Quiz: Am I Happy in My Relationship? 100% Honest Answer

Do you ask yourself, “Am I happy in my relationship?” This quiz Analyzes 20 signs of unhappy romantic bonds to give an accurate and honest answer.

Am I Happy in My Relationship

How to Know if You’re Happy in Your Relationship

Confusion about whether or not you’re happy in your relationship is the first sign that you might not be. People who feel unhappy in their love life deny it subconsciously. When you don’t know if you’re happy with your partner or not, something might be wrong with your relationship.

Note: If you’re not on a romantic bond yet, consider taking the Am I Ready for a Relationship Quiz‘ instead.

Most life and relationship coaches unanimously believe that the key to analyzing your state of happiness in a romantic relationship is “reflection.” You need to be honest about your situation and avoid denying your emotions, no matter how negative or undesirable they are.

If that sounds like a lot to do, let us lend a hand with our brand-new test. (See below).

Take a Self-Reflective Quiz to Find Out

Not everyone is capable of reflecting on their love life properly. Your emotions are sometimes so complicated that you can’t distinguish right and wrong. If that’s the case, taking a test like ours might come in handy. It’s a set of 20 questions that allow you to review the signs of happiness and dissatisfaction in your relationship.

The goal is to help you decide if you’re happy with your love life or not. But the results come with extra helpful pieces of information that can help you get your head around everything better.

Analyze the signs of unhappiness in your relationship.

You might not know where to start reflecting on your bond with your partner. That’s where the quiz steps into the game. The questions here are designed to guide you through a self-assessment review of both your emotions and experiences.

The key is to distinguish between what you feel and what’s happening in your life. There are moments where you’re like, “I’m not happy in my relationship, but I love him/her.” And it’s a sign that your emotional conflicts stop you from having a rational judgment. Using a genuine test like ours lets you dodge such misjudgments, though.

Evaluate your feelings and thoughts.

Feeling like you’re stuck in an unhappy relationship is awful. It might lead to overthinking every detail of your life, looking for your mistakes to fix. But that never results in an accurate breakdown of the situation. The test allows you to evaluate the validity of your thoughts without stressing you up or making you feel guilty.

Unlike some beliefs, relationships are not a happy journey from start to end. So, you might feel dissatisfied now and then. The key is to identify when the ups and downs are toxic and better off without them.

See if everything is fine with your relationship.

The test answers your big question of “Am I happy in my relationship?” as accurately as possible. Plus, the results allow you to determine the cause of potential problems, whether it’s lack of communication with your partner or having unmatching love languages.

Signs and Symptoms of Unhappy Relationship

What are the red flags? Where do you need to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and move on? While there’s no particular guideline for that, you might want to reconsider your choice if the following signs are present.

Lack of communication.

The first sign of an unhappy relationship is missing intimate interactions. You or your partner might find yourself isolated and lonely. But you may also feel like it’s hard to speak out. Everyone has a specific communication style. And the key is to find one that works for your relationship. If you cannot talk to your lover and express your thoughts/emotions, chances are you’re in an unhappy affair.

Abusive behaviors.

Any sort of verbal, physical, or emotional abuse is a red flag, with no exception. If your partner abuses you, you’re in an unhappy relationship that needs to end soon. Such behaviors are among the rare problems that can be unsolvable. So, you’re better without wasting your time trying to fix a broken relationship with a toxic partner.

Increased neediness.

Do you feel like you need to be around your partner all the time? Being close to your partner is a-okay. However, extreme neediness and clinginess show that there might be something wrong. You usually feel this way when you have a fear of abandonment. And a healthy relationship never leaves room for such issues.

Lack of physical intimacy.

When you’re in an unhappy relationship, you find yourself less likely to desire sex and intimacy. Most couples start falling apart when their sexual interactions come to an end. It’s not normal for young and healthy people to avoid physical intimacy—unless they have a problem of some sort. (Of course, this rule is not true about asexual couples or those who have decided not to have sex for whatsoever reason).

Self-sabotage and depression.

Another way to know if you’re in a happy relationship is by analyzing your self-love level. Something is wrong if you don’t care for yourself and let go of your needs. A thriving love life encourages you to become a better person in all aspects of life. Contrarily, a toxic one leads to depression, lack of self-esteem, or self-sabotage.

What if the Test Said You’re Unhappy in Your Relationship?

Don’t panic. Relationship status is never a fixed-line. There’re always ups and downs. So, you might be unhappy with yours for now. But that doesn’t mean it needs to stay the same way for the rest of your life. There’re several ways to fix a broken romantic relationship. The key is to have the courage to face the problems and have the will to deal with them.

Here’s what to do if the Relationship Happiness Test results were worrying:

Step #1: Reflection and realization.

You and your partner need to reflect on your feelings, thoughts, and decisions. You may have been changed in the course of the past few months/years. And your needs might be different now. Or you may have hidden problems that you were scared to bring up because you didn’t want to face more conflicts.

If that’s the case, now it’s time to talk and review your relationship carefully. But don’t make it feel like a trial. Give each other enough safe space to express yourself with no fear—and avoid being judgmental because it’s not going to help.

Step #2: Communication and preparation.

After finding the root causes of your problems, it’s time to communicate your needs. Be honest about what you expect from your relationship and let your partner know what you want. At this point, you need to prepare yourself to solve potential problems from the past and get ready to progress.

Step #3: Setting goals.

It’s best to set mutual goals for your relationship. Your love life should not be like two separate train rails with unmatching destinations. You and your lover should have several joint objectives to keep you two together. Of course, you should still have enough room for your individual goals for the future. But you don’t want to keep them away from your partner.

Read Before Taking the Quiz

If you constantly ask yourself, “Am I happy in my relationship?” the best bet is talking to a couples therapist. You and your partner can benefit from a guided process through which you solve your problems, get to know each other better, and progress.

Please, take the results of the test lightly. That’s because human relationships are way too complicated. Make sure you talk to your partner about your emotions after taking the test and tell them how it made you feel.

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