lying about everything Quit worrying about telling the truth
Apologizing for anything you do Replace apologies with thank you.

Example: “Thanks for listening to me” instead of “sorry I talk too much.”

Acting like you are a superior person Remember, too much self-esteem does more harm than good.
Making everything personal Do not forget that you are a part of the world—not the whole of it.
Always being late Do not make promises that you cannot keep.
Making inappropriate jokes You do not have to be funny to seem cool.
Being a disappointer Try to see the bright side. And point out the problems only if necessary.
Constantly nagging about everything. Understand and empathize with others.


The Am I Annoying Quiz is meant to be used for fun and entertainment purposes. QuizExpo does not label any of its viewers irritating.

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