Cheggers Party Quiz. 2024 Updated Questions

The Cheggers Party Quiz takes you back to the nostalgic days of PS2 and Wii days with 15 fun trivia questions.

Cheggers Party Quiz

The Cheggers Party Quiz Explained

Inspired by Oxygen Games’ classic title, the Cheggers Party Quiz is a trivia game. Just like the retro game itself, the online test’s premise is to examine participants’ knowledge of pop culture and assess their overall general knowledge.

For those unfamiliar, Cheggers Party Quiz is a 2007 video game starring Keith Chegwin, an English television presenter and actor known for his work in children’s entertainment shows in the 70s and 80s.

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The Hardest TV, Film, and Music Trivia

This trivia includes questions about hit TV shows, classic and fresh movies, as well as questions about trending songs. This is, of course, in alignment with the original video game, though we’ve updated the topics to match the current mainstream media. (It’s unlikely that Gen-Zers would be able to answer the game’s original questions anyway.)

Is this the Same as the Video Game?

While the Cheggers Party Quiz is inspired by Oxygen Games’ retro title, it is not an exact replica. We’ve updated the questions and added fresh topics so that younger participants can enjoy the fun, too. However, we’re excited to let the fans know that the online version does indeed include nostalgia-driven original questions from the 2007 game.

How Difficult Are the Questions?

As with most trivia games, the Cheggers Party Quiz gradually becomes more difficult. Every correct or wrong answer on the test will affect the next question, making it even more complicated.

Here are some examples of the questions:

Question Difficulty Level
Who won an Oscar for the best actor in 2019? Easy
Which Taylor Swift song is the longest? Normal
Which TV show has won the most Golden Globe awards? Hard


Test Your Knowledge with a Fun  Quiz

Are you a chronically online internet maniac who knows everything about popping shows, movies, and music? If yes, we dare you to take the Cheggers Party Quiz! The following questions check your pop culture facts and reveal if you’re a true mainstream freak—or just a random normie.

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