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Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate

Four Tendencies Quiz

Want to know if you’re a Rebel, Obliger, Upholder, or Questioner? Take this Four Tendencies Quiz to find the accurate answer based on Gretchen Rubin’s book.

The Four Tendencies Quiz, Explained

With 20 self-reflection questions, the Four Tendencies Quiz is a self-assessment for expectation response. The test identifies if you’re an Upholder who meets expectations, a Questioner who doubts expectations, an Obliger who prioritizes external expectations, or a Rebel who hates all expectations—even the internal ones.

The Four Tendency is a personality framework created by Gretchen Rubin. According to her theory, people can be categorized into four primary groups based on how they respond to inner and outer expectations.

What Are the Four Tendencies

The four Tendency types are Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, and Rebel. Each of these natures reacts to rules, regulations, and obligations differently, making it difficult for them to adjust to new habits in the same way.

Upholder Tendency

An Upholder tends to meet both inner and outer expectations readily. This particular Tendency quickly adapts to rules and excels at challenging tasks when they’re paired with regulations and deadlines. The only downside to this Tendency is that Upholders often struggle with failure anxiety and perform poorly when there are no boundaries.

Questioner Tendency

Questioners only follow rules that make sense. They tend to examine and evaluate every rule, cherry-picking the ones backed with logic and reason. The only downside to this Tendency is that Questioners might struggle with following direct orders, and they also fall behind when there’s no creativity involved.

Obliger Tendency

Also known as a people-pleaser, an Obliger prioritizes outer expectations while failing to care for the inner ones. While people with this Tendency stand out in workplaces or academic settings, their self-negligence often leads to stress, depression, and lack of motivation.

Rebel Tendency

Rebels tend to resist both inner and outer expectations. Contrary to an Upholder, a Rebel feels locked in when there are too many rules and deadlines—but excels in creative works such as art. The biggest disadvantage of the Rebel Tendency is that it tires both the Rebel and the people who want to work with them, as it’s challenging to fit them into any framework.

Why It Matters to Know Your Tendencies

The Four Tendencies help you better understand yourself. And in Gretchen Rubin’s words, “Self-knowledge is the secret to happiness and success. The better you know yourself, your own nature, your own value, and your own temperament, the better able you are to bring these elements into your everyday life.”

Understanding your Tendency can aid you in developing new habits, managing your reaction to expectations, and effectively expressing your needs to others. In a way, your Tendency type compares to your love language; once you become fluent in it, others can better comprehend your needs.

Find Out if You’re an Upholder, Obliger, Rebel, or Questioner

Do you want to know which of the Four Tendencies you have? If yes, take this obligation and expectancy quiz to see what motivates you and what sets you back. Are you a workaholic Upholder, a people-pleasing Obliger, a philosophical Questioner, or a stubborn Rebel? Let’s find out now!

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While the Four Tendencies Quiz is inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s work, it does not include any copyrighted material, and QuizExpo intends no copyright infringement.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Pick the word that better describes how you feel about deadlines.
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 1
    • I don’t like them, but I meet all deadlines

    • I love them; they keep me disciplined

    • It depends on the type of deadline we’re talking about

    • I hate all kinds of deadlines

  • 2
    What motivates you to do more work?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 2
    • Making others happy

    • Achieving goals

    • It depends on the work

    • Getting paid (money)

  • 3
    What kind of manager or boss is your favorite?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 3
    • Caring

    • Strict

    • Wise

    • Cool

  • 4
    How do you deal with failure?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 4
    • I usually can’t move on

    • I learn from my mistakes and move on

    • It depends on the type of failure

    • Failures don’t bother me; IDC

  • 5
    What’s your definition of success?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 5
    • Making everyone proud of you

    • Good career and financial stability

    • Achieving peace of mind

    • Living life to its fullest

  • 6
    How difficult is it for you to form new habits?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 6
    • Somewhat difficult

    • Not difficult at all

    • It depends on the habit

    • Almost impossible

  • 7
    What do expectations mean to you?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 7
    • Stressful standards that I must meet

    • Helpful signs to help shape my path

    • Stereotypical nonsense with no benefit

    • Unnecessary drama and boring cliches

  • 8
    Do you spend enough time to care for yourself?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 8
    • Not at all. I’m focused on other stuff

    • Yes, I’m actively trying to care for myself

    • Not really, but I’m working on it

    • No, I’m fine. I don’t need that

  • 9
    Are you good at following rules?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 9
    • Yes, I’m an excellent team member

    • For the most part, yes. But I’m a better leader

    • It depends on what rules we’re talking about

    • No, I hate all sorts of rules and boundaries

  • 10
    What kind of manager or boss are you (or would you be)?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 10
    • Kind

    • Strict

    • Open-minded

    • Cool

  • 11
    What’s your dream workplace like?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 11
    • An equality-oriented safe place

    • A professional and work-focused environment

    • A creativity-boosting, modern environment

    • A quiet place with limited human interactions

  • 12
    What could trigger your anxiety?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 12
    • Possibility of failure

    • Performance drop

    • Work overload

    • New regulations

  • 13
    What kind of jobs do you excel in?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 13
    • Team work-oriented

    • Solo

    • Creative

    • None of them

  • 14
    Which word matches your personality?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 14
    • Healer

    • Leader

    • Thinker

    • Feeler

  • 15
    What’s your strategy for setting deadlines?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 15
    • I give myself some extra time just in case

    • I determine the exact date and time from the get-go

    • It depends on the type of task I’m working on

    • I don’t set deadlines; I hate them

  • 16
    What kind of coworkers are difficult to work with?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 16
    • Manipulative ones

    • Lazy ones

    • Dull ones

    • I don’t like people in general. So …

  • 17
    How do you feel about competitions?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 17
    • It makes me nervous

    • I love a good competition

    • IDK. It depends on the type of competition I’m in

    • I don’t like any type of competition

  • 18
    On a scale of 0 to 5, how competitive are you?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 18
    • 1-2

    • 4-5

    • 3

    • 0

  • 19
    What’s the most important aspect of a rule?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 19
    • Clarity

    • Consistency

    • Flexibility

    • Relevance

  • 20
    Final question: How good are you at time management?
    Four Tendencies Quiz. 100% Accurate 20
    • Not bad

    • Pretty good

    • It depends

    • Awful

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