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Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023?

Hobby Quiz

Do you constantly wonder what pastime you should try? This 100% accurate personality-analyzing hobby quiz discovers your passion based on your characteristics.

This Quiz’s Job Is to Reveal Your Hobby

We have created a hobby test for adults that considers 20 factors to come up with a suggestion list. Unlike other online tests, we don’t leave you with one or two options to pick from. Our hobby quiz actually provides a list of pastimes that someone with your personality type would like. That’s why the results satisfy you no matter what.

We already introduced another famous quiz that answers, “What should I do today?” But the one on this page is a deeper dive into your character, likes, and dislikes. Here’s all you need to know about the test.

Find hobbies for your personality

The primary goal of the hobby quiz is to identify what pastimes suit your personality, lifestyle, and time. We have a database of the world’s most popular hobbies, categorized into groups that match various personality types. Your responses let us figure out what type of person you are and then suggest the best category.

Receive some eye-opening pieces of advice.

The results of the hobby quiz include information that could change the way you perceive your pastimes. Most people struggle with finding the perfect work-life balance. But the pieces of advice in the test results might help you realize what’s missing from your lifestyle. And it can remind you of the importance of ‘ME TIME’ in your schedule.

How Do I Find the Right Hobby for Me?

The most convenient way is by taking the hobby quiz on this page. But if that doesn’t interest you, try the following steps.

#1. Identify the reason you want to have a hobby.

Stop asking, “What hobbies should I try?” Take your time and think about why you need a pastime. Is it because you have too much free time? Is it because you want to monetize your hobby? Or is it because you want to care for your mental health and have some personal activities to help with that? The answer to such questions is the key to finding your perfect hobby.

For example, if you’re looking for a pastime to help with your mental health, you should go with meditation, yoga, or some sort of sport. If your goal is to earn some extra cash out of your hobby, things like drawing, writing, editing, or other similar monetizable options are your best bet.

#2. Think about your expectations.

What outcome do you expect from following your passion or finding a hobby? Is it money, pleasure, relaxation, or all? It’s best to know what you want to achieve by having pastimes in advance. That’s when you don’t regret your choices—even when they seem to be wrong.

#3. Create a list of the top 5 hobbies you like.

You literarily find a list of most common hobbies online and handpick the ones you like. Start with a list with at least ten entries and exclude the ones you like the least, keeping five you love. These are the hobbies you’d either like to try or have always been fascinated with.

You can use the list of most popular hobbies in the U.S. to start with. See below. (Statista provides the information in the following table).

Hobby Popularity
Music 52%
Food 47%
Reading/Writing 38%
Pets 37%
Video Games 36%
Travel 36%
Health and Fitness 30%
Arts and Crafts 29%


#4. Give them a try.

Finally, you don’t need to ask, “What hobby should I try?” because you already know the answer. You have to spend some time testing the pastimes on your list and exploring them to find the one. Of course, you can have multiple hobbies at once. So, don’t force yourself to pick only one if you happen to enjoy a couple of them equally.

4 Reasons Why You Cannot Find Your Hobby

Struggling to find your passion or hobby can be frustrating. But you need to think about the WHY behind your problem. What is stopping you from discovering the pastime you like? Is there anything wrong with you? We doubt that. Here are the possible reasons you constantly ask, “What hobbies should I try?” and you can’t find the answer.

You are overthinking passion and hobby.

Terri Trespicio says, “Passion is not a plan; it’s a feeling, and feelings change.” You may be in search of the one actual hobby that you want to spend the rest of your life enjoying it. But that’s not how it works. Like any other emotion, passion evolves. So, you may find yourself getting pleasure from entirely different sets of activities in a couple of years—or even months.

Stop overthinking finding the perfect hobby. Let your passion grow along with you and allow it to change.

You think you don’t have enough time.

Many people complain about having little to no time to enjoy their hobbies. So, they just give up and focus on their job or whatever it is that’s keeping them busy. But according to Statista, “the daily time spent with social media in the U.S. was two hours and three minutes.” If you think about it, people spend 120 minutes scrolling apps that return nothing but a bunch of useless information.

So, the next time you complain about lack of time or being busy, check out your social media account settings to see how much time you spend there. You usually need about an hour per day to have a hobby. And we guarantee that you’re spending more than that on social media.

You want to pursue excellence.

One thing that holds many people back from having a hobby is doing everything perfectly. The idea that you do something as sloppy as possible just to enjoy and have fun scares people off. And you might be one of the excellence pursuers as well. If that’s the case, remind yourself of the definition of “hobby.” It’s not a job. It’s an activity you do to make your brain produce dopamine so you can have fun. Don’t make it overcomplicated.

You feel guilty for having fun.

Unfortunately, many individuals think having fun stops them from achieving their goals. They hustle and work hard all the time, hoping that it will pay off in the end. But be mindful that having no hobbies or ways of having fun will lead you to burn out and damage your mental health. It’s fantastic to be a hardworking person. But you deserve to have some ‘ME TIME.’ Don’t go harsh on yourself and pick a pastime that you enjoy without feeling guilty about it.

How the Hobby Quiz Helps You

The test is designed to help you get your head around your likes, dislikes, and expectations. It’s a self-report questionnaire that delivers accurate results based on your responses. The hobby quiz asks questions that you have to ask yourself—but you probably can’t think of all of them at once.

How to Play?

Playing personality quizzes is straightforward: Choose the option that’s true about you—or you relate to—and select “Next.” Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. But the questions are in forced-choice format. The point is to push you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that’s 100% true. For the most accurate results, don’t overthink your responses. Go with options that you “feel” are the best.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    Which one is a better description for a hobby?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 1
    • Something that's pure fun

    • Something that inspires you

    • Something that makes you a better person

    • Something that has the potential to grow

  • 2
    How do you want to feel when pursuing your hobby?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 2
    • Happy and carefree

    • Calm and creative

    • Healthy and satisfied

    • Productive and progressing

  • 3
    How important is it for you to make some extra cash off of your new pastime?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 3
    • I don't think about money at all

    • It's not a priority

    • I wouldn't say it's not important

    • It's essential

  • 4
    Why do you want to have a hobby?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 4
    • I have so much free time

    • I need more brainwaves

    • I want to improve my lifestyle

    • I want to build a side-hustle

  • 5
    Do you prefer to have indoor or outdoor hobbies?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 5
    • It doesn't matter

    • I like both

    • Outdoors

    • Indoors

  • 6
    Do you like the type of pastimes that involve others, or do you prefer solo activities?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 6
    • I want to have fun with others

    • I prefer to be on my own

    • It depends

    • I could handle both

  • 7
    How competitive do you want your pastime to be? (5 means super-competitive).
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 7
    • 0-1

    • 2-3

    • 4

    • 5

  • 8
    If you could make money off of your hobby, would you leave your current job for it?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 8
    • No. I love my job.

    • I don't think so.

    • It depends on the pay.

    • Yes, I'd leave my job for sure.

  • 9
    Would you like to pursue one single hobby and perfect it or try multiple ones and experience new things?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 9
    • I like to try multiple things.

    • I'm not sure about that.

    • I like to try one thing and perfect it.

    • I kind of like both.

  • 10
    How much free time do you think you have per day?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 10
    • More than 4 hours

    • About 3 hours

    • About 2 hours

    • About 1 hour

  • 11
    How do you usually spend your free time? (What do you do when you're not working?).
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 11
    • Video games or movies

    • Writing or reading

    • Working out or taking a walk

    • Doing extra things for money

  • 12
    Do you feel happier when you consume or when you create something?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 12
    • I like both

    • I feel better when I create

    • I dislike both

    • I feel better when I consume

  • 13
    Which of these daily activities do you enjoy the most?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 13
    • Checking my social media accounts

    • Making me a breakfast

    • Commuting to my workplace

    • Doing my job

  • 14
    Which one describes your average energy level?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 14
    • Super-high

    • High

    • Moderate

    • Low

  • 15
    Do you have any hobbies right now? If yes, how many?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 15
    • Yes, two or more

    • Yes, just one

    • It's complicated

    • No, I don't have any hobbies

  • 16
    Choose one of these emotions that you relate to.
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 16
    • Excitement

    • Satisfaction

    • Peacefulness

    • Happiness

  • 17
    Which one describes your job better?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 17
    • Simple and time-friendly

    • Casual and well-paying

    • Difficult and technical

    • Complicated and unbearable

  • 18
    How much money would you like to earn by monetizing your hobby?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 18
    • I don't need any money

    • $100 to $300 would be fine

    • $500 to $1,000 would be nice

    • At least $5,000

  • 19
    Which one is missing from your lifestyle?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 19
    • Fun

    • Relaxation

    • Energy

    • Productivity

  • 20
    Final question; how many hobbies do you want to have?
    Hobby Quiz: What Hobby Should You Try in 2023? 20
    • 4 or more

    • 3

    • 2

    • 1 is enough

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