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Do you feel nervous or anxious? This accurate anxiety test estimates your daily stress level and can help you find the type of your anxiety with 20 simple questions.

Anxiety Test

Anxiety Test Shows How Anxious You Are

Everyone goes through tense situations. However, it is not customary to always feel nervous or frightened. The test you are about to take determines whether your stress level is average or not. Moreover, the results provide you with some insight into why you feel this way—and how to deal with it.

The Quiz Distinguishes Between Different Types of Stress

Uneasiness has many different forms. According to several studies, one-fifth of the world’s population can be diagnosed with some stress disorder at some point in their lives. That means an anxiety test should do more than labeling you as “nervous” or “relaxed.”

QuizExpo’s assessment distinguishes between the most common types of constant worry. And that is why it is one of the most accurate online evaluations.


General Anxiety Disorder is a common condition. People having it are persistently worried, tense, and frazzled. Most of the time, the patient does not know why they are feeling this way. Plus, they undergo several physical symptoms such as headaches, chest and back pain, shortness of breath, blurry vision, etc.

Panic Disorder

Patients with this condition often experience severe nervousness in particular situations. Unlike GAD, this condition usually has a specific reason. For instance, the patient might panic in crowded rooms or when they have to give a speech.

Mild- to Moderate-Anxiety

Almost all humans go through mild- to moderate-nervousness throughout their lives. So, if your test result is so, there is no need to worry. However, if you feel like your condition is affecting your life, it is best to see a therapist. Mild and moderate stress is treatable through cognitive therapy.

Severe Anxiousness

It is also called stress disorder. The patient with this condition is not able to perform daily tasks due to their intense tension level. One of the easiest ways to know if you have it is by taking the GAD-7 test. If you score high on that questionary, you probably have severe apprehension.

Social fear

Some people are not abnormally worried until they are in a social environment. Patients with social anxiety often find it stressful to be in public places or interact with others. Of course, having such feeling to some extent is normal. However, if it gets out of control, so you cannot even have a social life, something is wrong.

Answer 7 Questions to Know if You Have Anxiety Disorder in 30 Seconds

You can complete the quiz in less than 10 minutes. However, if you do not have enough time to take it, here is what to do. Answer the following questions with “Yes” and “No.” And then, use the guideline at the end of the paragraph to come up with your result.

1. Did you feel frightened for no reason during the past seven days?

2. Do you ALWAYS worry about things that could happen to you?

3. Do you usually find it hard to sleep?

4. Do you feel tired and restless most of the time?

5. Is it hard for you to focus on a subject or task?

6. Do you get headaches or stomachaches when you are nervous?

7. Do you often think about a horrible thing that might happen to you?


1 “Yes”: You do not have a stress disorder.

2-3 “Yes”: You have mild-nervousness.

More than 3 “Yes”: You have severe anxiety.

Note that this questionary provides you with a brief answer. Take the quiz to get a detailed result.

The Anxiety Test on This Page Is Based on DSM-5 Criteria

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition has specific criteria for AD diagnosis. The Anxiousness Quiz you are about to take is according to these standards. That is because most medicals use the same checklist to identify this condition.

Criteria #1: Persistency of the Symptoms

DSM-5 says, “you have to have more nervous days than relaxed days in the past 180 days to be diagnosed with AD.” That means you should spend more than 90 days worrying and feeling frightened—for no particular reason.

Criteria #2: Controllability

AD and GAD patients are not able to control their uneasiness. So, they often feel powerless and immobilized when it happens. Regular people without this condition get stressed, too. But they can handle it so that it does not hurt them for a more extended period.

Criteria #3: Destructivity of the Disorder

If your stress level is so high that you stopped your daily routines, you are in danger. One of the primary criteria of DSM-5 to identify AD is the severeness of a patient’s condition. If it is interfering with their regular lifestyle, then a treatment process is vital.

Criteria #4: Medical Status

Some medicines have stress-stimulating side-effects. So, diagnosing someone with AD or GAD when they are under such drugs is not right.

FAQs About the Anxiety Disorder Test

1. Is it both an anxiety and depression test?

AD and depression often co-occur. That is why some quizzes combine both of these conditions. However, the Anxiety Test on QuizExpo only shows your stress and wariness level. You should take the Am I Depressed quiz if you are wondering about your happiness stage.

2. Does gender matter in this quiz?

No, it does not matter. It is a scientific fact that women are twice more likely to have stress disorder. However, that does not affect the test results on this page.

3. How accurate are the results?

No online quiz is as accurate as a psychologist’s analysis. So, you should not expect 100% accuracy. However, the more honestly you answer the questions, the more precise the results are.

I took the Quiz. What Now?

If the Anxiety Test says that you have AD or GAD, it is best to consult a therapist. You can control your nervousness through cognitive therapy or medications. But the treatment should be supervised by a professional and trained medic. Do NOT ever self-prescribe drugs to cope with your condition. Some prescriptions do more harm than good if used unsupervised.

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