What Anime Stereotype Are You? 100% Fun Quiz

Hey, what anime stereotype are you? Have you ever wondered which anime cliché would fit your life and personality? This otaku-level quiz reveals the answer.

What Anime Stereotype Are You

What Is an Anime Stereotype?

An anime stereotype is a trope or cliché idea that is overused. It includes stereotypical characters, plots, twists, and even powers and lures. For example, Tsundere (a character who treats their love interest poorly) has become a reoccurring part of most anime series and manga and, therefore, a stereotype.

The Anime Trope Test Explained

The quiz is a series of twenty questions about your behaviors, reactions, style, and thought process. The goal is to create your anime profile, matching it to our stereotype database. It reveals which cliché idea in Japanese animations matches your overall personality.

Don’t get it wrong, though. It’s not meant to answer questions like, “Which anime character are you?” The results will only reveal what formulaic idea or personality type suits your real-life persona.

Find Out What Anime Stereotype Are You

The best way to discover your matching cliché is by taking an analytical quiz like ours. But if that doesn’t interest you, here’s what to do instead. Go through the following 4-step process to see what stereotype in anime shows you represent.

#1. Behavior Analysis

The way you treat others and your traits can define your anime stereotype. You need to pay attention to the details of your interactions with others. Are you an enthusiastic speaker, a careful listener, an overly introverted, or a party animal-level extroverted? These prominent features are crucial to be examined when looking for your matching tropes.

#2. Reaction Analysis

Anime characters’ reactions to different events are primary distinguishing factors. So, it’s essential to know how you’d face various happenings. Are you loud and hyped, cool and chill, or tough and prepared? The way you interact with real-life problems and situations offers clues about what anime stereotype you are.

#3. Appearance and Style Analysis

Most otakus can guess anime characters by the picture because of their unique style. But there are some unwritten rules about their appearance that apply to real life. For example, mysterious characters usually cover some aspects of their look—usually by using a bandage or mask. Or villains often wear long dark-colored dresses that help them vanish in a blink. So, when it comes to answering questions like, “What is your anime stereotype?” inspecting your style is a must.

#4. Thought Process Analysis

You are used to hearing your favorite anime character’s voice while thinking. But guess what? You need to focus on your inner voice to discover your stereotype or trope. The way you think is an undeniable hint of what anime clichés match your life.

What Are Some Anime Stereotypes or Tropes?

You can create a fairly long list of stereotypical ideas overused in the Japanese animation industry. However, here are the top seven tropes that you see in almost every single show, regardless of the genre.


A character, usually a girl, does everything in their power not to expose their love for their crush. It’s so repeatedly used in anime and manga that it got Tsundere’s official name. We have already created a quiz that identifies what your DERE is. But if you have no idea, Dere are archetypes of various characters in Japanese animations. And Tsundere is one of the overly used ones.

No matter the genre, there’s always this brat girl or boy who treats someone poorly because they secretly love that person. It sounds frustratingly repetitive. But you can’t deny the fact that it allows so much room for comedic relief—especially in more serious or dark shows.

Weird food eater

Many people might not even know that their anime stereotype is related to the way they eat. But let’s face it. Some characters just make so many weird noises when eating food. It’s one of the troops that has become a tradition. As soon as the protagonist(s) sit behind the table, you start hearing those yum yum and chomp chomp noises for no apparent reason.

Misunderstanding character

You cannot look for anime stereotypes and overlook characters that just misunderstand everything possible. It can usually be a shy girl who thinks her crush hates her. And she opts to straight-up misinterpret every nice thing her love interest does, thinking he’s showing his hatred for her. (It sucks to watch those painfully long scenes where that misunderstanding character misjudges everything in their life).

Annoyingly sweet girl

Many of you who ask, “What anime stereotype am I?” are prone to matching this one—which is a good thing. The annoyingly nice girl is a reoccurring cliché in most anime shows and manga. It’s all about reflecting the miseries and hardships of a naïve, shy, cheerful, and positive girl. And it often ends with a heroic love interest (most likely a super-hot boy) showing up and saving her from the cruelty of the surrounding world.

Accidentally pervert boy

One of the most common anime guy stereotypes is having a boy walking in on a girl who’s changing accidentally. The incident will turn that poor character into a pervert and cause an unbelievable amount of trouble ahead. But the scenario can have other forms, too, such as falling over a girl by accident, touching someone where you shouldn’t (again, accidentally), or unintentionally looking anywhere but the hot girl’s eyes.

The overthinker

Otakus are allowed inside most characters’ minds. And they can hear their thought process live. But there’s this stereotypical thing about some of them who makes those thinking scenes overly long. The overthinkers are those anime personas who start overanalyzing the smallest details and turning them into unbearably complicated concepts. This also happens with super-intelligent characters who can reverse engineer the whole process of creating the universe in an overthinking fashion.

Oversexualized boy or girl (but mostly girl)

You probably know everything about this anime stereotype. But the truth is that not many otakus complain about this aspect of anime or manga. Oversexualized characters have become a popular part of mainstream shows, inviting more viewers and keeping them engaged. We all remember at least one random “Beach Episode” in which every hottie gets semi-naked for absolutely no freaking reason.

The Problem with Most Anime Stereotype Quizzes

Unfortunately, there are some stereotypical beliefs about otakus and anime lovers. Things like anime are for children, most shows promoting pervert ideas, or otakus being problematic individuals. But the saddest part is that some other online quizzes employ the same hateful and disrespectful ideas to create anime stereotype quizzes.

However, we want you to know that QuizExpo’s test on this page is 100% respectful and otaku-friendly. We are against any type of discrimination. So, you can enjoy the anime trope questionnaire without worrying about the results.


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