Are Happy Or Not in Relationship? This Couples Quiz Reveals

This couples quiz accurately measures happiness in a relationship. Answer the following questions to evaluate your love.

Couples Quiz

What Kind of a Couples Quiz Am I About to Take?

The test on this page consists of 18 questions. The goal is to show how satisfied you are with your love life. So, it is not a compatibility test. It is the type of question you need when you feel something is wrong with your relationship. The results reveal whether you have a fortunate romantic bond or a toxic affair.

If you wonder, “Are we a happy couple?” This is the right quiz to take. It assesses your satisfaction level through your feelings and traits. Contrary to popular belief, determining sad lovers is easy. That is because unhappy partners tend to share particular behaviors.

The couples test on this page exposes the dark side of your relationship—if there is any. So, by the end of the questionnaire, you will know what your current feelings mean. Should you worry about them? Are they normal? (Take the quiz to find out).

Is This an Accurate Test or Just a Fun Couples Quiz?

It is a reliable examination. That is because the questions are based on scientific research. If you have most of the unhealthy relationship signs, chances are you are not happy. That is what the couples quiz examines.

However, it is still a fun test for lovers who do not doubt their romance and bond. If you think you are in a perfect relationship, then taking the exam is only a reassurance. (And it is an excellent way to show off).

How to Tell if You Are Not Happy with Your Relationship without Taking the Test?
Do you not trust an online couples quiz? It’s okay. Taking the test is not the only method. You can determine whether you are in a satisfying romantic bond by watching out for the following signs. These are the symptoms of a toxic affair. If you have them, you do not need to answer the questionnaire—because the result is clear, you are not happy!

Sing #1: You Do Not Communicate

Unsatisfied partners ignore communication. They avoid deep conversations, which is an alarming sign. Most romantic affairs start with interactions. So, unsurprisingly, omitting the exchange of ideas in a relationship always leads to displeasure and disappointment.

Sign #2: You Do Not Keep Things Private

Are you one of those couples who keep fighting in public? Do you use your social media accounts to complain about your partner? If yes, then you do not care for privacy in your love life. Studies show that people who let their inner arguments become public are less happy with their romantic bonds.

Sign #3: You Do Not Argue

Yes, you read it right. Healthy relationships are full of small or big arguments. However, ignorant couples do not argue at all. That is because they do not care about the outcome. It is easier for them to remain silent than to speak out. Of course, it is always vital to have healthy fights. Happy couples do not hurt each other’s feelings. By contrast, they explain their thoughts peacefully while understanding their partner’s point(s).

Sign #4: You Hold a Grunge

You cannot feel happy with your love life when you hold a grudge every time you fight. If you are still mad at your lover after a sincere apology, you should reconsider your affair. Of course, we all have those moments when nothing calms us down. However, if you constantly feel this way, there is something wrong with your relationship.

Sign #5: You Cannot Trust Your Partner

One of the things that the couples test inspects is trust issues. Unhappy lovers do not trust each other (anymore), they do not feel good about relying on each other, and they tend to hide their problems.

Sign #6: You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Do you want your partner to turn you into the happiest person alive? Do you expect them to be there for you 24/7? If yes, you are not a happy couple. That is because your expectations are not realistic. People in healthy relationships know that their partner is a HUMAN—and, therefore, limited. Those who look for a superhero (instead of a partner) usually end up feeling disappointed about their love life.

Sign #7: You Have No Time for Yourself

It is not correct that good couples are those who are constantly together. Relationship experts suggest that it is vital for each side of an affair to have some quality time for themselves. You need to be able to have fun and relax on your own once in a while. Feeling unable to be alone or being scared of asking for some private space is an alarming sign.

Sign #8: You Do Not Enjoy Spending Time Together

Would you rather be alone most of the time than be with your partner? That is a sign you do not feel good about your relationship.

Sign #9: You Are Not Friends

It would help if you befriended your partner before even calling them your partner. If you lose the closeness and friendship of your bond, you are not a happy couple anymore.

Sign #10: You Do Not Make Decisions Together

“Do whatever you want.” “I do not care what you do.” “Why are you telling me about this?” These types of sentences indicate a problem. Experts believe that healthy affairs are full of mutual decisions. So, if you do not care about your partner’s choices, you should reconsider your bond.

Sing #11: You Are Not Intimate

Intimacy is not just having sex. It is the willingness to share a life with someone. If you do not feel intimate with your partner, you are in a disappointing relationship.

Sign #12: You Bring the Worst in Each Other

A significant part of being partners or lovers is bringing out the best in each other. If the opposite is correct, and you bring out the worst in each other, things are not going well.

I Took the Couples Quiz: What Now?

It depends on your results. If the test calls you a “happy couple,” keep up the excellent work. Do not ignore each other’s feelings, and always seek to express your thoughts—no matter what. However, if the result is not ideal, here is what to do. 1) make a decision. Do you want to make things better, or are you done? 2) Seek professional help. A couples therapist is the best choice. 3) Do not ignore your problems, hoping that they will disappear.

3 Skills to Build a Happy Relationship

Joanne Davila is a psychologist and researcher who studied many romantic relationships. Her goal was to identify a formula for a pleasing love life. Joanne suggested three skills that she believes can save any relationship. See below.


Joanne believes that the first skill you need is “insight.” It is the quality of understanding who you and your partner are. People with this skill find it easy to show empathy—or ask for it.


“You should understand both of you [in a relationship] have needs, and they all matter,” says Dr. Joanne. Mutuality is the ability to conclude that love is not all about you. It is the quality of caring for both your and your partner’s needs or desires equally.

Emotion Regulation

You should be able to control your feelings. Otherwise, it will not be easy to build a happy relationship. Dr. Joanne believes that successful couples do not let their rage or anger hurt each other. They do express their feelings, but they try to select the most efficient and least harmful ways to do so.

Can a Romantic Quiz for Couples Show Why Your Love Life Is a Failure?

Not really. A couples test reveals your contentment in a romantic bond. However, it is not able to point out the exact problem. Some love experts, such as dr. Joanne Davila believes that three factors play the primary role in every breakup—or relationship failure.

You Do Not Know What You Want/Need

People who are not aware of their desires often end up being dissatisfied with their affairs. That is because they decide based on unreliable factors, such as momentary feelings. So, one of the reasons you are not pleased with your relationship might be the lack of self-awareness.

You Selected the Wrong Person

Even the best therapist in the world cannot strengthen the bond between a wrong couple. So, you may not feel fulfilled because you simply chose the wrong person.

You Do Not Have Necessary Skills

It is not always about your partner. Sometimes, you fail to build a happy love life due to the lack of proper skills.

Some Expert Advice to Have in Mind

Taking the couples test is a fun way to evaluate your relationship. However, even the happiest lovers can brush up on their skills to make their love lives better. Here are some precious pieces of advice for those who want to build rather than destroy.

Express your gratitude all the time. Dr. Gail Saltz says, “Expressing your gratitude to your partner, even for the smallest things, is essential for a great relationship.”

Spend some time apart. Paige Berger, a dating expert, believes that “Spending time apart is essential for anyone—and not just people in romantic bonds.”

Allow constructive criticism. According to Dr. Seda Gragossion, “Constructive criticism shows that a person feels safe in your presence.” And that is vital for having a pleasing love life.

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