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General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80%

General Knowledge Quiz

This mind-blowing and fun general knowledge quiz has 20 different easy and hard trivia questions to challenge your friends and family. Only real-deal geeks can score higher than 80.

This General Knowledge Quiz Is About, Well, Everything

The questions have various topics. But the primary subjects are wildlife, countries, science, and fun facts. Here is what you should know about each category.


Some of the general knowledge quizzes will challenge your information about wildlife. Animals are strange. We have a long way to understand their nature. However, we already know so many interesting things about them. For instance, we know that snails can sleep for up to three years! Here is another one, bats might hunt 1,000 insects in 60 minutes.


Some of the public knowledge questions on this page are about countries. We live in a global village. However, not many of us care about what other countries are up to. So, if you score high for such questions, just know that you are special.


How many bacteria live in our body? How much skin do we lose in our lifespan? Does it rain on Jupiter? These are all questions you need to answer on the general knowledge quiz. But do not worry if you do not know the answers. Look for the clues to figure out the right answer.

Fun Facts

Does the US currency have $20 coins? Are jellyfishes immortal? What does Jeep mean? Our funny general knowledge quiz has so many questions to scratch your brain. (And if you know the right answer, then the joke’s on us).

Things to Know Before Taking the General Knowledge Quiz

QuizExpo is home to hundreds (if not thousands) of fun trivia quizzes. They are educative, kid-friendly, and competitive.

It is an Educational Trivia Test

You see the correct answer right after answering each question. Plus, you read the extra information about the facts in the reveal box. That is why the general knowledge test is informative. No matter which option you choose, the reveal box teaches you something new about that topic.

It Is a Kids-Friendly Quiz

You do not face cumbersome words, mind-bending ideas, or sexual content on this quiz. That is why it is 100% kid-friendly. The questions are not easy-to-answer. But they are easy-to-understand. Moreover, we included a clue in each query so that everyone has an equal chance to find the correct response.

You Get a Score

QuizExpo’s general information quiz is score-based. Each query has a specific value that affects the result. The highest score is 100, and the lowest is 0.

How to Create a General Knowledge Quiz in 5 Steps

To create your own quiz, you need to follow these steps.

Step #1: Gather facts.

Go to and open their Amazing Fact Generator. This tool offers random fun facts every time you press the “More Facts Please!” button. Select 20-100 facts. Then categorize them into specific groups, such as sports, movies, TV shows, animals, etc.

Step #2: Turn facts into questions.

If your fact is, “Giraffes have the longest tongues among animals,” the question should be, “Which animal has the longest tongue?” Or “Do giraffes have both the longest neck and tongue in the world?”

You can either create ‘true or false’ or ‘multiple-choice’ questions.

Step #3: Set scores for each question.

One simple method to score the queries is by dividing 100 by the number of the questions. For instance, if your quiz has 20 queries, each should have 5 points. (100 % 20 = 5).

Step #4: Create reveal cards.

Create a sheet or a dock of cards that reveal the correct answer. Everyone wants to know what is the correct choice—and why.

Step #5: Make It an Interactive Quiz.

Printed quizzes are way more fun. However, if you do not own a printer, create an interactive Google Form. Go to your Form’s setting, and under the “Quizzes” section, turn on “Make It a Quiz.” Now you can enter your questions, create multiple choices, and identify a score/point for each.

How to Make It More Fun?

Taking a general knowledge test is entertaining. However, here is how to make it even more exciting.

Comment your score

Less than 40% of the participants score higher than 85. So, commenting your points is an enjoyable way of showing off your information. Let’s see who is the boss around.

Take it with a friend

Send the link to a friend and ask them to take the quiz as well. Then reveal and compare your scores to see who is the geekiest friend. You can also set a time limit to make the test more challenging.

Share the results

The general knowledge quiz result is only available to you. So, it is 100% private. However, you can share it with others by clicking on the share buttons at the end of the result page. It might heat things up and expose your competitors who would like to try to outsmart you.

Hold a contest

Share the quiz link with a group of friends and ask them to take it simultaneously. Next, compare the scores and choose the winner. (It is best to ask for screenshots to make sure no one is cheating!).

How to Play?

A trivia quiz comes with right and wrong answers. You receive one point for each correct response—but no negatives for the incorrect ones. Take your time and read the questions carefully because some might be trick questions. Choose an option and lock it in by tapping “Next.” Lucky for you, the trivia quizzes have instant results. You see if your response was correct immediately. (Green is good, red is bad.) Even better, you can learn more about the topics with the “answer reveals,” the fun-fact snippets that appear after each question.

Questions of the quiz

  • 1
    How normal is it to see fishes raining from the sky? (Clue: People from Honduras know it best).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 1
    • Fish rain is a myth

    • It is quite normal in some places

    • It is sporadic

  • 2
    What does Jeep stand for? (Clue: if Jeeps were human, we'd call them multitaskers).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 2
    • Jeep is not an abbreviation.

    • It is a French word that means POWERFUL

    • It stands for General Purpose

  • 3
    Which country has the most islands? (Clue: +46)
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 3
    • Sweden

    • Indonesia

  • 4
    Can you give birth to twins separately? (Clue: We are not talking about being born minutes apart).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 4
    • Yes, you can

    • No, it is not possible

    • They would not be twins if they born separately

  • 5
    What is the most popular language in the world? (Clue: It is not English!)
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 5
    • French

    • Spanish

    • Mandarin Chinees

    • Arabic

  • 6
    How long would it take to watch all the videos on YouTube? (Clue: average YouTube video length is 11.7 minutes).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 6
    • 100 Years

    • 16.5 Years

    • 1000 Years

    • 350 Years

  • 7
    A hummingbird's heart beats _______ times per second. (Clue: It beats really FAST!)
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 7
    • 25 times

    • 19 times

    • 20 times

    • 56 times

  • 8
    What percentage of adults in the world are illiterate? (Clue: there are more educated people around these days).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 8
    • 30%

    • 14%

    • 10%

    • 51%

  • 9
    A frozen lobster might come back to life after you thaw it. (Clue: lobsters do not have an afterlife).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 9
    • Yes

    • No

  • 10
    Why the food they give you during a flight is tasteless? (Clue: "it is a matter of taste").
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 10
    • It is because they use cheap ingredients

    • It is because they are not allowed to serve delicious food

    • It is because your sense of smell and taste does not work properly in the sky

  • 11
    The oldest graffiti dates back to the 60s'. (Clue: graffiti is an old form of art).
    • True

    • False

  • 12
    What is the most social animal in the world? (Clue: have you ever "meat" one? Pun intended).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 11
    • Cow

    • Pigs

    • Sheep

    • Elephant

  • 13
    How tall is the world's longest penguin ever? (Clue: do not underestimate those tiny animals).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 12
    • 2.5 feet

    • 3 feet

    • 5 feet

    • 6 feet

  • 14
    Which planet in the solar system is the richest? (Clue: you are not going to believe this)
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 13
    • Jupiter

    • Mars

    • Mercury

  • 15
    What was the purpose of inventing high heels? (Clue: It's a bloody invention).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 14
    • It was invented to make women sexy

    • It was a tool for female spies

    • It was a tool that butchers used

  • 16
    The longest thunderstorm in the world lasts for____________ days. (Clue: should I call it thunder-stood?).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 15
    • It lasts for 60 days

    • It lasts for 4 days

    • It lasts for 160 days

    • It lasts for 100 days.

  • 17
    Tomatoes and peppers are vegetables. (Clue: Do not overthink it. Or, actually, do overthink it).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 16
    • True

    • False

  • 18
    It takes ________ years to play the longest musical piece in history. (Clue: the guy who wrote it wanted to troll everyone).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 17
    • 639 years

    • 2 years

    • 130 years

    • 5 years

  • 19
    Which country has the most prisoners? (Clue: "NWA")
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 18
    • USA

    • Brazil

    • China

    • Russia

  • 20
    Which country has the most languages? (Clue: It's tongue-bending).
    General Knowledge Quiz. Only Geniuses Can Score +80% 19
    • China

    • Uganda

    • Papua New Guinea

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