Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz. Just Real Swifties Score 80%

This Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz reveals how well you know T-Swizzle’s songs and albums. Are you a true Swifty who can guess all these songs?

Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz

The Hardest Lyric Challenge for Swifties

The Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz is a guessing game for her fans. It asks Swifties to complete lyrics, name songs, or find features in Tay’s discography based on tiny clues.

Although it’s essentially a Taylor Swift Trivia Test, the quiz on this page examines fans’ knowledge about her music in a karaoke-like fashion: You read the first part of the lyric and guess the rest.

If you like musical challenges, you can also play our other game called “Name Every One Direction Song,” which has the same premise—but comes with 1D-oriented questions.

Guess the Taylor Swift Song with Lyric

You might be good at singing along with Tay’s songs. But could you guess the rest of her lyrics if she stopped singing? If yes, take this ultimate quiz which puts you through a series of lyrical challenges that are all inspired by Taylor Swift’s discography.

Match the Lyric to Its Era

With Taylor’s The Eras Tour taking over the world of music, we decided to spice up our lyric quiz with a new task: match a specific Tay line to one of her musical eras! In this 2023 Taylor Swift Quiz, you must identify when she wrote a specific lyric—and even guess the song’s name.

Name the Albums and Features

A fun aspect of taking the Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz is that it’ll tease your brain with questions beyond her songs. For instance, the test will require you to name the features of a particular song after seeing a portion of its words. Or it might task you with identifying the song’s album title, again, based on its lyrics.

Prove You’re a True Swifty

How big of a Taylor Swift fan are you? Take our lyric quiz to find out. We’re giving all Swifties an equal chance to prove their love for Tay’s songs and get a badge of honor for their pure lyrical knowledge.

By the way, we think you’d also enjoy our other trending quiz called “Which Dua Lipa Song Are You?” While it’s not a trivial test like the Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz, it can determine which of Dua’s lyrics resembles your personality.

How Well Do You Taylor Swift’s Discography?

Okay, the time has come; join other Swifties in testing your lyrical capabilities and see if you’re a hardcore Tay fan. The following true-or-false questions can help determine participants’ karaoke score for singing along to Swift’s songs while exposing any possible fake fans! 🎶🎤


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