Which Wave to Earth Song Are You? This 2024 Quiz Reveals

Which Wave to Earth song are you? Take this personality test to see if you’re Seasons, Light, Daisy, or another track.

Which Wave to Earth Song Are You

Brief on Wave to Earth

Despite all the buzz around K-pop, Wave to Earth is a humble indie rock band from South Korea. The group consists of three members: Kim Daniel, Shin Donggyu, and Cha Soonjong. However, this underground crew has collaborated with lots of up-and-coming stars.

Wave to Earth tries to swim against the stream, following a non-confirming path that opposes that of K-poppers. Since their debut in 2019, they’ve focused on melodic, lyrical music that’s soulful and relatable, not insincerely hyped.

I came across WtE on a lucky day as I was mindlessly scrolling Spotify. But it took only a few minutes to binge-listen to all their EPs and singles, finding myself a new favorite Korean band.

With the quiz on this page, I will help you figure out which of their masterpieces resonates with your personality—and try to explain why.

Which Song from Wave to Earth Are You?

I’m sure my soul song is Seasons. But what about you? If you’re not as certain as I am, try the quiz on this page. The 15 questions I will ask you can expose the lyrics that represent your true persona.

Here are some of the Wave to Earth songs you might match:

  • Seasons
  • Nouvelle Vague
  • Light
  • Love
  • Homesick
  • Bonfire
  • And more…

All Albums Included

2023 became a better year for K-Rock fans when Wave to Earth released their third album, 0.01 Flaws and All. But I’m a fan of their previous EPs as well, Wave 0.01 and Summer Flows 0.02. So, what’s saying is that the current song test that I’ve created includes tracks from all of them.

Songs Do Reflect Your Personality

Do you know what some Wave to Earth fans might be asking? “Why bother figuring out their song?” Well, here’s the deal: Science says the music you jam to can reveal a lot about your personality. So, when you discover your WtE track, you’re actually uncovering some hidden facets of your character. And that’s the coolest way to connect with your favorite K-Rock band.

I’ve used my music and psychology knowledge to assign personality traits to some of the Wave to Earth songs. Here’s the result; use the table to find your heart’s song.

Track Persona
Seasons Selfless, protective, sacrificial
Daisy Pure, transformative, joyful
Light Reflective, resilient, open-minded
Nouvelle Vague Appreciative, serene, devoted


Wave to Earth Fans Need This Test

Do you enjoy the lyrical magic of WtE? If yes, this song quiz is the perfect choice. Answer simple, relatable questions of mine to see which track of the band represents your personality. (I guarantee satisfying results—even if you’re not a fan.)

Also, I’ve been jamming to VCHA’s new song. I think you’d love it as well. That’s why I recommend you try the “VCHA Member Test” as well.

That’s all from me. Now, let’s expose the Wave to Earth song in you.


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