Quiz: Do You Have Good Music Taste? 100% Honest Result

Do you want to know if your music taste is good? This music preference quiz reveals if your playlists are relatable or awful 100% honestly.

Do You Have Good Music Taste

Is Your Music Taste Good?

Your music taste is good if it’s diverse, inclusive, passion-driven, and quality-orientated. Although a subjective matter, an admirable music taste is characterized as one that does not narrow the listener’s choices and, instead, opens them to new musical experiences.

Signs Your Music Taste Is Above-Average

  • You give non-mainstream musicians a chance.
  • Your playlists are diverse and inclusive.
  • Trends don’t determine your music taste.
  • You are passionate about music as an art form.
  • You value a music’s quality over its popularity.
  • You take an interest in musicians and actively try to learn about their artistic messages.
  • You feel a personal connection to your favorite music.
  • Other people’s music taste doesn’t bother you.

What Your Music Taste Says About You

According to a study of 36,000 participants worldwide, people’s music tastes can reveal if they are an introvert or an extrovert. The openness of a person to trying new music, for example, is a sign of extroversion, whereas sticking to a few specific genres or artists indicates introversion.

The same study also discovered that there’s a correlation between people’s favorite music genre and their personality traits. Pop music listeners, for example, are considered honest and conforming. But rock and metal fans are gentle and creative.

The following table uses the study’s findings to predict your personality based on your music taste.


Music Taste Personality Traits
Pop Honest and conventional
Rap/Hip Hop Confident and outgoing
Country Hardworking and conservative
Rock/heavy metal Creative and gentle
Indie Intellectual and passive
Dance Assertive and active
Classical Self-love and self-esteem
Jazz, blues, and soul Imaginative and self-reliant


Does It Matter to Have a Good Music Taste?

Although your music taste is a personal matter, it may affect some other aspects of your life, namely your romantic relationships. Studies show that having compatible music tastes could be a determining factor in the longevity of a relationship or marriage.

Music shows are values, and we’re generally more attracted to people who share the same values as us. So, it’s safe to say that “good music taste is attractive” because it’s a subtle sign of compatibility.

Take This Music Preference Quiz to Analyze Your Taste

Do you ask yourself, “Do I have good music taste?” If yes, try our music taste quiz and analyze your preferences based on musical diversity, knowledge, passion, and open-mindedness to see if what you’ve curated in your playlist is considered good music!

We do know that music taste is a subjective matter and differs from person to person. But with the following questions, we can determine how relatable your preferences are and what they expose about your personality.

By the way, if you consider yourself a professional listener, try our Music Trivia Quiz next. It reveals how big of a music fan you are with challenging questions.

Now, let’s see how good your music taste is. 👀🎵

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