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Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator

Love Tester Quiz

This love tester quiz exposes how genuine your love is with 20 simple personality questions. Would you dare to face the truth about your feelings?

Is There a Way to Measure Love? Kind of.

It seems impossible to associate abstract emotions like love with measurable numbers. However, a love tester quiz can analyze the crucial segments of affection (respect, intimacy, passion, and commitment) to see how significant or dismissible your feelings are towards a person.

During the initial stages of romantic relationships, you might ask questions like, “Am I in love?” But as things progress, you may want to know how deep, reliable, and true your emotions are. You’d probably want to know what the other person feels as well.

The love test questions for couples on this page allow you to evaluate your affection level. The goal is to help you find out if it’s love or lust.

What Does the Love Tester Quiz Do?

Basically, a love tester quiz is a self-report questionnaire designed to assess emotions in your romantic relationship(s). It uses compatibility tests and psychological questions to determine how much you love a particular person.

People have different love languages, and they show affection in unique ways. So, it’s understandable when someone wants to discover how reliable their emotions are. The quiz allows you to report what’s going on in your relationship and receive an accurate analysis based on that.

Unlike a couples quiz, we don’t necessarily want to expose how well you know your partner. Instead, we explore the primary signs of true affection to come up with actual results. See below.

Signs that the Love Tester Looks for

According to, “Psychologist Robert Sternberg’s theory describes types of love based on three different scales: intimacy, passion, and commitment.” These concepts, along with respect, are considered the fundamentals of true, long-term love. Here’s how the love tester quiz examines each.

Respect is crucial in any sort of relationship—not just romantic ones. During the test, you answer questions about your traits, thoughts, and experiences that reveal how much you admire and value your partner. The lower the respect level is, the lesser you love that person.

Intimacy is not limited to sexual acts of yours. Yes, physical intimacy is a crucial part of love in most relationships. But it’s not the whole thing. Emotional, ideological, and spiritual intimacies are equally important. So, the love tester quiz presents questions that show how intimate you are as a couple.

Passion forms the fuel you need to keep your love life moving. Without it, your love would become empty and be nothing more than a commitment. By taking the love tester quiz, you can see how passionate you are about your romantic relationship and how it’s affecting your emotions.

Commitment is the key difference between love and lust. If you’re not committed to your lover, then it’s just recreational love. The test aims to discover how dedicated you are to evaluate the level of affection in your relationship.

What Are the Love Tester Results Like?

The results help you understand how deep or unreliable your love life is. Here are some examples of things that might pop up in your results.

Dead Love

When you take the love tester quiz, and there’s no sign of respect, intimacy, commitment, or passion in your relationship, you come across this result. As the title suggests, it means that your affection has been dead. And you’re not happy in your relationship.

Empty Love

This one is one of the disappointing results in the love tester quiz. It indicates that you’re not passionate about your relationship anymore, but you’re still committed to your partner. Those who see this result often have other questions like, “Should I break up with him or her?” But they often find it challenging to separate their ways because of the promises and obligations.

Recreational Love

Being in a beneficial relationship is fine if both parties are okay with it. Sometimes, you may want to know how powerful your emotions are for a person you’re not committed to. It’s often called recreational love because you only choose to experience the fun parts and exclude challenging things like dedication.

The love tester quiz can identify if your feelings are recreational. We inspect the signs to see if you’re serious about the relationship or you prefer to enjoy it as long as possible.

Passionate True Love

If you come up with this result in the love tester quiz, you no longer need to ask, “Will I ever find love?” That’s because you already have it. Only couples who have acceptable respect, commitment, passion, and intimacy manage to get this result.

What if the Love Tester Said Your Love is Dead?

Don’t panic. Affection comes and goes. It’s you who needs to protect and help it grow. If the test says your love is dismissible, don’t give up. Try to talk to your partner about it and find ways to reignite the flame between the two of you.

Here are some tips:

  • Have date nights no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship.
  • Talk about things you’d like to experience with your partner, both sexual and non-sexual.
  • Go on a trip or camp for a couple of days.
  • See a couples therapist and discuss your problems.

Disclaimer: Read Before Taking the Love Tester Quiz

It’s just an entertaining self-report questionnaire for you and your partner. It’s wise not to count on the results for making important decisions about your relationship. Ensure you discuss the results with your lover and let them know what you think about it.

You should know that love is an emotion; hence unstable. So, if you’re going through a tough time in your relationship, don’t expect your results to be significantly different.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one describes your arguments with your partner?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 1
    • We remain respectful and don't yell

    • We mind our own business, so we don't argue

    • We are too numb to argue. We just moved one

    • We're loud, disrespectful, and aggressive

  • 2
    What do you love about your partner's behavior?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 2
    • They value my personality and respect it

    • They value my fantasies and sexual desires

    • I like that they mind their own business

    • I don't like anything about my partner

  • 3
    How difficult is it for you to apologize after an argument or fight?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 3
    • It's fairly easy. We apologize to each other all the time

    • It's a bit challenging because I don't like to apologize

    • It doesn't even matter. We don't care about apologies

    • It's impossible. We never apologize.

  • 4
    Does your partner respect your freedom of choice?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 4
    • Yes, we both value that

    • I don't know. We're not that close

    • I don't think so. (I'm not sure)

    • No, they don't respect anything

  • 5
    How does your partner treat your family members?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 5
    • They treat my family great, and I love it

    • I never introduce my partners to my family

    • They treat them casually (nothing special about it)

    • They treat my family poorly and disrespectfully

  • 6
    Have you and your partner introduced each other to your friends?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 6
    • Yes, and my friends loved them

    • Nah, I like to keep my relationships private

    • I did, and I regret that decision

    • I did, and everyone hated my partner

  • 7
    How often does your partner cut you off while talking to say something else?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 7
    • Rarely or not at all

    • It happens frequently, but I don't mind it

    • They do that a lot, and I hate it

    • We don't talk that much. So, I don't know.

  • 8
    What do you think about physical intimacy in a relationship?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 8
    • I love it, and it strengthens our bond

    • It's the only reason I have a relationship

    • I do it out of need. I don't enjoy it

    • I hate it. I don't get intimate with my partner.

  • 9
    Is it difficult for you or your lover to show physical affection?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 9
    • Not at all. We do that all the time.

    • It depends. We have sex, but we're not that intimate.

    • It used to be easier, but it's challenging these days.

    • It's impossible. We both avoid physical intimacy.

  • 10
    Do you talk about your deepest emotions and thought to your partner?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 10
    • Yes, that's what I love about my relationship.

    • Nah, that would be a silly move. I value my privacy.

    • I'd like to talk, but my partner wouldn't even listen.

    • Not at all. I'd never open up to my partner again.

  • 11
    Can you say that your lover is also your best friend?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 11
    • Yes, my partner is my bestie

    • Not really. We're friends with benefits.

    • I used to think they were. But not anymore.

    • No. It's more like they're my enemy.

  • 12
    Which one sounds like the reason you're in a relationship?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 12
    • To thrive and enjoy my life

    • To have fun and live in the moment

    • To keep my family together

    • I don't know why I'm in this relationship.

  • 13
    How do you feel about the future of your relationship?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 13
    • I'm optimistic about where we're headed

    • I don't think about my relationships' future

    • I think we have to get used to what we have

    • I think we're going to break up sooner or later

  • 14
    If you went back in time, would you choose the same person to have a relationship with?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 14
    • Yes, sure! I love my partner

    • I don't know. I'd probably see other people too

    • I'm not sure about that. I have mixed feelings.

    • Not at all. I'd never make that mistake again.

  • 15
    Have you ever cheated or been cheated on in your relationship?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 15
    • No, I've never experienced that.

    • I don't really mind. I prefer open relationships.

    • I'm not sure. My partner might have cheated on me.

    • Yes, I've been cheated on (or cheated on my partner).

  • 16
    What do you think about cheating? Do you think it's understandable or okay?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 16
    • No, it's unfair and disrespectful

    • It depends. I don't like to make it a big deal.

    • I don't even know.

    • Everyone is a cheater…

  • 17
    What's your opinion about commitment? Is it crucial for love?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 17
    • Yes, commitment makes a relationship desirable

    • Not really. I don't like commitment.

    • I used to think it was important. Not anymore.

    • Commitment is just a lie. Don't fall for it.

  • 18
    How much quality time do you spend with your partner?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 18
    • A lot. We spend all our free time together

    • We just hang out, and that's it

    • Not much. We do that occasionally.

    • Not at all. We don't spend time together.

  • 19
    Which one describes how you spend time with your lover?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 19
    • We do fun activities

    • We usually have sex and then leave

    • We hang out with our kids

    • We argue and fight

  • 20
    Final question; are you sure that you've picked the right person for a romantic relationship?
    Ultimate Love Tester Quiz. 100% Accurate Calculator 20
    • Yes, I'm 100% confident about my choice.

    • I don't know. It's not anything serious.

    • I used to be sure. But not anymore.

    • No, I'm sure that I picked the wrong person.

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