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This fun Sesame Street quiz matches you to one of Sesame Street’s characters based on your personality.  Are you Elmo, Big Bird, Bert, Grover, or else?

Sesame Street quiz

Hey there, fellow Sesame Street fans! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit this iconic children’s television show. Sesame Street first aired in 1969 and quickly became a household favorite with its lovable characters, catchy tunes, and educational content. It aimed to teach kids important life lessons while entertaining them simultaneously. Interested in learning more? Check out the Sesame Street Fandom page for all the juicy details!

Throughout its history, Sesame Street has featured diverse human and Muppet characters. These characters have taught kids about numbers, letters, shapes, friendship, empathy, and understanding of different cultures. The show has continued to evolve, adapting to the changing needs of its young audience. It remains a beloved classic for children and adults alike.

The main characters and their personalities

Big Bird

Our feathery friend Big Bird is known for his bright yellow plumage and big heart. He’s an 8-foot-tall, 6-year-old bird who’s always curious and eager to learn new things. With his kind and gentle nature, Big Bird is always ready to lend a helping hand or offer a comforting hug to his friends on Sesame Street.


Elmo, the adorable red monster with the infectious giggle, has captured the hearts of millions with his childlike enthusiasm and wonder. This 3-and-a-half-year-old Muppet is all about exploring the world, asking questions, and having fun. Elmo’s boundless energy and cheerful disposition make him the perfect companion for any adventure.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a lovable, blue, furry monster with an insatiable appetite for cookies! He’s a fun-loving character who’s always up for a good time, but he also knows the importance of sharing and kindness. His obsession with cookies is only rivaled by his love for his friends.

Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch is the resident curmudgeon on Sesame Street. Living in a trash can, he has a grumpy disposition and a sarcastic sense of humor. But despite his prickly exterior, Oscar has a soft spot for his friends. He has even been known to show a kinder side occasionally.


Grover, the furry blue Muppet with a heart of gold, is always eager to help others and solve problems. With his boundless optimism and determination, Grover often takes on various personas, such as “Super Grover,” to save the day. His enthusiasm and love for adventure make him an endearing character to fans of all ages.

Character MBTI Type
Big Bird INFP
Cookie Monster ESFP
Oscar the Grouch ISTJ
Grover ENFJ

Did you know these facts?

Sesame Street has won more Emmys than any other children’s show

Sesame Street has received a whopping 193 Emmy Awards (and counting!), making it the most-awarded children’s television show in history. With its innovative educational content, diverse cast, and memorable characters, it’s no wonder this iconic show has garnered so much acclaim.

Sesame Street is broadcast in over 150 countries

With its universal appeal and educational focus, Sesame Street has been adapted and broadcast in more than 150 countries worldwide. In addition to the original American version, various international co-productions have been created, each incorporating local culture and language to better connect with their audiences.

The show’s co-founders were inspired by the power of television

Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the co-founders of Sesame Street, believed that television could be harnessed for educational purposes. They aimed to create a program that would entertain children and teach them essential skills and life lessons. Their groundbreaking idea paved the way for a new era of children’s educational television.

Celebrities have made guest appearances on Sesame Street

Over the years, many celebrities have visited Sesame Street to share their talents and connect with the show’s audience. From musicians like Stevie Wonder and Katy Perry to actors like Robert De Niro and Natalie Portman, the list of guest stars is truly impressive. These appearances have brought excitement and fun to the show, making Sesame Street a unique and memorable experience for viewers.

Ready to know which Sesame Street character you are?

Now that you’ve learned more about the wonderful world of Sesame Street, are you ready to find out which character you most like? Hop on over to our Sesame Street quiz and discover your Muppet alter ego!

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