Quiz: Which VCHA Member Are You? 100% Fun

Which VCHA member are you? This A2K Quiz reveals if you are Kylee, KG, Savanna, Camila, Kendall, or Lexi!

Which VCHA Member Are You

Which VCHA Member Are You?

VCHA is a six-member band comprised of North American and Korean girls. The group is set to debut on an undisclosed date in 2023, with Kaylee, KG, Savanna, Camila, Kendall, and Lexi all chosen through the America To Korea (A2K) contest.

Although this American-Korean pop band is a relatively recent phenomenon, fans already want to know which VCHA member they are. So, we used the gals’ official profiles to come up with the most accurate personality test.

For those wanting to better know this K-Pop group’s members, here are the brief descriptions of their personas.


As the youngest member of VCHA, Kylee is cute and innocent. However, she has a straightforward and disciplined personality that often brightens other girls’ moods.


Taking Taylor Swift as her role model, KG is artistic and relatable, with high feminine energy. Her favorite color is pink, and surprisingly, she’s good at basketball—just a tiny hint at her colorful personality.


A natural dancer, Savanna is an ambitious, athletic girl. She is quick with learning and is not afraid of trying out new things—whether they’re dance moves or life experiences.


Camila is the healer of VCHA; she’s an empath who, outside of K-Pop, is on her way to becoming a nurse. Personality-wise, Camila is calm and nurturing, though she also has a fierce and impulsive side to her.


Despite her quirky side, Kendall is a graceful, naïve girl with an impressive talent for working under pressure. (There’s a reason she became a successful ballet at a very young age.)


As the leader of VCHA, Lexi is supportive, protective, and reliable. Despite her young age, she ensures every member of the band is doing fine, caring for them like an older sibling.

This A2K Quiz Reveals Your Bestie and Gemstone

In the America 2 Korea show, contestants had to acquire four gemstones—one for dancing, one for vocals, one for character, and one for star quality—to qualify for the next round.

Now, in the VCHA Quiz, you get to receive some gemstones as well! We can’t evaluate your singing or dance moves (obviously), but we have some other surprise gems for you.

Discover Your Match with MBTI and Star Sign

The way this VCHA Member Quiz works is that it first identifies your MBTI and star sign and then compares your profile with those of the girls. This way, you find your true counterpart—or bestie, if you will.

If you can’t wait for the results, discover your actual bias with the following table.

VCHA Member MBTI Star Sign
Kylee Lee ESTJ Sagittarius
Savanna Collins ESTP Leo
Kendall Ebeling ISFP Gemini
Camila Valdes ISFJ Leo
Lexus Vang (Lexi) INFJ Sagittarius
KG ENFP Gemini


By the way, now that you are here, give our Stray Kids Quiz a try. As you probably know, SK is another K-Pop group that works under the JYP Entertainment label, the same company that created VCHA.


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