Quiz: Am I in Love with My Best Friend? 100% Honest

Are you overthinking, “Am I in love with my best friend?” This quiz reveals your hidden crush on your bestie and exposes your feelings for them. Are you more than just friends?

Am I in Love with My Best Friend Quiz

Is It Love? Signs You’re in Love with Your Best Friend

If you cannot stop fantasizing about your best friend, get jealous when they date others, crave their physical affection, overthink your look and are too attentive around them, and constantly flirt with them, you’re in love with your best friend.

Take the Love and Friendship Quiz to Find Out

The series of questions on this page expose if you are in love with your friend. We analyze your emotions, reactions, and behavior around your bestie, seeking affection signs.

Things the quiz can uncover:

Is it love or lust?

You might wonder if you’re in love or lust with your buddy. It’s natural for allosexual humans to have occasional fantasies about their close ones. But it can feel abnormal when you have a nonsexual relationship with them. The quiz helps you figure out if you’re just a lustful, naughty friend or it’s actually love.

Will it ruin our friendship?

Sensing that your emotions are changing for a friend can be stressful. You wonder how it’s going to affect your relationship—especially when you really like that bond. So, the quiz uses your responses to estimate how likely it is for your feelings to affect the friendship negatively.

Friendship Love vs. Romantic Love

Friendships are based on mutual platonic love. But romance is different in that it includes sexual attraction and the will to be more than casual pals. You don’t dream about having a family with your bestie, and if you do, you’re already in a romantic relationship with them.

8 Undeniable Things You Do When You’re More Than Friends

Use this checklist the next time you ask yourself, “am I in love with my best friend?” Despite your denial, the following actions and reactions are clear symptoms of a growing crush on your bestie.

#1. You get jealous when your bestie starts dating.

A tiny dose of jealousy is acceptable in any friendship—because you don’t want to lose your friend. But you probably need to call it a red flag when jealousy levels are higher.

#2. You find yourself accidentally flirting with your friend.

It’s not unusual for besties to compliment or even flirt with each other for the sake of fun. But accidental flirting combined with extra teasy-ish behaviors are signs of having a crush on your friend.

#3. Everyone thinks you’re already in love.

Many people actually self-question, “Am I in love with my best friend?” after someone ships them. So, if you constantly hear comments or questions about you two being in a relationship, you might want to reconsider your emotions.

#4. You fantasize about your best friend.

Sexual fantasies happen even when in platonic and friendly relationships. But when you love someone, you can’t stop dreaming about physical intimacy with them—unless, of course, you’re asexual.

#5. Your bestie’s physical affection feels different.

Do you feel like your whole body reacts when your best friend touches you? If yes, chances are you’re in love. One of the main differences between friendship love and romance is the sexual tension.

#6. You are not interested in others.

Think about how willing you are to date someone before asking, “Am I in love with my best friend?” If you’re open to seeing others and dating, you’re less likely to have a crush on your buddy.

#7. You don’t cringe thinking about dating your bestie.

In most casual friendships, the idea of dating each other would cringe the two ends. However, not cringing and subtly enjoying the thought is a sign: you’re likely to have a crush on your mate.

#8. You’re too attentive around your friend.

A fun part of being in a close and intimate friendship is that you don’t worry about imperfections. Your pal knows every unpleasant detail about you and still wants to hang around. But when you start falling in love with a friend, you become more attentive and less willing to show your flaws.

What If the Quiz Says I’m in Love with My Best Friend?

Don’t panic; there’s nothing wrong with loving someone or wanting to be more than friends with them. If the quiz exposes your crush on a bestie, you need to prepare yourself for confession—or at least discuss the topic with them.

Here are some tips.

Choose honesty over secrecy.

You probably have so many questions in your head: Will they like me? Am I ready for a relationship? Are my emotions real? So, understandably, you may prefer not to talk about it with your friend. But that might damage your bond because you’re keeping a secret from your best friend—something that real pals never do.

So, instead of running away from your emotions, discuss them with your bestie. At least let them know that you have some “thoughts” that include them.

Let them know that your friendship matters.

The first big question is, “Am I in love with my best friend?” the second: Will our friendship survive? When confessing your feelings, it’s crucial to ensure your friend that you value what you two already have.

Don’t bombard your friend with your emotions.

It’s a good idea to reveal your feelings gradually. First, you can only bring up the topic and explain your thoughts. Then you can slowly reveal more when you feel like your pal is ready to hear it.

Be prepared for any reaction.

You might be in love with your best friend. But that doesn’t guarantee they have the same feeling. So, prepare yourself for any outcome and don’t let it break you down—though, it’s easier said than done.

Be creative.

You can use a love tester with your best friend before confessing your feelings. It’s a quiz to estimate how much you love each other—and it’s actually the best tool to help you bring up the matter. Take the test, prove to your bestie that it’s more than a casual friendship love with your results, and then confess. Smooth.

Ready to Uncover Your Crush on Your Bestie? The Quiz Is Awaiting

Despite all, the big question remains: Are you in love with your best friend? So, prepare yourself for a challenging quiz where we expose everything with no mercy. Respond to 20 seemingly innocent questions to find out if you have a crush on a pal or not.


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