Blitzers Quiz: Which 1 of 7 Blitzers Member Are You?

This Blitzers Quiz reveals which member you are! Are you GO_U, Chris, Jinhwa, SYA, Lutan, Wooju, or Juhan? Let’s expose the K-pop idol in you.

Blitzers Quiz

The Blitzers Quiz Explained

With 15 questions, the Blitzers Quiz is a personality test that reveals which boy from the titular band you resemble. Basically, it’s a self-assessment to see if you are GO_U, Chris, Jinhwa, SYA, Lutan, Wooju, or Juhan.

For the new BLEEs, Blitzers is a seven-member K-pop boyband that debuted in 2021. They currently perform under the WUZO Entertainment label and have released 25 songs.

Fans of this thriving band can use the test on this page to discover their counterpart, soulmate, and bias after answering a few relatable questions.

When my friend first told me about Blitzers, it totally changed my K-pop game. I used to think there weren’t many cool new-gen boybands out there, but BLEE proved me dead wrong. I’ve been jamming to their albums and singles non-stop for months now, and I’m here to help you find your perfect Blitzers match among these handsome dudes.

Which Blitzers Member Are You?

If you want to find your dream boy among the Blitzers crew, it’s essential to know their profiles. Lucky for you, I’ve got a quick rundown of each member.


Go-U is a food lover with an ISTP personality. He has a keen eye for detail and prefers to observe silently. With his “life is not bad” attitude, he finds joy in simple pleasures and appreciates the beauty in everyday life.


Chris, an INFP, brings boundless energy and optimism to the group. With his “live without tomorrow” mindset, he embraces life to the fullest. As a natural mood-maker, he knows how to lift the spirits of those around him. Chris is also a stickler for cleanliness and hygiene, taking pride in his personal upkeep.


Jinhwa, an INFP, is a dedicated and hardworking member of the group. With a nerdy side, he spends countless hours practicing and perfecting his craft. Although he may have an “I’m in a bad mood” attitude at times, his passion for music shines through in his performances.


Sya is a cute and shy member of the group who loves to share meals with others. While not the best student, Sya’s adorable charm wins the hearts of fans. With a penchant for shopping, he finds joy in exploring fashion trends and discovering new styles.


Lutan is an artistic member with an ENFP personality. He loves to express himself creatively and is known for his diverse talents. With a hint of mischief, Lutan enjoys taking on different personas, like an imposter—especially when playing Among Us. He also values a healthy lifestyle and finds exhilaration in activities like skydiving.


Wooju, an ISTP, sometimes experiences an identity crisis. Despite this, he maintains an innocent and sentimental nature. Wooju finds solace in listening to sad songs that resonate with his emotions, and his heartfelt performances captivate listeners.


As an INFJ, Juhan is a determined boy. His knowledge of Taekwondo embodies discipline and perseverance. Juhan believes in practicing slowly but steadily to achieve his goals. His introspective nature and compassionate spirit make him a reliable and inspiring presence in the group.

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This Blitzers Quiz is Based on the Boys’ MBTIs

Finding the true BLEE in you is not easy. That’s why I’ve put together a list of each Blitzers boy’s MBTI to help fine-tune the test results. If you already know your type, use the following table to meet your soulmate. If not, just take my quiz already.

Blitzers Member MBTI
Chris INFP
Jinhwa INFP
Lutan ENFP
Wooju ISTP
Juhan INFJ


Meet Your BLEE Counterpart and Soulmate Now

Whether you’re looking for your true K-pop love or casual bias, the Blitzers Quiz on this page has got your back. By answering the following questions, all BLEEs can figure out which boy is similar to them—and which one could fall in love with them.

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Okay, you’re all caught up and ready to dive in. Press the start button, and let me reveal the Blitzers boy in you.


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