What Lana Del Rey Song Are You? 2024 Blue Banisters Update

Do you want to know what Lana Del Rey song you are? This melancholic, dark, but feminine quiz reveals if you are Summertime Sadness, West Coast, Love, or else.

What Lana Del Rey Song Are You

Your Personality Is Matched with a Lana Del Rey Song

The quiz is a set of twenty questions inspired by Lana’s lyrics, personality, and albums. The goal is to discover which of her famous tracks is similar to you.

The test’s premise is like our other trending questionnaire, “Which Harry Styles Song Are You?” But here, the questions are more sensual, feminine, and gloomy.

What Lizzy Grant Song Are You?

We have created a database of Lana (aka Lizzy) songs, categorizing them based on personality features. The list is based on a lyrical analysis of her records and their meanings. By taking the test, you have the opportunity to see what Lana Del Rey’s hit song includes traits and stories that match your characteristics.

How the Quiz Works

With over 113 songs, Lana Del Rey has one of the fascinating discographies. But having so many excellent records makes it exponentially challenging to create a personality match quiz like this page. However, our editors created a three-phased questionnaire that excludes any unmatching options, leaving you with the one Lana song that genuinely describes your persona.

Analyzing your personality.

The first stage of the quiz is about getting to know you better. You’ll answer questions based on Lana’s lyrical universe and mood. But at the same time, your responses will enable us to determine what type of person you are. The data we extract during this phase later helps us match you with the right song and finetune the results.

Inspecting your views on love, Jesus, and money.

Many critics believe that Lana’s boldness and unconventional songs made the path for other artists like Billie Eilish or Lord to shine. Her lyrics include personal opinions on relationships, guns, drinks, parties, adulthood, etc. So, we need to know where you stand on such topics to deliver more accurate results.

The second phase of the test offers questions that allow you to express your ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Finding the song that describes your story.

The final part of the Lana Del Rey song matching quiz is about figuring out the best results. Our algorithms will create an accurate profile and reveal what record fits you. Don’t worry, though. The whole process takes less than a few seconds. So, you’ll see the results immediately.

Lana Del Rey Songs Reflect Her Personality

Lizzy is an ISFP person. She is creative, unconventional, and empathetic. But at the same time, she loves expressing her emotions through fantasies and stories. Her music reflects her feelings and ideas on various aspects of life—usually those related to femininity and passion.

That makes it even more interesting when it comes to questions like, “What Lana Del Rey song are you?” Almost every record of her puts you in a character’s shoes and takes you on a ride. And we tried to transfer the same vibe to our quiz to make sure the Lana Cult enjoyed it.

Why do Fans want to Know Which Lana Song They Are?

It’s a thing among the Team Lana to ask members, “Which song are you?” It helps them get to know each other faster and break the ice. But it also gives each fan the chance to compare her persona to Lana Del Rey’s characters in her lyrics—which is a unique experience. It could uncover why you love a particular song and why you relate to specific lines.

Top Lana Del Rey Songs That Describe Complicated Characters

Some specific tracks introduce multi-layered storylines and fictional characters of all her records. Fans enjoy it when Lana uses her lyrical skills to paint a picture and tell untold stories. Here are some of her songs that most critics and fans believe have deeper meanings.

Summertime Sadness

In Summertime Sadness, Lana paints a detailed picture of how one might feel when in love. Invincible, fearless, and ready to jump. But she also talks about how fleeting such emotions might be by comparing it to summertime sadness. So, we are introduced to a character drunk in love and satisfied but also depressed.

One of her best-selling songs, Summertime Sadness, matches gloomy and romantic personalities. It’s a relatable track for those who see the beauty in love regardless of its fragility and untrustworthiness.

West Coast

The song is about confusion and decision-making. The character can’t choose between love and ambition, and that’s the central conflict of the story. Lana has mentioned that that track is inspired by being in California. But it also reflects her relationship with New York and how she feels being there.

It is a perfect match for people who constantly overthink their decisions and emotions. Those who find it hard to prioritize one aspect of life over others find the lyrics relatable and somewhat comforting.

Tulsa Jesus Freak

Tulsa Jesus Freak is one of the best hits in the Chemtrails over the Country Club. It tells the story of a woman in love with an overly religious man—who also happens to be an alcoholic. Again, the character she creates is rebellious and drunken in love. But also finds it challenging to be with a Jesus freak.

The song is an excellent match for those who believe in unconditional and even taboo love stories. It reflects the untamable nature of passion and emotions.

Is the Lana Del Rey Song Quiz Designed for Girls?

Not at all. Lizzy has fans of all genders, and all of them might ask questions like, “What Lana Del Rey song are you?” So, our quiz is designed for everyone who loves her music and wants to relate to her world even more. Yes, the questions dig into feminine aspects of your character. But that doesn’t make it a female-exclusive quiz because femininity and masculinity are found in all personalities.


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