Quiz: What Is My Romance Trope? 💓

Can you endure your romance trope without being embarrassed? Take this love motif quiz to find out.

What Is My Romance Trope

TL;DR: A trope is a commonly used convention. Think “the chosen one” theme in epic stories. This quiz, however, exposes your trope in the context of love stories.

Find Your Romance Trope (with Accuracy)

Your romance trope is the underlying theme or motif in your relationships. This could be that you always fall in love with bad boys, are trapped in a love triangle, or even have feelings for your best friend.

But how can you actually find your romantic trope? This love and affection quiz helps with that. If you want to know what stereotypical love story you have, answer the following questions and let your dreamer side loose.

I’ve gone through some of the iconic works of literature and cinema to create a list of the most common thematic loves. I’ll be using the very same list to examine your emotions and dig out the matching motif.

Before we dive in, keep this in mind: Tropes are not the same as stereotypes. A stereotype is an overly used misconception or cliché. Trope is a relatable theme, a tangible situation, emotion, or character. (See Y/N Stereotypes Quiz for more.)

3 Things That Give Away Your Love Trope

You don’t need to have your life adopted into a novel to figure out its motifs. What you need is a glimpse at three aspects of your life: Ideologies, relationships, and conflicts. These are the three pillars of your love tropes.

Romantic Ideologies

Your definition of love reveals your trope. Do you see it as an unconditional stream of positive emotions? Or is it a fragile, short-lived, fading spark?

The answer determines what lover archetype you have.

Relationship Patterns

The way you establish and end romantic bonds matters. It identifies if you’re of a toxic, neutral, or healthy romance trope. How do your relationships start? (Spontaneous dating, meticulous decision-making, drunk convos?) How do they end? (Too many arguments, trust issues, bad vibes?)

The pattern exposes your love life’s theme.

Interpersonal Conflicts

“Relationship challenges” are a key aspect of your trope. What’s the hardest thing to build in a relationship? Trust, effective communication, sexual connection?

The conflict is the convention.

What Are Some Iconic Romance Tropes?

Here are some famous romance tropes that you could be:

  • The enemies-to-lovers trope in Pride and Prejudice. In Jane Austen’s novel, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy start off as foes but end up lovers.
  • Forbidden love trope in Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare tells the classic tale of two young lovers from feuding families who fall for each other despite the odds.
  • Love Triangle in Twilight. Stephenie Meyer’s novel involves a love triangle between the protagonist, Bella Swan, and two supernatural beings, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black.


You are now buckled up to discover your romance trope. But before you leave, I recommend checking out our “Anime Stereotype Quiz.” It’s a lighthearted way to confirm your motifs—without the possible drama.

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